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Hi everyone this is venugopal. Welcome to vg vlogs. In today’s video we are going to talk about an intercom, which i took recently. The one which I took is Ejeas e6 plus. This can connect 6 Riders at a same time. Lets go ahead and see product *unboxing. which importing this product i faced many issues with customs and how i released it from customs. If you haven’t seen that video please check in I Card. Please watch it after watching this video. Let’s Do unboxing of this product. In this box we get. This is Ejeas E6 plus. This have e6 version also available and bts 2 some other brands also Best motorcycle helmets for the money available in the market. What’s the difference between e6 and v6. we will talk about that later. So here you can see. This is for 6 riders So here we can connect more 5 riders along with us. So this is power off This is power on. Volume up and down. There is branding given of ejeas e6 plus It looks premium with matte finish. Behind you can see there is a clamp through which you can fix it on helmet. If you see here you will be having audio jack of 3.5. Along with that we have separate charging port. This is universal charging port so you won’t face any issue. So once you charge this you will be able to use for 8 to 9 hours. and the range of the connectivity is 1200 meters along with this i have ordered another product which is remote. This is also of eajes but online you can find different versions also. Duplicate versions so be carefull. This is for lifting call, volume up and down and to connect rider 1 and 2. Within this you will find small battery. This is regular clamp which can be fitted on any handlebar. you can easily use it after installing it and it have sufficient buttons to do its functionality. this have so many buttons which will be bit difficult while riding. But we will get used to it with in few days. any how I have extra console to operate it. so with this product we get some connecters, speakers. so let see what all we get So we have speakers and along with a mic. Which will help to talk with other riders and they have also given extra mic. Which can be directly stuck inside of the helmet. This bendable wire but other one comes with 3m sticker. There are the clips which we use to fix on helmet. other clip comes with 3m sticker. Any one of it you can us. Charging cable L key So what’s the difference between e6 and v6. v6 is the previous version. e6 plus is the latest version. So the difference between them is e6 comes with separate ports for charging and audio jack. But v6 comes with single port. on continuous use of it be get damaged. So this is water proof so distance it can catch up to 1000 meters to 1200 meters. So review i will be doing in next video and share my experience with you all what are the best features and how its performing. I will explain how to connect different riders. That also i will show in next video. So this is it. Hope you like it. we are around 480 subscribers so do support and help me to reach 500 subscribers. Do like share and subscribe to my channel. VG VLOGS Bye bye Take care have a nice day 🙂

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