Best Link Building Strategies: How To Get Backlinks Fast 2019!

– OK so in this video
we’re gonna talk about some of the best link building strategies to get backlinks to your
website fast in 2019. So the first link building strategy that I’m gonna talk about
is the Skyscraper Technique, and this is a very scalable
way to get backlinks to your website fast, and
it still works in 2019. In fact, I’ve worked on over a
hundred skyscraper campaigns, and they almost always perform. So, yeah it’s a very reliable technique. And basically all you have to do is look at your competitors
most linked content and create something very similar. So maybe it’s more up-to-date, it’s more engaging, it’s
more, you know in-depth, and contains more facts
or that sort of thing. And yeah basically you’re gonna replicate your competitors content, but create something better. And then from there, you’re gonna reach out
to everyone who linked to your competitor and say something like, hey I noticed you
linked to, that’s a really great piece of invention. Actually inspired me to
create something similar. Here is a piece do you want to link to it? It’s as simple as that. And yeah, basically this
is a very scalable way to get links to your website fast. You can send hundreds of
emails a day, if you want, using email software
like Lemex or MailShare, and yeah, it’s just a very easy way to get links to your site. The other thing I’ll say is that it works for almost any niche, so, I’ve worked on tons
of different campaigns and they all seem to perform well with the Skyscraper Technique. And also when you’re
doing this you’re building very natural links, you’re
building editorial links to your website using
the Skyscraper Technique. The only problem is that if you’re in a very competitive niche like I don’t know, for example gambling. Outreach isn’t gonna
work like this at all. Because it’s just too competitive also for very high
domain authority websites like for example, you’re never really gonna get a link from the Skyscraper Technique. It just doesn’t work because they get too many outreach emails using this same technique. And finally the other thing is that you have to send this at volume. See, you can’t just send like
10 or 20 different emails using Skyscraper Technique. You have to send potentially
a hundred before you even get one linkback. Now sometimes webmasters
just won’t link for free or they won’t link for nothing in return. And that’s why the second link building strategy that I recommend is offering a social media share, or a linkback in exchange
for a link to your website. Now, before we go any further, I have to say that you need
to be careful with this so Google’s webmaster
guidelines state that “You can’t build links excessively “using their link exchanges.” In fact you have to do this in moderation, but it’s still a very effective strategy, it’s still why’d have you
do it every now and then. And Ahrefs have actually
done a study in this and they found that link exchanges still get you results
in terms of increasing your organic rankings. Yeah, and they benefit of
this is that it’s a lot more win-win than the Skyscraper Technique. It’s more focused on
building a relationship and a partnership with the webmaster, because you’re offering
something of value in return and it’s proven to work
over and over again. But I will say that you need a decent social media following if you gonna offer that in return, so if you’ve only got a hundred followers on Instagram for example, that’s not a very compelling
offer to most websites. And the other thing is as well of course, you have to be careful how
many times you do this. So you can’t do it excessively. Now guest posting is another
strong link building strategy, still works in 2019. And basically all you have to do is contact webmaster’s, create a list of high authority websites in your niche contact them, and offer them a guest
blog in exchange for a link back to your website. And the thing is that most webmasters they’re paying like 200 or $300 for a decent article nowadays. So if you can offer a free guest blog that’s very valuable for them. And unlike the Skyscraper Technique you’re actually offering something win-win that benefits them as well as you. And the beauty of this technique as well, is that you can get
links to your Money Pages or your review pages. So for example, when you’re
doing the Skyscraper Technique you’re only getting links to your content or your existing blogs, and that’s not quiet as valuable as when you get links straight
back to your Money Pages or your review pages. So that’s something to bear
in mind when you do this. The only problem is it’s not that scalable especially if you’re
writing the content yourself for a guest blog, then it’s gonna take you
a lot of time and energy to write that content. There’s no guarantee the webmaster will actually add it to the website, and also they may have some revisions. So there might be a bit of back and forth between what content is
acceptable for their website. The other problem is as
well that once you submit the guest blog, it might take a few months before they actually add it. So that’s why I recommend going with the Skyscraper Technique first, and then you see guest
posting as a back up offer later on down the line. So the other benefit of
guest posting as well, is that you can use it as social proof. So when you already have
a few guest blogs posted you can send that out to other webmasters that you’re pitching to and say, hey here is the quality of my content other webmasters have absolutely loved it. And that’s why I think
we’d be a really great fit for a guest blog as well. Another unusual link building strategy that pretty much no one else I know is using this right now,
is audio link building, and you might be wondering
what is audio link building. Well, essentially this is basically when you reach out to webmasters and you offer an audio
version of their blog that you’ve recorded in
exchange for a linkback. And how this works is basically you’d create a list of
high authority websites in your niche, and you reach out to them and say something like, “Hey I really loved your
last blog, that was amazing “in fact I liked it so much that “I created an audio version of it, “and I think that would
really benefit your blog “in terms of making it more
engaging and easier to consume. “And where should I send the audio file?” Now if you do this what
you can do is send them the piece of audio code along with a credit underneath, so for example it could say,
recorded by, and that links back to your homepage. I’ve actually tried this
myself, and it works very well. We’ve landed some really high
quality links using this. And yeah, it’s a very unusual technique, so for example when everyone else is using the Skyscraper Technique or they’re offering guest posts, this makes you stand out and
it makes you look unique. It’s also more personalized than win-win and then just doing guest blogs or the Skyscraper Technique. So that’s why I’d recommend it. It actually performs very well. The only problem with this is again it’s not that scalable, so when you’re recording audio someone’s gonna have to
spend their time doing that, and it might be you or it
might be someone of your team but it obvious is gonna
cost you time, money, or energy to do. So you have to be kind of careful with the resources you have, and that’s why I recommend only using this technique for really
high authority websites. The other problems that of course if you’re recording an audio version of someone else’s blog, you need their permission to record it. So don’t record any audio until you have permission of the webmaster or until they’ve said okay, hey send me the content now because
you don’t wanna infringe on any copyright legislation. The final link building strategy that I’m gonna recommend is networking, and this is kind of old school, but offline link building
works really well. So if you can attend conferences, events, seminars in your niche where you know you’re gonna meet other website owners that have relevant content to yours, then that’s always gonna
create opportunities and creating those one-to-one
personal relationships demonstrates trust,
demonstrates like person ability and credibility, and
when someone notices you they’re much more likely
to give you opportunities to get links on their site, versus just being some random
geezer off the Internet who just emailed them out of the blue. So how can I build strong relationships with website owners? And one of the best ways to do that is meeting them one-to-one. And the other beauty of this is that when you meet them face-to-face you know it’s gonna be a
much higher conversion rate of meeting people to links, versus the Skyscraper
Technique for example, where you have to send a hundred emails also means a hundred websites owners before you get one linkback. So that’s why networking is so powerful. Now if you don’t have
the time to attend events or maybe your worrying about the cost of doing that sort of thing. Then what you can use is LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups. And if you offer people enough value and you know they trust you, then that’s gonna offer opportunities. And it may not just be
about link building, it may be in partnerships, or it may be affiliate office too. So networking is a very
powerful way to build links with other website owners. One of the link building strategies that I don’t recommend, but a lot of people are doing right now is paying for links. And this may be the easy
option when you’re getting backlinks to your site, but I just wouldn’t recommend it. And some link builders
will even tell you that outreach doesn’t work, that you can’t build links
with the Skyscraper Technique or guest posting, and that you absolutely
have to pay for links now. Which I don’t believe at all and that’s not my experience. I think if you have the right approach as I’ve shown you before, then you can definitely
get links to your site without paying for links. And the problem is that even though you can get away with
paid links right now, it’s against google’s
webmaster guidelines, and in the future they may
release an algorithmic update that should penalize
the use of paid links. So is something I wouldn’t recommend if you wanna protect the long
term health of your website. The other thing is as well, that you have so many
link building strategies to perform that you don’t
need to rely on paid links, and the other problem is as well, is that if you form a relationship with a website owner based on money, every time you want something from them or every time you want an exchange, they’re always gonna
expect money from you. Whereas if you use Skyscraper Technique or guest posting, or audio link building it’s a win-win relationship
that doesn’t involve money. So now you know my top five
link building strategies for 2019, to get backlinks
to your website fast. So I definitely recommend
the Skyscraper Technique, offering link swaps, networking, audio link
building, and guest posting. These are all extremely powerful ways to get links to your website fast, so thanks for watching. If you want anymore link building
tips don’t forget to ask, and just one question, I’d like to know in the comments section. What’s the link building technique that you are using right now? Okay let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe if you want more link building tips.

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