Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!
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Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

Welcome to what I hope are the best SEO strategies for 2017. I’m grateful you’re here
and I’m going to show you
the very best up front right now. Here they are, based on my ability, I’m giving over 200,000 people
to find me every month. If you look
at my YouTube search 161,000 and then if you go over
to my Google search through YouTube and then if you go
into my website search, it adds up if you put everything in there close
to around 200,000 results that I’m getting from organic
search traffic every month. Here’s the number one tip,
is think outside of the SEO box and if you see
the giveaways bar on the top,
yes I’ll be giving away $10 in Bitcoin on
the live version of this course. I’ll switch it back over. This is going up as
a Skillshare class as well on SEO. The very number one tip,
think outside of the box. Don’t just change about
getting people to your website. For example, this is
what I feel like most of us consider as SEO,
we need to build up our website, get back links
to our website. I’m showing you
the best SEO strategies for 2017 and it does not include doing
those things primary. If you want to get
the very most search results. Now, let’s look at this honestly. Do you really want
to get the most results or do you want to do it
a certain way? This is really tricky and I’ve been frustrated with
a lot of clients. They say, “Well, I want this result”
and they pay me to help but
then when I do it a different way, “Well, no I don’t want it done
that way.” “Well, you want these results,
right?” “Yes. Well no, not that way.” If you really want to do the very best with getting organic
search traffic, organic search traffic is gold online. Videos on YouTube are by far
the number one way to do it and I’ll give
you another formula to do it right after this
without videos on YouTube. So the number one SEO
strategy is to work on the world’s second
largest search engine instead of the first. Google is the largest
but YouTube search is the second largest
and for me, I actually get more search results
from Google Search to my YouTube channel than I do
to my website. Now, I’ve made massive SEO efforts
on my website and they still can’t compete
with my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel gets
22,000 views directly from YouTube search and
then it gets thousand from Google search, excuse me,
to my YouTube videos. But it gets 161,000 views. I’ll zoom in so you
can see this better. 161,000 views
from YouTube search go to my YouTube videos every month,
and if you count the follow up from
those that goes over to my website,
about half my website traffic comes from YouTube,
and that’s about as much as I get from website from search. So just making video after
video after video after video on YouTube, you will get
that YouTube search traffic. YouTube search traffic
is relatively easy to get compared to Google. I’m going to show you more about
that now. I appreciate everyone
who’s here watching live on YouTube now. I hope this is helpful
for you if you want to learn Search
Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization’s a very valuable skill online. I’ll show you here,
YouTube search 161,000 views actually 22,000 views
in addition to that from Google search. Now, that means people typing in a Google search somewhere
and they find my YouTube video. That’s more than I can get
on my website. Now, there’s another huge
difference right here. Let me show you this. The average view
duration is five minutes when someone finds me
in Google search. Now, the average time people spent on my website is two minutes. So not only is YouTube search and Google search much more
effective at getting me views and traffic overall,
but the views stick. Let me show you this. On the YouTube search,
the average view is five minutes, and on the Google search,
the average view is five minutes. But on my website,
it’s only about two minutes. Not only am I getting way more
on YouTube search, I’m getting twice
as long of a viewer and in fact
what often happens, many of the views are about the same
but YouTube is producing many more really long viewers, people watching 40 minutes,
50 minutes an hour. That’s giving me the chance to build deeper relationships. The number one tip I have for SEO in 2017 is go for YouTube,
make videos. You will get so much more back
out of your time making videos and you know I practice this because this is
going up not only in a YouTube video live, but also
on Facebook and Skillshare. I believe wholeheartedly in what I’m telling you
that’s why I’m doing it. The number one tip for SEO is
to look at YouTube to bring your search results
much more than your website. All the hustling and tricks
and things you’ll do on your website are
nothing compared, for most of us, to
the traffic we can get on YouTube because most everyone works
on their Google search but there’s very low competition still on YouTube. For SEO, the number one thing, go where there’s low competition. Now, I appreciate you
getting started with this and we’re going
to dive much deeper into SEO including website SEO
in great detail here and I’d make sure
get this number one thing out its said here first so that you know this going forward. Excellent. I’ve got the first video recorded
for Skillshare. I’ll say hi to Alejandro,
Salvar, Amiable Channel, MC Underground, Finn,
Mohammad, Timo, thank you very much
for watching on YouTube. I’ll refresh Facebook, have
a little drink of tea here and then I’ll continue with
the live tutorial. Thank you Death Left for wishing me Merry Christmas,
from Thailand. Medahe, I’m doing good. Thank you. Benedict, Merry Christmas
from the Philippines. Thank you for watching today. Here we go, the next part of this. The second most powerful
strategy for SEO in 2017 is to do this,
you want to partner with a third party who already has a very powerful website. All the hustling you’re going to do on your own website is
nothing compared to what you can achieve when you partner with
a third party. Let me show you an example. This is an actual course
that I made and got ranked even though
I’m banned from Udemy, I asked them
to put this back up and give it to my co-instructor
and they did that. When you search for hacking course on Google — I will have
to zoom in so you can actually see it. When you search for
a hacking course in Google. Now, think about it. The hacking course terminology. These two words are
quite competitive. Being up on
the number one search result in this produces thousands
of dollars of sales a month. This is a great keyword
to be on top of. Let’s see who’s on top. Scroll past both ads and look, this is the course I made here. But what you’ll notice it’s not on, as if it was. Well, that would be great. But it’s on Now, Udemy has
a very high page rank. They’re one of the top websites in the world,
so how did I get this here? I paid the co-instructor who now is the only instructor on it, Herman. I paid him to make the course. I put the course up
on Udemy along with a bunch of my own videos in it. I did a bunch of marketing
and advertising YouTube videos and I got this ranked up here at number one on
a very competitive search term. Now, this worked on
a bunch of my other Udemy courses. This worked on Facebook ads course. Now, there’s no co-instructor so
that one just got banned and I totally lost that position. But I had some of
the top course, search terms on a bunch of category doing this. If you search Facebook Ads course, my course came up first above
everyone else’s websites who does Facebook Ads and you can see it’s here
on hacking. There’s a bunch more things you can find just like this. One of the most
powerful SEO strategies to do is to partner with
a third party who will give you the tools and ability to rank a page high
on their website. Because on your little website,
on my little website, it’s very hard for me to go compete with a website like Udemy and that’s why big
websites have huge power. Because look, you search
for a hacking course and not only does this
Udemy course comes up, but another Udemy
course comes up also. Two Udemy courses in
the top of search results. I would say the very best thing
that Udemy is good for, is for search engine optimization. However, there’s lots of other websites you can do this with. You can do it by
posting things in forms. You can do it by partnering
with — if you see for example,
there’s another website that already has the top ranking,
why not offer to write a poster,
put something on their page and then you can
partner with them. You get them more traffic, and then people find out about you. If you can partner with
the website that already has the traffic and
the search ranking you want to, then you can
do something like this. Being up here, allows this course to make tens of thousands of
dollars of sales every month. The difference between
being first and second on a course like this is,
tens of thousands of dollars a month in sales. You can see that’s why this
course has a 5,000 votes, and it’s probably got
at least 10 if not 20 or 30 times as many sales as
the next one. Udemy, and the third party websites that you can collaborate with,
will allow you to do things you’ll never get
to do on your own. I’m still going to go through and show you how I do things
on my website, because even though I’ve just showed two methods that are way more effective
to get a lot more traffic, you probably still will have
the desire to do some SEO on your own website. Now, I take my YouTube SEO as
the primary thing I do. Then I try and also practice
on my website good SEO, and I try and make it functional and help it get more search
results whenever possible. When I was on Udemy, I completely disregarded
my website’s SEO. If you can make a really good
third party partnership, you can completely disregard your own website’s SEO, because that third party partnership
will be much more effective. What you’ll notice here, is a few things I can point out. If you do have a Udemy course or some third party website,
you really need to work on each of these aspects
in the description, the title, and the text. Your course title needs
to be a clickable title, not something optimized for SEO. You’ll see,
it has hacking course in the title, but
the title is very clickable. It also has a short URL
for penetration testing, so that is another part of
the course, so that’s something if people want to learn about penetration testing,
I recommend a nice short URL like this wherever possible. Try and avoid really
long URLs like this. How ugly does this next URL look. Now, you can use really
long URLs like this, but these are much easier
for other users to share in their natural format, and to get back links. Now, the beauty of using
a third party website is the ability to use
that third party website free coupons to do back links. One of the best things about Udemy for search engine optimization,
they allow you to get out free coupons,
the free coupons generate a lot of sharing,
which generates a lot of back links, which generates
great SEO position. Now, you can try and replicate this on your own website,
it’s very difficult. Using the right third party
website will give you everything to rank up hotter in here. If you learn exactly
what text goes in the description,
you can do things like write your description so that it shows up here effectively
in the course. I appreciate you watching this and learning here how you can
partner with a third party website to do amazing things,
to rank high in terms that you never would be able
to rank in otherwise. Max C says,
“Why did you get banned?” I’m not exactly sure why
I got banned from Udemy. I know I was trying
to dominate Udemy and be the number one instructor. I can guess they probably
didn’t like that. However, in the greater context of
the universe, I believe I got banned
from Udemy so that I could do more, so
that I can make these free tutorials, because if I hadn’t got banned from Udemy, I wouldn’t
be sitting here talking to you for free right now. I’d be making more paid courses. I believe that in
the greater plan of the universe, that I needed
to be free from Udemy to go do something even
better with my skills, and that is to just teach everything
for free online. That’s the best story I’ve found
for this. I’m going to get back here and then continue with the tutorial. Welcome back. Thank you for continuing
to watch in this class. I’ll show you now my own website. I’ve given you two very
powerful strategies. Upload YouTube videos, partner with a third party website. The YouTube videos gives you
the most traffic. Partnering with
the third party website can give you really
profitable traffic. Now, I’ll show you
in my Alexa account here. I’ll show you what I’m doing
on my own website. I’m getting about a thousand visits a day or so to my website. You can see most days,
there’s about a thousand, 900 or so. My visitors are up by 9%,
which is awesome, because I’ve turned
off all my online ads since December third. I’ve turned off all my online ads and I’m still getting
more visitors. My website’s up time is good. Now, if you want
to see exactly what I use to host my website,
if you want to see what I use for everything
in my business, just go to my resources page over here,
and then you’ll be able
to see everything there. I’ve also got
a nice tutorial on Skillshare that shows you exactly what I use
on Skillshare as well. Here’s my organic search
traffic right here. I’m getting about 400
or 500 search referrals a day. Right now, my website which
is about 14,000 a month. Now, that’s really good. Imagining getting
that many referrals a day when I first started my
website, just seemed amazing. I’m not on a lot of popular topics. Patreon is
the most popular topic I’m on. I’m on a lot of technical
tutorial subjects. If you compare this traffic, see, I’m getting way more views
from Google Search on YouTube. And then if you compare it,
I’m getting more than 10 times the amount of views on YouTube. Still, I’m doing pretty good
on my website and the search results
are actually up 5%. The search results are
consistently growing. Now, I’ve turned off my Facebook
ads here so I’m getting a lot less social referrals,
so we’ll scroll past that. You’ll see now on
the link referrals, I’m actually getting 9,000
link referrals directly from YouTube, in addition
to all of these traffic. On YouTube,
I’m already getting — well, that’s my actual
total YouTube search. In addition, all of these
YouTube views I’m getting, I’m also getting 9,000 more views directly linked from YouTube. YouTube is just an absolutely
incredible traffic source, and many of these direct
links are also from YouTube. At least half of my website traffic,
is directly from YouTube or indirectly as well. Now, you’ll notice this. Now, let’s take a look
at the minutes. Now, the average minutes on my website is one
minute 59 seconds. Don’t make a dirty joke. The Google Search you’ll see,
if someone comes to my YouTube channel
through Google Search, it’s five minutes. Someone is
on my website way longer, more than twice as long they are
on my YouTube videos as compared
to how long they’re on my website. Again, huge sales pitch to do videos instead
of website pages. Now, mobile is a big traffic source,
but not for me. Most of my visits are desktop. You’ll see, 78% of my
traffic is non-mobile. Even though people get
so excited about mobile, 78% of my traffic is not
for mobile. What I’ve done, I’ve broke down
the individual pages. I’ll show you the depth. I’ll show you how I’m
getting 14,000 search results from Google to my website, and how I’m getting results all over
the world from YouTube, from USA, Mexico. The most of my visits are
from the USA in terms of one country,
but two thirds of my visits are not from the US. I’m grateful, I’m getting 10% of my visits are actually from India. That’s really cool. I made a website that is global. I think if you think global
for your website, you’ll have the best chance
to get the very most search results. This is what I’m doing
on my website, and what I’ll do going
forward is show you more about how exactly I’m doing this
on my website, and I hope it’ll give
you some ideas for what you can do on your website
because it is worth the time to put some energy
into building a nice website. Because once you get people
on YouTube, the main way I make money currently
and have made money is by sending people
from my YouTube channels. See all this traffic? My total YouTube
channel is 689,000 views in the last month. The main where I’ve
been making money is from sending people
from my YouTube channel over through my website. People go through
my website and then the website’s very helpful
for making money. It’s nice to be able
to get people to your website. I’m going to show you
what I do on my website that helps me get so
many search results and helps me convert
the results I get both in organic search and
from YouTube over to sales. A couple of deep breaths there. [laughs] Yes,
thank you comics with Chris says one minute 59 seconds,
if you know what I mean. I’m trying to use less toilet humor but sometimes it is funny. They’ll just let you do the math for yourself
on something I’ve said. I’ll put my website banner up here. What strategies am I doing
on my website to get the most traffic and
to get the most entries? What’s working best
for me to get people on my website is
word-of-mouth marketing and Google search for my name. The top entry page
on my website is That’s often
from word-of-mouth marketing. That’s from me showing it
on YouTube videos. The majority of people coming to directly are
word-of-mouth marketing in YouTube. Then, the second top page
on my website is a direct link from YouTube. The four plus thousand
views I’m getting here, it’s the direct link from YouTube. This is the second most
popular page people come to first on my website. What I’m showing you here,
I’m showing you the certified site
metrics with Alexa. I’m showing you them with Alexa
because Google is a little more difficult
in the sense Google Analytics is so deep. It has so many different
things you can do to get this. It’s a little bit easier
to communicate the point. You might’ve already
seen Google Analytics, so I’m giving you what might be
a fresh approach here. This is the top entry page,
these two. Then the next one,
this is an organic search page. Then, this is a YouTube direct link and then this is
the organic search. Out of the top five of my pages,
one is word-of-mouth searches for me and
a combination of YouTube videos. is kind of
a melting pot. All kinds of people come there. Then the second top page is from YouTube organic traffic. Then the third top page is from Google organic search directly
to my website. The fourth is from YouTube
and the fifth is from Google organic search directly
to my website. Out of my top five pages, two of them come primarily
from SEO. You could say that I’ve done
on my website. This traffic on this Facebook Ads page is very valuable. This page has been up
for about two years and even though there’s
a 97% bounce rate, this gets people introduced to me. I have a friend, he’s been
in my mastermind group for a couple of years now
and he found me originally doing a search on this Facebook Ads account
disabled and that’s how he found me. These are the entry pages on my website where people come in. What you’ll notice,
my website has a lot of depth. You’ll notice there’s
a ton of pages on my website that people enter,
so that what you want to do with organic search is to have — it’ll think about
organic search like fishing. You want to have as many lines in the water as possible. Now, I’m going
to give you an exact recipe in this to catch
the most fish, so to speak. I’ll show you what
the two top pages on my website
for organic search have in common. I’ll show you that so
that you can replicate it. Now, you’ll see there’s so many
pages on my website. These are entry pages. People are coming into
the website from there. These are some of my
most valuable pages because these are pages
people are going directly to. It’s like the doorways
to my website. Each individual page, you want to look at it as a doorway. You’re getting people
in the door with you. Each of these individual pages then are getting people
in the door. There’s hundreds of these pages
that are getting at least 10 people in
the door every month. Now what I’ll show you is
the total page views. The total page views
is different from the actual pages
people are entering. For SEO, you want to make the most out of every single
person who is actually on your website. Looking at the viewed
pages can help you see what people are doing
after they’re entering. You can see the percent of time people are spending places. Then you can see
the most important pages to work on in terms of SEO
for your entry pages and then for pages that people are just looking at. You can look and see
what you can do to make each of your
top pages better. For me, I’m getting
a lot of my top page views on these three categories here. I work and consistently look at these three most viewed pages as
a top priority. I look at them over
the other pages on my website. I make sure there’s
good opportunities for me to convert sales on these. I’ve shown you the depth I have
on my website. Hundreds of pages
that bring people in. Hundreds of pages that have
at least 20 people looking at them every month and that have at least 10 people entering
on the website. To me, a good SEO approach
has both these top pages that bring in, this one page alone brings in about 100 people a day and this page brings
in about 60 or 70 people a day. To have top pages
that bring lots of people in, but then you don’t
usually discover pages without having depth, without
having all these different pages to figure out and take
a chance at having a top page. I’m grateful you’ve spent
this time with me here. I will dive in deeper
and show you what some of the top pages
on my website look like. I’ll give you a formula next,
an exact formula to make a top page on your website. I’ve not done the giveaway yet. The giveaway will be at the end. The Bitcoin giveaway will
be available for anyone on YouTube or Facebook
that’s watching as well. Thank you very much
for continuing with this SEO search engine
optimization course. Well, I hope it’s
the best SEO course available for you totally for free in 2017. What I’m going to show you here is the inside of a top page
on my website. This is one of
the most valuable pages on my website in terms of it
producing results for me. It brings in results for me and it simply is creating
value out of nowhere. That’s the most amazing thing
to do with SEO. That’s why you want to do SEO. This page brings
in 2,000 plus people a month and many of
the people it brings in end up watching my videos. They end up getting some help and then sticking with me over time. Here’s a basic formula
for top page. A top page should have
something like a video on it or something
to keep people watching longer. As you noticed in my Analytics, the average person who’s
watching my video spends about five minutes on it. I’ve got a video right
at the top of this page that someone can click
and start watching about the exact
topic I’ve made here. Now, this video’s gotten a little old by this point so
maybe I’ll make another one on it. Also, whatever page you have should be immediately helpful. One of the reasons this page has
a low bounce rate is because it has the exact information
on it that’s needed. If you don’t know where the appeal form is,
I have a direct link. You click the link. What people are searching for,
this is a painful problem people run into. These are some of the best types of pages
to have online. This is an acute,
painful problem people run into. Facebook Ads account disabled means that you’ve got your account
suspended or banned from advertising on Facebook. This is a very painful thing
that people encounter that I’m able to help with based
on my experience getting almost every kind of
account I’ve ever created, suspended or banned online. After having clients
have this problem, I thought to go make
a post about this. The best way to get people to come to your website is
to give them help with a really painful problem and
to give them immediate help for it. Many people are just looking
for the appeal form. They’re going through,
they’re searching for Facebook Ads account disabled
and they just want the appeal form. They don’t care about
anything I’m going to say, for example, things like,
“Don’t bother with an appeal, learn how
to do something else, they don’t care about that. Most people just want
to solve the problem in the exact way they think it needs
to be solved. They Google, and
then as soon as I show them the Facebook ads account
appeal form, they click off over here. Then, they’re completing the form. This helps me get
a higher rank in Google because then I’m giving people
what they want on the page right away. Once they go through and they click contact,
they click close. Even though you’ll see
the bounce rate on this page is really high,
Google is very good at detecting if people got
what they wanted. What Google ultimately wants is for people to get what they want. When someone searches
Googles wants them to find an answer. Google knows there’s
a good shot that if they clicked on your website,
and closed the tab, then they got what they wanted. If the user goes and clicks
on your website, looks for a minute
and clicks back, Google knows that
the user didn’t find or thinks the user did not find
what they wanted. If you want to rank high
in search, you need to be able to give users
what they want on your page. You need to be able
to give it to them fast. I’ve developed this
page over years, and I’ve discovered people
really want that appeal form so I put
that up there right away. Then, most of the rest of this is
to qualify people for the page and this is kind of
a Wikipedia style page. This is what I found works
the very best for SEO, is to make
a Wikipedia style page. Look how long this is. If you are hiring people
to write SEO articles of 300 and 400 words, forget it. What you really need to have
a top ranking article on a competitive
subject is usually, you need something of
two plus thousand words. This is 2,000 or 3,000 words here. Then, I’ve got all of these– I’ve got these case studies on here. A guy literally gave
me his phone number to put on this page. Then, there’s comments
from other people on here too. This is Google’s basic formula for what it thinks is
a really good page. Now, having a Facebook ads course on Udemy was worth more
search traffic than this page every month. I believe I got maybe 6,000 or 7,000 Google organic searches out
a month from a having a course on Udemy up
in the top subjects. Now, if you look on YouTube, the traffic doesn’t compare
to this page. However, for this exact problem, this page works really well. Now, if you compare it with
a YouTube copyright strike, if I look over here,
I have a YouTube channel copyright strike. This gets 274 results per month. Meanwhile, if I go show you
the watch time on the actual videos
and we look for the YouTube copyright strike, I guess I’ll have to search for copyright
instead of that. If you go search for this just do a little comparison of
the traffic numbers. If you look at this one,
the same video gets 5,000 for free every month on YouTube and on my website here
it gets 274 results. If you can make
a video about a problem, it’s ideal because
then when someone comes to your page, it has a video and the page. The ideal way to do this,
is to put a video on the page, and
then you can actually get the video transcribed. It’s faster to make a video. I can talk about
10,000 words an hour. I can only write about
2,000 words an hour though. I can make a three
to five really in-depth post in an hour of talking. Then, all I need
to do is get them transcribed. This is the formula I’ve
done across my blog. I’ll go more into this strategy to show you now how you can
make more really deep post like this with much less effort. Comics with Chris asked,
“Does it cost to use Alexa?” Yes, it does have some
monthly cost to have the version high above
the site metrics. It’s free to take
a look around Alexa. What is the very best
strategy I’ve found for making
a post as fast as possible that are likely to rank high
and get lot of search traffic. The basic strategy I’ve found is
to simply make a video about it and
then get the video transcribed into a blog post. Or I’ve even got my videos transcribed into entire books. I had a video course
on Google AdWords, I got that transcribed into
a book, and now my friend Michael Gerard
is helping me promote the book by putting parts of
the book out for free in blog post. To me, this is an amazing
system if you want to do something like make
a video course. You can make
the video course, you can then get it transcribed into
a book, and then you can use parts of
the book as blog post, and you can use parts of
the video course as free previews on YouTube. That’s worked really well for me. As you can see,
Michael’s actually made this post. Now, I actually dictated. The nice thing is this post is
in my voice. I dictated this. Michael edited it to read better, and now this post is out
on my website in my voice. One thing that works terrible,
it’s just useless to try and hire someone
in my experience to write post on my website. Because it’s not in my voice. Many times, when some
people are writing post for someone else,
they don’t do them creative. They just write more of the same as what’s
already out there. If you want to get search
engine optimization traffic, you really need to be able to put things out that are original. When you hear the way I put all
these things together, most of these ideas aren’t unique but the exact way I put all
of them together is unique. That is what draws people– that’s
what draws Google to see that you have
a good website. That’s what draws people
to your website. I’ve got this huge post
on my website now with all the screenshots that’s intended to be really helpful, that’s available for free on my blog. I didn’t even write any of it. I did the video tutorial just like the one I’m doing now. That’s a beautiful thing that in the future I have the option. I can simply hire someone
to do more of the same thing
to turn this video literally into a blog post just like this. In fact, Michael Gerard
might even do that. He might turn this video
into another blog post on my website. Then, the beauty of it is
at the very end of it, the book is promoted
for Google AdWords. If someone’s actually
read through this post, this post has
a very good chance to rank high in organic traffic. If someone reads through it even then promotes the book. That’s a complete system
from start to finish that I think is just awesome
for getting out pages on my website. Lots of these pages on my website
have been created just like that that are bringing in traffic. Lots of these pages
where people are entering here are originally
dictated as videos, and they’re working great
to bring in search results. For example,
this time travel is real. It’s bringing 800 people a month almost all
from search results. It’s bringing in a dictated video. The video is literally
just transcribed and then put on there. This gives me
the ability when someone comes to my website and looks
at my blog, this is what gives me a blog
that just blows me away. I’ve never seen someone
who doesn’t do blogging as their primary thing
that has a blog with this many posts on it. To me, having
a deep blog promotes trust. It promotes consistency. When you see how many
things I’ve made on my website,
it gives you trust like I’m serious about my business. Like I’m here, I’m working
on it on a daily basis. This is some of
the blog post on my website. I have about twice as many as this. What makes for a great website in terms of SEO is having
lots of pages with original content on them. All these blog posts make for,
they give me the ability a rising tide
lifts all boats they say. The more these great
blog post I have, the more all my individual
blog post can rank higher. Now, the problem with this is
that it’s such a slow strategy compared
to doing something like YouTube. Now, after five years of having– I’ve had my YouTube for five years. I’ve only been working
on this website for a couple of years,
but still at this rate my website might be
a fraction of my YouTube channel in a couple more years. But I’ve planted a bunch of
amazing seeds with my website here and the longer these are up, the more these blog
posts I keep putting on, the more search
traffic I’m getting to my website every month
and that’s giving me the chance to continue
to build and grow my business. The more these videos I make, the more I can easily have
turned into blog posts. Occasionally, I still write
a blog post. Now whenever I write a long email to my email list I go ahead
and turn it into a blog post also. I went through and wrote this out at I wrote this as an email
on my email list and I figured I might as well
convert this into a blog post. Now, I try whenever possible,
to convert the things I do into blog posts. Like if I write a long
a email or description out so that way I’m using
my writing twice. I’m giving
the writing I make a chance to show up in search results. Having a deep blog
like this is one of the very best ways I’ve found. Almost all of my organic
search traffic that’s not on my homepage
and that’s not directly linked from YouTube or
that people aren’t searching for it, most of my Google organic search traffic comes in
from my blog and most of the posts on my blog are based
on or dictated from or partnered with a video. When you do these two
things together it’s a powerful combination
for search results. Kell asked,
“What software are you using to make this video?” You can see everything I’m using at That’s got everything listed that I’m using there for you. I will keep going in this tutorial. We’re getting towards
the end of it. Then, I don’t if I’ll have time
for questions or not, but if you want
to ask me questions just join my Facebook group. You’ll see it there’s link to my mastermind
on top of my website. If you want to ask me questions
and interact with me on a daily basis via chat then my mastermind group is
the way to do that. I have so much interaction
on YouTube. I’ve 500 or 1,000 comments
a day on between YouTube and Facebook so it’s
about 500 a day on YouTube and
then there’s something like that on Facebook as well. Then, I don’t make time anymore. I don’t have enough time
to answer but if you go to my website
and you have individual questions and I don’t get it
in a live video or the pre-recorded video
then just use the mastermind link on my website
or go to Patreon and choose the Facebook group
from there. After you’ve got your
blog post strategy, after you’ve seen all of
the rest of these things about search
engine optimization there are still things you can do
to improve the search results you get
on your website. What I call these things are search engine optimization best practices. These are little tips
and tricks I hope will be helpful for you that help you rank higher. Now most of these are
what you would call small games. You’re playing little games. YouTube is a big game. Look at all of these
on my YouTube channel. It’s a big game
and it grows much faster. That said, it is helpful
to polish off the website you already have
and to make the best of it as well. What I do I use
the Yoast SEO plugin. You can see
the full list of things I use in my business and if it’s not
on there now I’ll add to it. The Yoast SEO plugin
at got my business list on it
and then this is what I use. I’ll give you some quick tips
for that. I like Yoast SEO because it’s free and it gives me some basic features
that really helped me out with getting some SEO. Here’s the dashboard
and then one of the main things
to do with Yoast SEO is play around with the options it has. For example, this is a page. Now, on this resources page I’ve a bunch of affiliate links
because I link it to something I actually use so then I’ve got a bunch of affiliate links on it. One thing that knocks your search
engine ranking down is linking out to a bunch of websites. In search engine terms, there are links called follow
and no follow. Now, most of the big websites
only use no follow links. Google search is based
on in part and at least originally it was
completely based on the idea of essentially Google’s original name was Back Rub. You rub my back,
I’ll rub your back. That means you have links
then you link to my website, I’ll link
to your website with the idea that websites that link to each other will
then both rank higher. Well, now this
strategy with YouTube and Facebook has been largely ruined
because Facebook does no follow to everything. YouTube does no follow
to everything. Some of the biggest websites in the world don’t participate
in Google search voting anymore, so to speak. Then most of the websites,
like smaller websites don’t know to change links to no follow. I think it’s ideal on a website to use no follow links
on your entire website. On my homepage, Yoast SEO,
currently I don’t see how to change the entire website to no follow but right now
I’ve got no follow on my pages with
the most back links and especially the affiliate links. I’ve used Yoast SEO
to change this over to no follow. Then, when there’s all these links on my website I’m not
essentially giving up all my link juice or I’m not
lowering my website ranking with all these links
on my website. On the pages where I’ve got the most links I’ve set
to no follow. Another strategy you ca do–
what brings down a lot of pages– These are pages
on my website. I’ve got a lot of blog posts but then these are actually pages
on the website. Another SEO tip you can
do is you can delete. You see I just put
a buch, I was motivated to make this today
because I have a bunch of old pages on my website. For example, with
a bunch of old Udemy coupons that don’t work anymore
and then I went through and deleted those. One of the most powerful things
you can do with your SEO on your website is to go forward, go ahead and delete
those old pages on your website that are messed up,
that are broken, that are no longer valid
or delete pages on your website
that are landing pages or or don’t have any good content. What Google would like to see is a website with all high
quality pages on it. The more low quality
pages you have, the more pages with
a bunch of follow back links that are affiliate links or poor quality or bad user experience,
the more those you have on your page, Google gets an
idea of who you are based on the quality of your pages. When you combine Yoast
SEO you go through and delete as I’ve deleted
a bunch of these old pages that just have
a bunch of broken back links that were used for sales. I go through and delete those. I apply no follow. I try and follow the keyword recommendations
by Yoast also. Yoast will help you optimize
your page for best impact. If I go over to edit post on this Facebook post,
then I have options. It’ll show me the SEO on this post. Now, it’ll often take
a while to load but you’ll see the SEO
on this page is good. Yoast, if you enter
the keyword down here, gives you the ability
so I put this focus keyword in and then Yoast has this nice analysis I get here. It has all of these
different things that show me exactly what to do. The nice thing if you use Yoast SEO,
you don’t need to learn all these SEO
strategies yourself. You can literally look
at these green and red bullet points
and then that will allow you to optimize from there. Now on this one I will go ahead and change this one
to no follow and update that. I hope these tips are helpful for you with your website
especially you use your WordPress website and try and get it
to rank the highest. I’ll answer a couple more questions
in conclusion here. Okay. I’m almost done with this. I’m going to get
the dogs in real quick. Itchy and Bow, come here, you two. That’s good. Come on. We’re just going to hang out here instead of bark
at the mailman. Thank you. Okay. I got my dogs back in. If you don’t like
little interludes like that just go to Skillshare
and little things like that will usually be cut off. We’ll finish up here with
a few more tips and a Google search console. Thank you very much for getting to the end of this course. I’ll show you a little bit about the Google search console
and I’ll show you answers to a couple of quick questions. I hope at the end will
be useful for you. Now you notice,
I haven’t spent a much time in the Google search console, why? Because it’s not
worth my time to pour a bunch of time
and energy fooling around the Google search console. The one thing I think
is really valuable is to look at the crawl stats. Now, I currently use GoDaddy
for my manage WordPress and I’m not impressed with how long it’s taking to download my website because when I first
started it was much faster. I can see how long Google
is taking the crawl and download my page
and I can see that it’s taking between
a half second and a second. That’s decent,
I could have lower latency but if you’ve got
a shared service or something, one of the most helpful
things you can look at, look at your crawl stats
and see how long Google’s taking
to download your page. If your page is taking
longer than this, you more than likely
need better hosting. Maybe even at this rate, I could consider better hosting. You don’t want your
website crawl time taking a long time
because Google looks at it if your website takes
a long time to load and a long time
to crawl is probably going to be a bad user experience. One of my favorite things
is this little crawl stats option over here
and that’s helpful then to see what Google is
encountering when it comes to your website. The index status is a good thing
to look at as well. You can see how many pages
and files you have indexed, so I have 1800 pages and media files
indexed on my website. That’s how many different
things Google has found on my website, that’s a good thing
to take a look at as well. Now, you might want to spend
a whole bunch of time in here, in
the search analytics but you really don’t need to. It can help to go look at
what people are searching for but you don’t need
to obsess over these things. That’s why I haven’t
spent much time with them. Like I’ve said, “This is
a small game to play.” It’s much easier
to get into these YouTube analytics and play a bigger game, fooling around on the Google
search console most of the time looking at all your pages. I could go over here and do things like I
could go trying, “Okay. Well, what’s my click-through? What’s my position on this? Okay, my average position is 14, my average click-through okay. What’s my average put?” I could go look
at all of these things but that’s not worth my time. It’s not worth
the time to go through and look at all this data. It’s worth the time
to create more content, to put more on there. The only thing you
really need this data for is learning, learn
from this data. The main thing that’s nice
to look at is just to use this data
to learn and to see. You can see like
the links to a website, you can see there are 24,000 links
to my website on YouTube. Most of my website is
getting linked on YouTube and you can see where
the links are. One of the most helpful things
to do is just to sort out and find your clicks. To look at the pages,
people are actually visiting because based on the pages people are visiting you can
figure out, “Okay. Well, what should I do
to make this deeper?” One of the first pages,
I got a lot of traffic to was one of these Patreon pages. Then I made another one
and then I made this one. The one thing that’s really
worth your time is look at where you’re actually
getting clicks too. Don’t worry about
what your click-through rate, what your position is, that’s a big waste of time right there. You can spend all of
this time in here and doing all these other things. If you’re learning
something that’s good. If you’re competing
and if you’re viewing your competitors are
saying how high are they up that is
a complete waste of time. I don’t fool around with that. That’s why you’re here with me because I don’t fool around with
a lot of things that are wasting my time. Now, I’ll give you
something else that in my opinion is a waste of time. SEO backlinks,
do not buy SEO backlinks. Do you want an example here? I’ll show you doing it wrong. I had one of the top ranking
websites when I started my business and started doing SEO on
the term gaming addiction. My original website was toppled,
gaming addiction. I had one of the top articles
or I have one of the top websites
on gaming addiction is called I’d exact match domain. This is back when I played
little games a lot. I would look
and see where my competition is. Well, this articles up here
and these ones up here. Where am I at? Guess what I tried to do? I bought backlinks
and guess what happened? When I bought the backlinks, they didn’t have this part here
back when I was doing this. I was up to like third when I bought
the backlinks or third or fourth somewhere
in the middle of the page but not
at the very top. I was on the first
page when I bought the backlinks I killed it. I killed my websites
ranking buying backlinks. Most of the things
you are going to buy to try and help out with
your SEO are likely to mess things up more
than they’ll help. I’m suggesting don’t
every buy backlinks. You want backlinks, put them
on your YouTube channel. I don’t recommend going to any individual website just
to buy backlink. I recommend make
a real partnership like with the Udemy example I made,
make a real partnership where you’re working with
a third-party website. Avoid buying any backlinks
and I would generally avoid trying to game the SEO system at all. Don’t play games with
the SEO system. Just simply do good work,
create good content on your website,
and preferably partner that with a Youtube channel. Create things
that really help people and then you’ll be able
to get lots of people to come to your website. I’m grateful my website gets over a thousand people a day. They come to my website
and as long as I played a little games like buying
backlinks or little games like stalking my
competition finding, “Okay. Would this pay?” As long as I fooled around with that I never got anywhere. If you want to get somewhere,
focus on doing a good job and creating things
that help people. I thank you very much
for watching this. I hope you have
a wonderful day today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this course. Excellent. The entire Skillshare
course is recorded and Muhammad on YouTube
has actually already taken the time to share
his Bitcoin address. He is one step ahead of me here. Today, I will be selecting
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the giveaway with me today. I hope to see you again soon.


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