Best YouTube Keyword Tools For 2019
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Best YouTube Keyword Tools For 2019

– I’m gonna tell you the best
tools for keyword research for your YouTube videos and
we’re starting right now. (thunderous rap music) What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time
here and you want to learn how to grow your channel,
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ya don’t miss anything. Okay, me personally, I use
all of these, a combination of all of them to rank my
videos here on YouTube. And if you’re serious
about ranking your videos, I recommend you do the same. Number one is TubeBuddy. They have a free version
and a paid version. This one is really cool because it lets you type in a specific word
or phrase that you’re trying to rank your video for and
it let’s you know the score or your probability of
ranking for that based on your channel specifically
or just any channel as a whole. That’s a huge win. It also shows you other
ways that people might be searching for that same
thing to where you might think, hey, you know what, I was
thinking of going for this one but instead I’m gonna actually try to rank for this particular phrase instead. And sometimes that same exact feature can even spawn new ideas
which is pretty cool. They even show you the most
used tags for that term so you can make sure to
include them in the video that you’re trying to rank as well. Number two is Morningfame. Now Morningfame, is really cool
because they have a feature to where they actually walk
you through the process of optimizing your video for
search which is really cool. Basically all you have to
do is you put in a topic that you want to rank for and
they’re gonna show you common and uncommon keywords based on said topic. They’ll show you where
you’ll benefit most in terms of subscribers, views, interaction,
and of course relevance which is one of the main things that helps you rank inside of YouTube. As a matter of fact one
of the really cool things about Morningfame is they
have a relevance workshop. And basically what that is, is you start putting
your metadata together. You say hey, this is
the title I’m gonna use, this is the description
I’m gonna use, these are the tags that I’m gonna use
and then it’s going to give you a grade so to speak on your relevancy. It’s gonna give you a score. And you can see in real
time as you’re putting this stuff together, hey,
when I put this in my title, and then I put this in my description and then I put these in my
tags then I get a higher score. So that lets you know hey,
this is optimized pretty good. I’m gonna run with this. They also recently added
a feature that will help you learn how to rank your
videos in YouTube and in Google. Because, why not tap into the
number one traffic resource on the internet to try
to get it to your videos? I don’t know, makes sense to me. I get a lot of traffic from
Google and you should too. Keywords Everywhere, which is a free browser plug-in for Google. I’m not 100% sure if they
have it for Firefox or not, but Keywords Everywhere
is fantastic for letting you know a general interest
for a specific term that you’re trying to
rank your videos for. This ones cool because it
pretty much runs on auto-pilot. You don’t have to really do anything. All you have to do is install
it and once you install it, then as you’re typing
in the different things that you’re trying to
rank for you’re gonna see the number pop up next
to it that’s gonna show you a general interest for that term. And then from there you
can recognize other terms that are getting a higher search volume and you can decide to
go for them or decide to go with the one that you
were originally gonna go for in the first place. It’s a pretty awesome tool. Next on the list is Google Trends. This one is also free
and this one is given to you by Google. I mean it’s not really
given to you per say, but they’ve built it
so that you can use it. So you can know what to make videos about, what to make blog posts about
and so on, it’s awesome. And a lot of people don’t
know that Google Trends has a YouTube specific
search filter on it. All you do is on the search page you click on Web Search and just
change that to YouTube, boom. And of course like I said
before because the importance of getting traffic from Google
as well you can also check the same interest to see if
the same topic is trending on Google as well as YouTube. That’s kinda like a bonus win. But anyway, the cool thing
about Google Trends is if you go and you put in the term
that you’re trying to rank your video for, or the topic
that you’re trying to rank your video for, this is gonna
let you know that the interest of that term if its on the
rise or if it’s on the decline. So that you can say hey,
I’m gonna get future traffic for this because the interest is climbing or at least it’s steady so that I know it’s an evergreen topic so
I can make a video for this then I’ll probably be
able to get traffic for it for a really long time. It also lets you compare how people search for specific things which is really cool. So for example, when I make
a video about Tube Buddy, I know that I need to make
sure that I put the words together because people
search for that more than they search for it with the words apart. And I am trying to rank
my videos for the things that people tend to search for the most. But, I have a link to all
of the stuff that I talked about here, down in the description below. So, make sure that you go
down there and sign up to all of the stuff that I just talked about. And at the top of the
screen right now and down in the video description I
have a video about other tools that all YouTubers need
to use so make sure that you check that out as well. And if you wanna learn more
about growing your channel, making videos and all types of
other YouTube related stuff, start now by hitting
the round subscribe icon so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.


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