• Robo Gamër

    U just shot a man and instead of saying stay with me buddy he handcuff the the dude not even trying ti stop the blood lossage wow he should be killed

  • Clorox Bleach

    As fucked up as this is, have some respect to the officer. He probably knows a lot more about law enforcement than any of you in the comments. He went through rigorous training and exams to become a cop and has full knowledge of every procedure. The hardest thing about being an officer is making quick and life-threatening decisions to save your own and especially everyone else's life. Cruz had no idea what the guy had in his pocket or pants. Worst case scenario, the guy could quickly turn around and shoot Cruz. He was around 20 feet away when he reached for his headphones or whatever, which created a tough situation where the cop had to instinctively stop the guy or be aware of every action he does in the safest way possible. He was to far to taze him, so he decided to shoot him. It's a very unfortunate mishap and an extremely sorry occurrence, but the officer had to do what he had to do. He had the audio and film on his body, so if he doesn't deserve what you think he deserves, then he really doesn't.

  • Carolyn Dignam

    Aren’t police officers supposed to perform cpr after shooting a human being? Like why wouldn’t this pathetic cop even try saving this poor kid after he couldn’t find the “gun” he was looking for and shooting him in the back!!!!! This is totally disgusting and this police department needs to have an external review from the state, especially after the “internal review “ found this to be a good shooting. Sounds like all of this Dept is lawless and liars! Fucking sickening. I’m truly sorry his poor kid was murdered by police. I hope this family never stops shouting this from the roof tops!!!

  • Barry Schultz

    This country sucks ass I've seen thousands of videos of unjustified police shootings. Stop giving police guns. They need hand to hand combat skills. Not guns they are all pussies with guns.

  • bluezedd

    he turns and starts walking backwards, says "what's up fool?" to the cop, and you can clearly see him reaching in his waistband. This isn't what I thought it was. There's no headphones issue here.

  • Dodge Challenger

    Can’t hear someone YELLING with headphones on? That’s your problem. Can’t follow commands? That’s your problem. Then for all of the fucktards complaining about him being handcuffed clearing are not intelligent at all and refuse to do simple fucking research. Also, tasers do not ALWAYS WORK ON SOME PEOPLE AND ARE NOT ALWAYS THE CORRECT TOOL!!! HOLY SHIT, SUCH NEW INFORMATION!!!!

  • Mousin Thunderfud

    shooting someone in the back is against geniver convention gun or not in his hands if his back is turned he is no threat unless that gun is raised towards someone

  • Louie LoPresto

    “Put your hands behind your back”
    The poor guy was obviously dead. What a clueless piece of shit. This is the reason why people are afraid of the police.

  • Matthew Graminski

    That cop is a murderer plain and simple, screw any notion he was just doing his job if you think that than piss off. And cops wonder why they are starting to be shot on site.

  • Ashley Garcia

    Cops think just cuz they have access to all these guns that they could just use it when ever and just bc they tge law like nah

  • DAJOKER808

    So these videos are working both ways. The objective is to show fear and create chaos . It’s to show when they roll up on you you’ll be afraid that you’ll be shot .

  • Mr. S

    If you, dear commentor, cannot see how morally bankrupt this is YOU are the problem, trying to defend this instance of murder with "statistics"is equally as disgraceful as ignoring this boys murder.👏

  • Charlie Burns

    I do not understand why the cop shot him; if Dillon had a gun, he would have to have pulled it from his pocket whilst turning to point it at the cop – prior to shooting. As he was already walking forward, he would have had to have slowed down or even stopped, whilst or before turning around – hen pulling the "non-existent" weapon. Dillon made no untoward or challenging movement whatsoever – only continuing to walk on and listen to his music. It appears pretty damned clear Dillon was not a threat at any time whatsoever. The cop should have made his way forward to where Dillon could have seen him. There is no explanation why the cop pulled up in the car, jumped out and began shouting anyway. Why not pull the car up at a distance in front of the person they want to check – easy view of all movement. There are so many things appear wrong with how this occurred and of the police officer's actions. If this matter is not taken further it would be a very serious miscarriage of justice for Dillon and his family. It would also appear that weapons – which are only supposed to be used as a very last resort – appear to be used as a first resort after verbal warnings: surely this is not correct police procedure? The officer's life was not under direct threat – there was no need to shoot him – especially in the back.

  • Pinion325

    Stand ur ground against the police. Don't let them get off the first shot. they DO NOT act with good intentions & have no legitimacy.

  • T Byas

    As many black men that get gun down this way every day and now you have this family crying about theit family member. Blacks know that this is happening. But what whites don't know, is that poor whites are being treated just like blacks by the police. Maybe now you want to do something about the situation..

  • BrokeHomieJuan

    poor dude he was just walking probably had plans for the weekend then 5 minutes later nothing remains but a lifeless corpse coz of a fucking coward dickhead pig

  • its lexy

    I'm sorry but this fucking shit. Listen cops should have got in front of him even if he was risking his own life. He SHOULDN'T HAVE SHOT HIM.

  • Lil Guay

    Wait this actually happened they just shot a man and nothing was done to this shit head cop no seriously he just shot a man in cold blood

  • Separate Realities

    When they keep letting these guys off, tells you it's not just a few bad cops! It starts at the top, and they have a responsabilty of policing their own!! We see how they do it! Cops are just another street gang!

  • Nathan Verster Verster

    The south african police are better then America's police, America has guns south Africa doesnt it's not safe there I'm never going to America

  • Flex Craft

    He wasn't trying to stop the bleeding he continued to search him to try and find any incriminating evidence against the man for probable cause as to why he shot him in the first place

  • MyJunker Travels

    Those cops thar are not protectin an servin. They are terrorizing and oppressing freedom. Legally these two basic points alone prove these assholes are terrorists. Not protectors.

  • Kt CinnaBlunts

    Obviously he didn’t find a weapon he was reaching to change his song fuck this justice system they shot him because they believe they have this authority to shoot anyone they please without actually investigation or inspection against against innocent civilians are justice system really just wanna eliminate us fuck our authority

  • man 4 life

    Congratulations officer's this is the only thing you good at killing innocent people and later false statement ooh I think he is reaching for a weapon 🙈🙈🙈 this is just crazy recruiting stupid and clueless element and trusting them with a noble system when they are worse than terrorist it's sad for an innocent person getting kill or murder by officers who are supposed to protect them and it's always a terrible conspiracy between the callers and the cops please continue to enjoy calling cops on noble citizen just because of their stupidity and hate for people I am sure the person who calls the cops to end another man life is finally happy now hmm stupid liars informers only enjoy lying on Behalf others to make a living which is not right fuck the informant

  • paul Gonzales

    Why do cops shoot first, then ask questions? I try to support the police but this makes it hard. Just wait till one of their kids are taken down like that.

  • Sub to PewDiePie Or u T-gay

    Lmao are yall dumb. Tasers dont always work. He was resisting arrest and looked like he was reaching for something whilst calmly walking away. If he tasered the man and he did have a weapon if the tase failed which in most cases it actually does he couldve easily tackled the officer or stabbed/ shot them if they did. The officers are taught to actually mag dump on suspects if they believe to be armed resisting arrest because 1 shot in many cases doesnt actually bring the suspects down. In saying this i still believe this was bad but was within the way the officers are taught. The suspect was acting in a threatening manor. Like yes his back was turned but he was resisting like if u have nothing to hide why resist? Quick search hed have been let go. In this sort of situation with a suspect with a suspected weapon on them, resisting arrest non leathal force shouldnt be used because it doesnt always work. put yourselves in the fucking cops shoes

  • aurelle champagne

    What a lying fucker."What the hell were you reaching for man?"…That line was said to clear his ass.Cops rehearse these phoney statements .
    Taxpayer funded gangs….with a badge.

  • Question Everything

    When police officer trade 80% of their training is on how to draw their weapon and Fire. Do you have a 20 to 30% is trained in getting fit and also how to pit maneuver how to drive your squad car all the codes for things that's a violation. How in the world could you shoot a man in the chest gosh is a blood comes right out of him and you roll them over and wrenches hand up and say give me your hand a fucking is guy dying!!! It's crazy we're moving into sometimes we're not only do we need to replace all of the fucking government but all the police are going to need to be replaced too all the police forces and fucking United States should fucking be dispersed and communities should step up and say we will now start enforcing our own areas instead of the police force. People get killed more by cops than other people killing people with guns cops are the number one Killers with guns!!!!

  • smileyhappyradio

    Any cops watching this, if you have a kid, your kid is walking down the street, with headphones, what would you think if some other cop just shot your kid. Thats what happened, but it was not their kid. Murderers should not have guns, or badges, they belong in jail. Who would handcuff someone, they shot unconcious. They were not helping him at all. They were searching him as he lay dying. That policeman, I hope they end up in jail for life. What an outrage! What if he had autism, was deaf, are they not training the police in all situations. As far as Im concerned, you only shoot someone if they are endangering themselves, or others, and no other option exists. There were plenty of options. The trigger happy officer ended an innocent life. How does this person live with this, they must be insane to do that.

  • Kelly Fisher

    What…???? Absolute Nazi land we live in! These blue line gang members have stripped us of our rights and think they own us! Why would you shoot a kid or anyone after getting out of ur car and not even speaking to the person??? When he said what were you reaching for…that was for the body cam and his own clean up. Wow. This is straight up MURDER. How in the world was it justified and cleared?? Because they are the largest gangbangers in the US? They are not here to serve and protect the public like it was years ago. They've gone on a power trip. CLEARLY! And you can hear this blue-line gangbangers actions have traumatized others that witnessed it and will have to live with those images for the rest of their life. If one of us non blue line gang members did exactly what he just did we would be given life or put on death row and they would interrogate asking why would you get out of your vehicle, follow the man and because he doesnt answer you, you just shoot him straight in the back? This is tyranny, dictators, they work as a gang only protecting the men and women in blue and do NOT serve the public and keep our children safe. What happened to talking to someone or de-escalating the situation and violence being LAST resort?? They do not uphold their oath and protect the amendments and our basic rights. They are a gang and they escalate time and time again and resort to violence FIRST. Shame on all of them that had a part on clearing this murder.

  • Prince Devitt83

    Being from Europe this looks very, very weird to me. Even if he doesn´t stop there are other possability´s to get him handcuffed. This looks like Syria not like a civilized Country.

  • Ruben M.

    We don’t need pussy scared ass cops! I think if you live in fear at your job QUIT! No, they rather just kill people because they want to make it home,what about the blood that they spill!!!!

  • Cisco Zerratano

    Yes there are cases that are questionable police actions. CNN is good at finding these incidents. What CNN will never show you is the thousands of videos police saving lives. CNN ( cop haters)

  • Kimberly25christine smith

    Thatd why people need to understand this isn't just a racial problem it can happen to anybody. People of color more yes but not exclusively

  • Sliyaroh Modus

    Officer was cleared. He should have been jailed but his corrupt fellows cleared him. They should all go to prison, but our corrupt politicians won't do it. We should be clear of the lot of them.

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