Boost Your Authority and Traffic With This SEO Strategy
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Boost Your Authority and Traffic With This SEO Strategy


  • Shibam Kar

    You always say to link out to authoritative sites to show some trustworthiness to Google. But, should these out going links be dofollow? Or we need to make them nofollow to prevent passing out link juice?

  • Dhanur Sehgal

    Hi Neil. Do you believe that the content consumption of videos & vlogs will totally dominate textual blogs & websites?

  • Ravi Teja Rangala

    Hi, Neil
    Is there any code to build backlinks. I mean by submitting the code in website backend is it possible to earn backlinks automatically?

  • Trends Overtakers

    Hey, if you are focusing on Backlinks please let me know how to create a perfect plan to execute… it's really hard to plan and decide about link building procedure… although I know the link building tactics for it but i am weak at planning.

  • punit bayad

    How can we solve this common doubt of customer which is in their mind, "Is he legit and can i trust him?" (Seo agency client) Many people do it by providing guarantee so if we are someone new, what can we way them so they can trust is and don't get a feeling of getting spammed?

  • Manohar Reddy Pokala

    Hii Neil !
    I have a local graphic design training institute. What could be the first action should i take in terms of SEO?
    Can I simply change title and description as Best graphic design institute for home page?
    Or else please give me the suggestion as a plan to rank in top

  • Suhith Kumar

    Hi, Neil, thank you for your videos and in-depth guides about SEO and everything around it.

    My website recently encountered a server problem which existed for hours together, and obviously, I lost rankings. This happened a couple of months ago and the rankings that I lost back then remain irretrievable. The impact has been huge!

    In addition, I cannot rank any of the new pieces of content I create now since that server problem and I changed my web host.

    What is the solution? Because if my content doesn't rank, my website is not getting anywhere.

  • Suryakant Bansode

    Hey, i want know when are we going to see your new SEO Tool in the market. I would really appreciate if i could test it in beta.

  • Arkin Khemchandani

    Hey Neil, great video as always.
    I am launching a new blog in the next month, could you give some beginner's advice on how to start marketing it? I am using Yoast plugin and hoping to improve organic traffic as well. Please advice.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Lalit Deshmukh

    Sir how to install seo plugin without taking business plane in
    Also suggest best free seo plugin .

  • Moviez Sky

    I have some questions please answer
    1.Creating backlink for YouTube videos will boost ranking?
    2.Nowdays on Google Search many YouTube videos are rankeed what should I have to do to outrank the videos in google SERPS?
    3.Which is more effective domain authority or Backlink?

  • I am Kudos

    Hey i wanted to know how can i do a good research about my niche so that i can create a more deeper content for my website, youtube channel and other content glad if you would answer that 😊

  • Usman Akram

    Hey Neil, how can I use Social media platforms to get web developing clients? Some people say Facebook ads are good for it, what are your thoughts?

  • It's Me Chuck

    Hi Neil,
    In regards to backlinks, are comments factored into Google's algorithm in ranking your site?
    Example – If I wanted to suggest a great article I wrote and linked it in the comments section of another site, does that count as a backlink to my site?

  • Alok Tripathy

    hey Neil. you are doing a great job.

    I have an issue. I am from Odisha, India and I am 22, still in college and I live with my parents who don't know anything about blogging and SEO. The point is I can't spend the money on paid services like ashrefs or other services you mentioned in the video. and many of your videos are cool but I can't implement them directly as I got no cash.

    so how should I approach it?? I should find some part time jobs so that I can pay for these?? or I should keep using the free stuff as I am doing now??

    and I think most of the people here too can't afford them, you might want to run a test.


  • Venkatesh Kumar

    Great stuff Neil. Can I become graphic designer for my own post or otherwise I have to outsource for design?

  • bumper entertainment

    so much valuable information … can you plz tell me how can i minimize infographics image load time.

  • Kendra Wilson

    I've said it once before you are my mentor so when I came up with this question I thought of you first so today I'm considering an international traffic boost and would like to know more about a company called Turbo website traffic? I'm aware of you discussing ways to boost traffic for free without payments through forums ect…. but I'm curious to know if sometimes it's worth investing the money. I look forward to hearing from you bye guys hugs.

  • Usman Akram

    Being into web developing services which social media platform do you think should I focus on to get Clients?

  • Fareen khalid

    hi neil patel can u tell me can i get multiple back link from one site for example i have 30 posts on my site and can i get 30 links from the one site is it right or not in seo ?

  • Mastermind Webinars

    SEO is very important for people to find your videos on YouTube, thumbs up Neil Patel, you definitely know your SEO Strategies, keep up the good work…

  • StrawberryCouture

    Thank you Neil for the video. I have WordPress and looked for the embed generator tool that you recommended in the video. It wasn't there. Is there another version of this embed tool? If so, which one do you recommend?

  • Farrukh Irfan

    Hi Mr.Neil, I have a question. For SEO, in blog's meta description, what to do? we use full long tail k.w or just seed k.w and long tail in each post as required? Suggest plz.

  • Monto Roy

    Thanks Neil, that is an informative video.

    I would also like to add to this regarding infographic colors – Whenever choosing color schemes for your infographic, it is recommended to go for ADA Compliant Color Palette. It makes your post future ready.

  • CamiCol dotaciones S.A.S

    I went to look for infographic and just found $US 400 in 99disign and i think is to expensive.

    ¿how and where can i hire someone who can make me infographic cheaper?

  • Shah Zeb Raza

    Hello neil!
    One of my old site is under google penalty. Copyright content. But my content was nit copied. But still after sending email to google via there copyright strike method they haven’t replied for 1 year all most. So I decided to delete that content. I deleted all those article which look like copied. Tell me still i am suffering copyright content strike. How to clear this issue. I am losing my all hope. That site provide me few money each month but now i am not able to put google ads on it. Can you help me in this case. Waiting for your reply.
    Shah Zeb Raza

  • Greenchoice Flowers

    Hi Neil,
    I have done infographics in pages like infogram or canva, but whenever I get the embed code it links back to the original page where the infographic was made and not my own website. I guess this isn't the idea if I'm trying to generate traffic. What should I do to get those links and traffic to my site and not the infographic's origin site (like infogram)?

  • Ravi Seeram

    hi neil
    my site is not crolling by google, can you explain me why this happens. i'm trying to solve this problem from last one week, but i cant, plz help me.

  • Shivam Singh

    sir why u not talk in hindi please solve my issue In Hindi i wish or English ur choice
    Q- Is Info graphic help post to grow fast on Google rank

  • francesca gattolin

    Hey Neil thank you for all you do. I work in web creativity but I really wanna get more into SEO and other digital marketing. I have listening to you but also I was wondering, what you think to become enough of an expert in SEO and possibly start finding my own small clients to practice… should I take an online course eg.udemy or google academy is enough? Moz? You tube…. what you think it will be good step to gain some solid knowledge…
    thank you Neil

  • shweta MG

    I’m back to listening to your amazing videos for motivation. I will embed info graphics though I either use adobe or canva

  • reeddhy

    I want to start freelancing with keyword research and competitor analysis. But the information on these are not free of cost specially on competitor analysis. How can I start ?

  • Sortlist

    Video impresionante! Muchas gracias! 😀 También hicimos un video sobre el Growth Marketing! ¿Podrías darme tu opinión? Gracias! 😀


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