Bring your local business online #1: Introduction and hot topics
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Bring your local business online #1: Introduction and hot topics

Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. I’m a Developer Programs
Tech Lead at Google. I’d like to share my best
advice to help local business owners get their
business on the web and build an online presence. The goal of this video series
is to help potential customers find and select your
business online, whether they’re on the
go with their smartphone or at home with their
desktop computer. These videos are targeted to
local business owners, those who conduct business in person
and want to reach customers online, but aren’t
sure where to start. I’ll share the same
advice I’d give to my friend, a piano teacher. Or the advice I’d
give to my cousin Scott, who works as a realtor. Or my sister Marni, who
owns a jewelry store. Hopefully, you’ll relate to
one of these entrepreneurs. Remember you can pause
the videos at any time. Before we begin,
let’s set the context for building an online presence. There have been big
changes in the last decade. In the past, for
potential customers to find a local
business online, they might use their desktop
computer at home to search for a
business’s website. Websites require time
and often technical help, ongoing security protection, as
well as the cost of the domain. Today, much has changed. Potential customers might
be at home on their desktop, but they could also be
riding a bus or at a game, using tablets and mobile phones. Now there are many more
channels and opportunities to put your business online. There are review sites like
Yelp and social media sites like Facebook or Google+. Unlike a decade ago, having
a website today is helpful, but it’s certainly
not a necessity. And I want to further highlight
the shift from desktop to many more devices. For example, it really is
important to pay attention to your potential
mobile customers as 85% of smartphone users
have searched for local info. 81% have taken
action as a result. 40% visited in person. And 35% called a
business after searching. To help you make sense
of the online landscape, I’ve created a
six-part video series. This video, part one,
covers just the introduction and hot topics. The entire video series
covers much more. The next video introduces
the marketing funnel and requires you to answer
the important high level questions that will focus
your overall online presence. The third video discusses
where to find customers. By the end of the
fourth video, you’ll have learned how to position
your business online to attract potential customers. The last two videos
go beyond the basics and help you differentiate
yourself from the competition and create a holistic
online identity. I hope you can join me for some
or all of the remaining videos so we can get your
local business online.


  • Eden The DJ Guy - Perth Wedding's DJ

    Getting a new job title would be a great start.  People relate to people they see as an expert, authority or trust… Developer programs tech lead!?  I couldn't make up a more bizarre name if I tried.

  • Amid Yousef Patented Inventor

    If you serious about your LOCAL business and want to learn the methods we used to launch without spending a $1 on advertising media of any kind barring on PREMIS signs and printing… This is how we did it…

  • Whitepcock Product & Graphic Design

    Hi Maile, great video, concise & succinct. Always amazed how some small businesses in London still have no online profile or presence. 

  • Unique SEO Tips and Tricks

    Establishing online profile and presence for your local business becomes easier with SEO and social media. It gets you real interaction with your audience and potential customers for your business

  • Amin Rashid Anna Byrne-Smith

    How do you cross reference other social networks and business listings with Google My Business Page? I know you can add links to a main Google+ page but it does not seem that obvious with a local page. 

  • Brenton Johnson

    Interesting Google would discourage users from from investing in a website, its the most important part of your whole online strategy!

  • Rasheeduddin SEO

    great idea! nice presentation Maile Ohye about local business without website? i do agree still not 100% bcoz website plays IMP role in most part.

  • Dean Ryan Martin

    This is what I need and this is what I'm looking for. Brief, straight-forward and free information about #LocalSEO. Thank you, Maile!

  • Steady Demand

    We help local businesses gain more awareness online. We help them reach their local customers online 🙂 This is a really useful video to show our clients

  • Andrew Ngai

    After working with over 50 local businesses, I can say that her point is valid to an extent. Google product and services are based on the buyer's journey and the likes of social media can act as the Zero moment of truth or first. I've seen a new business still able to find customer leveraging other online platforms without a website, but on a grand scale of things, your own website has multiple purposes and in my standpoint, it is important in long-term perspective. work

  • One Web Street

    Love your video presentation skills, Malie. Not too sure about your downplay of a business's website: I still believe it to be an important factor for solidifying a prospect's choice to buy (or even interact) with the business.

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