Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers
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Bringing AI to the edge: Azure Cognitive Services in Containers

[MUSIC]>>Every time a technology
is moved from the hands of the few to
a wide variety of people, a whole new set of capabilities
that we never even imagined, suddenly come into existence
and change the world. [MUSIC]>>Cognitive Services
enables developers to take advantage of AI without
being a data scientist. [MUSIC]>>Some enterprises
don’t have the luxury of being able to call out
to the Cloud all the time. [MUSIC]>>Now, with Cognitive
Services and Containers that opens up a whole new world
of possibilities. [MUSIC]>>Containerization is really
the act of packaging up an application that you can
take and put on any machine. [MUSIC]>>Azure is the only Cloud
that enables customers to take Cognitive Services in containers and use them
on their own terms, in their own control. [MUSIC]>>I can go from
a development environment to a production environment, fairly quickly, and build on
top of that and expand that.>>For example, a remote oil rig
may not have bandwidth to transfer all of its data
back up to a Cloud solution, but definitely has strong needs. Let’s say that you are
a hospital and you have tens of thousands of
handwritten documents, and you need to start
processing those. [MUSIC]>>With OCR in containers, you can actually run
the models directly over the documents
without sending them to the Cloud and get a digital
version of all that information. If I was in retail and I wanted to process customer feedback
about my products, I could run that through
language detection, and key phrase extraction, being able to process my text
with sentiment models, helps me to understand
if what’s being said is positive,
negative, or neutral. [MUSIC] This is enabling an entire new set
of applications and use cases for our customers to use AI that previously was not possible. [MUSIC]>>It’s really exciting to see what other people
are building on top. That’s been amazing to watch, and it’s really honestly humbling. [MUSIC]

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