Call Of Duty Mobile : Halloween Standoff – Search & Destroy Gameplay |कॉल ऑफ़ ड्यूटी
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Call Of Duty Mobile : Halloween Standoff – Search & Destroy Gameplay |कॉल ऑफ़ ड्यूटी

hi guys it’s BKing and today we are
gonna play some Call of Duty mobile as you can see the Halloween event is
now available and there are a bunch of new things like this halloween crate
there is also a lucky draw but we are not gonna get into that for now we are
just gonna have some fun in the Halloween standoff map now there is Search and
Destroy, hardpoint, and team deathmatch so I don’t know
which we will find first but let’s just get into it. okay looks like we got our
match and it’s an Search and Destroy let’s see how it goes for us I don’t
usually play such and destroy that much alright here we go my first Search and
Destroy match in the Halloween update I don’t usually play it either so let’s
see how it goes for us here comes one guy got him, got his friend too, and here
comes the third one got him, also if you like to play the game with friends feel
free to add me I don’t really have many friends playing the game right now so
I’d love to play with some guys that I can actually talk to instead of just
joining random dudes, and looks like there is only one guy remaining in the enemy team nah let’s not follow
the guys because we don’t want to get into a bunch and die to a bomb so
let’s go, got two kills right away let’s see if someone’s hiding around the
corner okay the corners all clear oh there it is
looks like my team mate got him okay looks like we are safe let’s just
plant a bomb for now only two members of the enemy team are alive so I guess we
are gonna get this round too, oh I heard the gunshots
looks like enemy team is around let’s see oh he got one of our teammates let’s
try and find out where the enemy team is look like one of them is hiding behind
the tank let’s go get him oh our team mate got the
kill that’s alright only one guy meaning from the enemy team only one guy remaining from the enemy
team so I guess we are gonna win this match by a clean six to zero at this
rate oh I saw him where’d he go, looks like there he is got him as you can see I
rarely pick up the bomb but it’s because I don’t usually like to carry the bomb
by myself I like to get into some action and kill the whole enemy team for you
while you carry the bomb for me! it looks like we are already gonna win this match
only one guy remaining in the enemy team these guys seem to have an awful aim or
they’re just using heavy guns they are Taking forever, oh there it is one of
them did hit me, he seems to be the last guy, got him okay guys here it is my first ever video
on Call of Duty mobile I really hope you guys enjoy the gameplay and with you and
I’ll see you in the next one


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