Can I tell Google about links to my site?
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Can I tell Google about links to my site?

Today’s question comes from
Ranesh in London. Ranesh wants to know, “Once
you created backlinks in various sites, how do you tell
Googlebot to recognize the backlinks created? Can you add a feature in Google
Webmaster to upload a list of URLs that contains the
backlinks to your website in a text file?” Unfortunately, Ranesh, that’s
not quite how it works. What we do is we crawl the web,
and as we discover new links from pages that we already
know about, we’ll follow those links. You can submit a
URL to Google. So we have, like,, I think, is the page where
you can submit an individual page to Google. But in general, what works best
is if we find the links ourselves as we’re
crawling the web. It’s not all that helpful if
the links that you are presenting to Google that you
have found to your site are so low in terms of page rank, or
so hard to discover on the web, that you have to tell
us where they are. It almost kind of defeats the
purpose a little bit. Because what we tend to find,
is the link that we find on our own, as we’re crawling
the web, tend to be of higher quality. So right now, we don’t have,
really, a massive way to say, hey, here are all the sites
that link to my site. Now remember that you can upload
a site map, which is a list of all the URLs
on your site. But even then, we don’t
guarantee that uploading a site map will get all of
your pages indexed. It’s just a way that you can
tell Google, these are the pages on my site. Hope that helps.


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