• Santosh Jakhmola

    Sir Google webmaster tools not working properly in this month ..What r u doing …. When you solve that problem

  • karthe

    hi John, I am working on a online education firm. Many people are stealing our content(Question and answers) and hosting in their website without our permission, we identified around 200-250 instances. does google have any tool to identify plagiarism, we tried google alert for all our copyright questions but it's not effective. Suggest us some methodology or tool to protect our content from piracy.thanks

  • SiteCozy website scanner

    I have had URLs with éèà and the issue is not related Google but it is related to the web server. It returned a 404 because of misconfiguration

  • Dua Centre

    Should we not use stop words in urls? For example, in prayer for health article should we remove the stop word for? Or it is fine to use the exact sentence?

  • Praise Worship

    Previous Google advice about dashes and underscores in URLs was slightly more granular. Is the previous Google advice still true?

  • maryam nnl

    Thanks Mr Mueller. I always follow your hangouts. Now about this question, i think to length of non-english URLs like Persian or Arabic characters. is it ok? or not, the URL will be more long and will it have negative impact on the SEO?! i am confused about this for monthes. 🤔

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