Carter Page on possible release of secret surveillance order
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Carter Page on possible release of secret surveillance order


  • D E

    Keep trotting out this guy, Fox. It reminds everyone of the links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

  • Pat Herron

    Why the hell would Putin reach out to us in light of all the childish behavior of the politicians. They are the five year old sitting in the passengers seat behind him, relentlessly kicklng his seat. While the parent is sitting in a different section altogether.

  • Kyle G

    Martha, stop drinking the globalist Koolaid. Anyone who believes Russia used a Russian derived nerve agent on British soil in a botched assassination attempt has seen to many movies. There was a reason the CCV cameras were rendered inoperative a week before the set up failed assassination. Good on Mr. Page for his answer, “We will see.” Can anyone count on one hand how many times Putin has failed to assassinate a Russian dissident? At my last count the tally still remains on zero failures.

  • pokieman123

    Carter Page work for FBI in 2013 on a Russia case . Plant for FBI in Trump campaign??Something is going on with Carter Page. He needs to explain all this since he likes going on TV??

  • lyn ells

    There is absolutely NO PROOF of President Trump and his family or those working around him that they did ANYTHING WRONG PERIOD !!!!!!!!! Only on the very CORRUPT LYING leftist LIBTARD socialist communist/NWO TRAITORS of the EVIL left in the demokkkRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ones like Comey, Holder, Kerry, Lynch, the Clintons, Obamas, Rosenstein, Page, McCabe, Mueller/Clintons' lawyer HENCHMEN working with Mueller, Struck, Susan Rice, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wessermen Schultz, those of the CORRUPT LYING DESTRUCTIVE OBSTRUCTIONIST TRAITOROUS DNC, Donna Brazile, Valerie Jarrett and many others who work as the demokkkRAT DESTRUCTIVE OBSTRUCTIONIST TRAITOROUS/Anti-America DEEP STATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just in Washington D.C. but all across America…California and these CORRUPT communist leftist LIBTARD embedded sanctuary cities and states !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for INDICTMENTS and JUSTICE !!!!!!!!!!! The whole TRUTH may never be known ! If EVIL LYING CORRUPT LIBTARD LEFTIST fascist racist socialist communist Anti-America/TRAITOROUS Hilda Beast Clinton had been elected this EVIL CORRUPT TRAITOROUS DEEP STATE CRAP would have been buried and the EVIL CORRUPT COVER UP and so forth still going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRAIN THE SWAMPS period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Pykkonen

    This guy says a lot of nothing. And I'll add that he was spied on for a year and is a free man. But when is someone going to ask this idiot if he was working for the FBI as reported?

  • No more Oppenheimer’s Dead Eyes

    Russia doesn’t have an entry to sea, and the only solution is Rusentry in stead of Brexit and Catexit. This is all a waste of time, money and putting many people far too nervous, including myself as a normal world citizen. Openly speak about Lukoil and Exxon and other possible contracts with Russia, and let the judges and the voters decide!

  • toonarmy footsoldier

    WHO is poisoning people on the streets in Britain?? You should go work for CNN !!!!! (You will find out it was the Brits!)

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