[CC/FULL] Remember EP09 (1/3) | 리멤버

Do you know this person by any chance? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Thank you. I’m sorry. I’m busy… I’m going to pay
first and go. He has a scorpion tattoo on the back of his hand he’s a Korean-Chinese in his
thirties. They are all the same person. The culprit is in Saerim-dong. Yeah. It’s me… I found the culprit.
This is… Hello?
What’s wrong? Hello… Saerimro 83 Saerimro 18 Saerimro 187 If you’re not working meet me for
dinner tonight. I’ll treat you to some beef. Come to the Gombo cold noodle house
in front of the watch repair shop. I’ll treat you to some beef. Come to the Gombo cold noodle house
in front of the watch repair shop. Oldest daughter In-ah. Did you think that you’re not going to
get caught forever? Who hired you? How hired you to frame Seo Jin-woo? Who are you? Did President Seok Joo-il order you? Let that woman go.
She’s got nothing to do with this. What does that have to do with you? Do you want to die too? Lee In-ah. Lee In-ah. Wake up.
Lee In-ah. Be sure to keep your mouth shut. I’ll take care of the rest so just wait
a little bit. You know what I’m saying, don’t you? Take care of it quickly. Bastards can’t handle things clearly… It’s Attorney Seo. Are you hurt anywhere? No. Do you know how worried I was? How are you feeling? I’m okay. What about you? I’m okay. Attorney Seo was like an actor in
an action movie. Action movie is a bit much… Let’s go, Manager. Yeah.
Gyu-man. Seo Jin-woo was released. What are you talking about? Prosecutor Lee In-ah caught
the real culprit… It’s that Prosecutor Lee In-ah again? Excuse me. I’m a new driver. And Seo Jin-woo is no longer on the
wanted list. Why do people handle a job like that
when they’re ordered to do something? They’re driving insane. I just don’t understand. Lady. You think it’s enough for you to
say, “Excuse me, I’m a new driver.”? You picked a wrong guy today. Stay inside. If you come out,
you’ll get hurt. Why could they handle it like that?
They’re driving me insane! Do it right! Oh my throat hurts… Attorney Park. I caused trouble.
Come here quickly and take care of it. Dong-ho. Why did you make such
a big deal out of this? Don’t you know why I took this job? I don’t want you to get blood on your
hands on their behalf. Dong-ho. Why do you have to take on dirty jobs
for other people all your life? Can’t you live your life proudly inside
and out by now? You listen carefully. I’ve never made a single decision
that I’ve regretted. Once the path was set, I made sure that it was the right decision even if
I have to get blood on my hands. Boss… You do know that I have over
150 people under me, right? You make a decision now. Whether you’re going to have Jin-woo ruin your life or you’re going to live a
fabulous life with me under the Nam family. Still… I hope you will walk with me on
my path in the future… What kind of a woman goes out looking
for a contract killer all by herself? Then what am I supposed to do? That
was the only way to clear your name. Don’t do that next time. What brings you here all of a sudden? I came after hearing that the real
culprit was caught. My mom told me to release the video in this cell phone to the world if something
happens to her. I thought it was only right for me to give
this to you, Attorney Seo. I know it’s late but I hope that your
father is released finally. I want to sincerely apologize on
behalf of my mom. I’m truly sorry. Ma’am. I would really appreciate it if what happened today doesn’t show
up on the media. Just what am I doing here? My name is Kim Hyun-ok. I committed perjury at the trial of the murder case of a college student in
Seochon 4 years ago. I did not see Seo Jae-hyuk hiding something in the villa office on
the morning of December 2nd. Seo Jae-hyuk didn’t even come
to work that day. Everything I just said is true.
I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Retrial grated.
Judge Kang Seok-gyu. Retrial of the rape and murder case
of a female college student that occurred Seochon in 2011 has been
finally granted today. A key witness from the original trial confessing to perjury was one of the
reasons why the retrial was granted. A retrial of the murder case of a female college student in Seochon will be
held after 4 years. Please tell us how you feel. The law has to be the one to judge
a person not a person. However, there are people who threaten the constitution with perjury
and poor investigation like this case. We will not give up not just for the
client but also for the social justice. The defendant is also your father.
How will you defend him? We will do our very best to prove the
client’s innocence as we always do. Nothing will change just because
the defendant is my father. The defendant will be found innocent
and the truth will prevail. Father. The retrial will… No,
I will win the retrial no matter what. Father.
Please give me one more chance. How long do I have to clean up
after you? Just how long! I’ll do my best until you’re satisfied
with me. If you don’t want to become like your mom,
be sure to wrap up the retrial properly. If the name of our Group is mentioned even once in the media, you won’t be
forgiven either. I will bear that in mind. I will win the retrial no matter what. Prosecutor Lee. Do you think
I’m joking around with you? You should be reviewing the cold cases. Why did you take the investigators and go to Saerim-dong and even go to
the scene by yourself? I needed to verify no matter what since there was a connection between a cold
case and the murder case in Jeongsan-dong. Do you not know the principle of
uniformity of public prosecutors? But as a prosecutor I couldn’t be silent
about the truth that was hidden… We need to follow the hierarchy under
the leadership of the Attorney General. That’s the life of this organization.
Be sure to keep that in mind. This time it will end with just a written apology but if you get out of line again,
there will be no mercy. Yes. Prosecutor Lee. It looks like the detail investigation of Jeongsan-dong murder
case will be covered up quickly. What are you talking about? The detective in charge is writing up the report right now and it about to wrap it up. Detective Kwak, that guy… Prosecutor Hong. I was already waiting for your phone call. I see. Introduce me to a player. I’ve already picked out a person from
Ilho Group scholarship recipients. You’ll like him, sir. Hongseong Prison. What is that?
Just put on a show, why don’t you? That old man is Chairman Jang
of Hosan Group. He embezzled 30 million dollars of
the company money but he cajoled the judge so he only received 5 years
when he should’ve received 10 years. But he couldn’t even do that much so he was released now just in 5 months
due to a stay of execution of the sentence. He must be suffering from pretending to
have Parkinson’s disease. He could be an actor. Mr. Seo Jae-hyuk.
The retrial has been decided. The retrial will be held.
This time, I will… I don’t want a retrial. Mr. Seo Jae-hyuk. That’s… That man said that I
committed murder. It’s clearly a blessing to forget everything after you murdered
a girl just over 20 years old. Don’t you think so? That person is the one who
committed the murder. The person who told you that. That man did? You’re innocent. So don’t worry about anything
and just stand trial. I didn’t commit murder? No. I’ve been waiting for this day
for 4 years. Just trust me. Mr. Attorney. Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Seo Jae-hyuk’s Alzheimer’s is so serious
that he can’t even recognize his son. So? Look. Where did you get this? If you look here, his cognitive state has declined and there are quite a few
times he complained of abdominal pain. If it’s difficult for him to receive a stay
of execution of his sentence, help him get examined by an outside doctor
at least. Are you asking me to give your father
a special treatment just because he has some memory loss and his
stomach hurts when he’s a murderer on death row? I’m not requesting as Seo Jae-hyuk’s son but I’m making a reasonable
request as his attorney. And I’m not asking for a special
treatment. This is also clearly stated in Article 106
of inmate treatment ordinances. Then what about that man who was released after receiving a stay of
execution of sentence earlier? Someone pretends to be sick and gets released but someone can’t even
receive treatment when he is deathly ill. Are you a doctor? He received a stay of execution of his sentence because he was in critical
condition. And that’s not up to me. Don’t you know that the prosecutor
makes that decision? What did you say?

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