Change Domain Address (correctly) | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #9】

Even if you were never married, you know that
after marriage you never go back. Nowadays, you can get divorced quite easily, but only
as a last solution, with the respective costs and pains that you will have to go through. Similarly, the domain choice should be something
definitive, which can certainly change, but at a really prohibitive cost. Remember that the domain name you choose today,
will remain forever (unless you make a transfer with all the SEO risks entailed by this action).
Consider also that you might regret a too hasty choice. Until now, I have always avoided changing
the domain. I had to do it only once for branding purposes and it was pretty tough. In my case
I immediately lost 30% in terms of traffic, but I also read about companies that had to
face losses of up to 80%. It is surely true that, after a few months,
things tend to go back to normal, but meanwhile we find ourselves suffering a decrease in
terms of visitors, for a more or less indefinite period. In business, this is neither positive
nor tolerable. Consider that besides purchasing the new domain,
you will need to keep the old one for at least 12 months. The whole procedure is based on the concept
of redirecting all the pages of the old domain to the new pages of the new property, possibly
with a one on one match, so that the search engine is able to recognize the old contents
already indexed and replace them with new ones. You will have to make sure you find and redirect
the old content towards an identical or equivalent web page in the new website. After moving the content to the new website,
remember to verify the ownership of the new domain in the Search Console account and use
the ” change address ” tool ⁽⁸⁾. This way, according to Google’s Matt Cutts,
the search engine should maintain, at least in theory, the same authority and the same
ranking positions of the past, and the timing varies based on the number of indexed pages
and many other factors. In short, after this overview you will have
realized that changing domain is certainly a feasible operation and there are various
guides to do it, but personally I think it should be considered as the last solution,
because the risk of losing traffic and ranking positions is really too high.

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