Check Google Analytics visits and ‘Not provided’ keyword traffic with Rank Tracker
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Check Google Analytics visits and ‘Not provided’ keyword traffic with Rank Tracker

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series In this video you will learn how to
check the Google Analytics data and unlock the Not Provided keyword
traffic stats right in Rank Tracker Launch Rank Tracker and open your
project. Before you can view the traffic data you need to connect to Google Analytics
account. Go to Preferences Google Analytics Settings and fill in your
account details If you have no Google Analytics account
yet follow this link to create one. Now press the Visits button and Rank Tracker
will collect the number of visits and bounce rates for your keywords. After the tool collects the data, switch to
the Not Provided keyword traffic tab As you probably know, Google Analytics
now hides most of your traffic data under Not Provided label and to give you
a substitute to this important data, Rank Tracker uses a special formula to
calculate your keyword traffic stats with up to 91 per cent precision. This
tab includes four metrics: calculated keyword Visits, the approximate number of visits the keyword brings to your website,
calculated Page Visits, the approximate number of Visits that your
page gets from all keywords it ranks for. If a page
ranks for just one keyword, calculated page visits and calculated
keyword visits will coincide. If a page ranks for a
number of keywords in Calculated Page Visits you will
see all the traffic this page gets Page Visits: these are actual organic visits your page gets according
to Google Analytics Page Bounce rate: that is the page’s
overall bounce rate as shown in Google Analytics. These four
metrics will let you analyze your website’s performance both on keyword and page level. And no
matter how many keywords are hidden in your Google Analytics account in Rank Tracker you will see which
keywords bring most visits, which pages get those
visits, whether these pages perform well enough
and don’t waste your traffic with high bounce rates. Thanks for watching a video on Google
Analytics traffic stats in Rank Tracker. In the next video you
will learn to monitor your competitors’ rankings. Cheers!

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  • Paul Racko

    Is there an updated video for this feature? The current (2018) interface looks nothing like the one in this video, and the data options are different.

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