Check how much time you spend watching YouTube
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Check how much time you spend watching YouTube

Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered how much time you spend
watching YouTube videos? I want to show you how to do that using your
“time watched” profile, which is a tool that can help you take charge of your digital
wellbeing. If you’re signed in, your profile shows you
your daily average watch time and how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday
and over the past week. It’s really easy to get to. On your mobile device, just tap your account
icon, then tap “Time watched”. If you’re wondering how these numbers are
added up, we pull stats from your watch history, including your YouTube TV watch history. Any videos you’ve deleted from watch history
or videos you’ve watched in Incognito mode are not included. If your watch history is paused, these stats
won’t be available. And that’s it! Be well, and subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
tips and tricks.


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