China made a mobile version of GTA…(it’s bad)
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China made a mobile version of GTA…(it’s bad)

Hello, sir. Would you like a Malteser? [low-quality man screaming sound.mp3] I guess he doesn’t want one. Okay bois, let’s see what we find in this… …hell. *chuckles* Let me see what’s GTA called in Chinese, man. *types* GTA Chinese. *clicks* “Friends is a gritty documentary that follows six drug dealers, as they tried and survive in the city of Hong Kong. Starring Chindlor Bong, Hugh, Rachel, Rose, Phobos 1, and Harmonica.” What did I expect, to be honest? Like what is this? What? Do we find here? Welcome to the rice fields mother As you can see the Play Store speaks alien language was something how to read this Hey, there is a number I know this for interesting. Oh My god, what the hell is this man? That’s quite big look how long this is cool happy fun free he leaves your puzzle games. Oh nice man Let’s click on it. I want the cool happy game Oh Carl Johnson, what are you doing in China, man? What is this game about? Interesting. Let’s download it. Let’s see what it is man. I’m I’m I’m scared Ok, ok first of all, what the hell is going on with his head man Carl Johnson is that you goddamn it boy, your your head looks like a mouthpiece or something Hey, chill out chill out. I’m just joking, man Olo can I steal the car? What I’m playing Grand Theft Auto but I can’t steal the cars. Very cool. Oh my god Why is everyone running into each other What is this my car or nice tires, by the way, why is my head’s more round than the tires? Is going on brother you have to sit in front not in between the seats mrs. Christ I know five years in Liberty City changed your life, but government How the fook yeah, why are you teleported in front of my car is dumpy oh my Let’s go to first mission. Oh my god, I’m walking like I have to take a shit Look at the menu so disgusted of himself their face when you see 80 gigabytes GTA 5 update. Oh my god What Is this language Google Translate help me the aliens want to tell me something that let me screenshot this bad boy What does this mean? Let’s see Tasks introduction or what? Do you want me to do? I’m coming to kill you Assassination was a top 100 Step top 100 Escobar’s game. Oh, no, not the top 100 master. Only the best of the best are coming to kill me Alright versus guy. Oh shit prepared to die. Hey chill out man Oh, hello, man, oh my fucking god help me Shut my mouth easy Bob Bob bushka, please help it oh my gosh Yeah, that’s what you get man mission successfully finished Please use the map to reach mission points tickets This guy talking to mingle is like the whole game is in Chinese. What get in the car? Oh My god, please don’t do that man. You’re scaring the children I Didn’t even hit you shut the fuck up man Tell is this why is there a desert in the middle of the city? Like one second? I’m in China next second I’m in Egypt or something. Like what is this? Can I Drive through the water? Oh Shit which button do I press this one? Oh It’s game over Mom, I want GTA chinatown wars. We have GTA chinatown wars at home GTA channel merciful. I have arrived Who let the dogs out hello ring, I am Carl Johnson Tasks in to touch go to the flight class fly get up. Okay. Can I translate your face? Like what is this emotion trying to be? Like not gonna lie Matt, what is this mood? All right, man, let’s take some flight lessons At least it’s right. Oh my god, sorry, I’m still taking the flight lessons Go away from me. I don’t really understand what I’m doing here I’m still getting paid. Oh, okay. Now I have a plane very nice. How do I land this thing? How do I land this thing? so beaches Oh I mean, it’s sell better the gta5. Don’t get me wrong. No, go whales Barb troll has heard of you I’ve never heard of Lou the throat. Oh, I’m sorry. Kill everyone. Leave. No one good luck. That is true I Want to apologize Dinosaur well rest in peace publish go. Oh My god, can you please get off my car man? Yeah, why not? Yes, did you see this 1000 like you playing Wow Frank angry chill out Frank knocks Hello. Are you also searching for a reason to live? For my government the way you look you probably search for your brain or something I somehow think my head is the roundest thing in the entire game not gonna lie. Hello Frank we have oh my god Why can’t you read it out man? Why do I always have to ask Google? What do you want from me now? introduction Oh What, what “city”? It says “city”. shit man, the aliens learn English faster than I do Our contacts in the city have some important information. His life is dangerous – oh shit. We are “WE ARE” – heh, we are what?>>gay


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