Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE (Step By Step)
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Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE (Step By Step)


  • Terry Schaefer

    thank you for the info. , I don't think you can get this for free anywhere else. hopefully I can do the same thing as a reference or marketing service. I subscribed to you for future  info. too. 😀

  • Navind Joonucksingh

    Franklin, your tutorial is good. I am a noob but will try and let you know. u r very good looking too 🙂

  • Zona Sumraka

    Waste of time. By the end youll just have an empty website no one knows it exists and lots of spam mail. Cant make money without money. You might make $2 literally

  • Ona Nickelson

    Thanks for sharing this video. I just have a question concerning creating the free website. Should the name of the website be the name of the niche or what you are promoting?

  • bk jianthui

    Franklin, I like all your video this is one of the perfect video for beginner like me who have just started, Sir can you explain more on how to get the right traffic and how to create a site. i am from india i am trying to get in on this business. thanks

  • Josh Haugh

    Hi Frank, As a beginner what would you recommend i pursue first- Quick free websites with blogs focused on clickbank products (such as the concept you explain in this video) or a dedicated niche website using a webhost with specific blogs and affiliate marketing . Cheers

  • Josh Haugh

    Hi Frank, As a beginner what would you recommend i pursue first- Quick free websites with blogs focused on clickbank products (such as the concept you explain in this video) or a dedicated niche website using a webhost with specific blogs and affiliate marketing . Cheers

  • dj don bentley

    Thank you so much for all of your guidance and help, I see now that Google and most inside
    Marketers purposely put out systems and methods that don't work only so they keep winning themselves.
    Thank you friend for showing us what really works, I never saw things that clear before
    You have another friend for life


  • Lea K

    Wow information overload!! This is awesome, I am going to implement these techniques today, I will let you know how it goes 🙂 thank you so so much!

  • Jacques-wood Eloi

    Blessing be upon you, Franklin Hatchett!
    Thank you for the video… Quick question!

    How many articles of the same product do I need on my free website before starting to promoting the Clickbank offers?

    Thank you to get back at me Best Regards

  • Navind Joonucksingh

    Hi Franklin, very nice tutorial. I have just a quick question. Can I promote many products on the SAME website o do I need to have a separate web for each niche, I mean one for health, one for Cryptocurrency etc? What would you think would be a good domain name for my website if I just want to promote health products but also other services like dating for example? Would you recommend different domains for different services ? Thanks again

  • Angel A. Lifestyle

    Thank you so much for sharing. I just created an account while listening through steps. Very informative.

  • mprather01

    One of the most unselfish people I have seen on the web. I was waiting for him to ask for $997.00 dollars for his advice. Really impressive my friend, really very uncommon. Thank You.

  • Fonswaé-Deverest Stokes

    I must say, this was the MOST well spoken tutorial I've seen on Facebook or anywhere for that matter. I humbly thank you!!

  • Nadia A.

    Thank you Franklin for your very excellent video. You have made it sound so simple and clear that anyone could do it. Thank you for sharing all that information. Wow!!! I've learned so much and I can't wait to get started.

  • mart

    Hi Frank Great video it was just what I've been looking for had my clickbank account since 2008 but never really knew how it all works but you have given me the incentive and confidence to give affiliate marketing another go and try and reach a goal in my life .
    Thanks. marty

  • Tina Clark

    Hi Franklin, your tutorial is so amazing, you have expelled all my worries about how to do this correctly and your training is so clear I am now confident enough to now go for it, thank you so much!!

  • Max2020

    Great tutorial – very informative and v helpful. Many thanks.
    Believe a lot of FB groups ban sharing affiliate links or links to one's own website/blog, but not sure how widespread this – as most FB Group creators will I'm sure not want their members to be constantly linking out to other sites, and spending less time inside the FB Group. I'm guessing that there are either ways to get around this – or that I'm wrong, and there are many large FB Groups (open/closed?) that do permit posting/ sharing links…?

  • Pansy

    Thank you so much, Franklin, for such an in-depth ClickBank tutorial. I've been trying for years without any success because others make it seem that there's no way to succeed without investing an exorbitant amount of money. Thank you for your willingness to share so much of what others consider their secrets. A thousand thanks and more!!!

  • I don’t know what I’m doing

    probably the best tutorial I've watched on youtube so far. Thanks so much, I understood this very well.

  • William Thrower

    I want to start a website.  I was wondering if I should set up an LLC and let it own the site instead of me owning the site directly?

    Also, should I get my site copyrighted?  Why or why not?

    Also, if I do affiliate marketing through Amazon, Target, etc., do I have to personally own the products which I will be marketing on my site – or can I market anything even if I have rarely or never used it?  Are there big legal risks which stem from affiliate marketing that I should be aware of?

  • jared smith

    Work smart but not harder, thanks buddy i really enjoyed your tutorial always keep us updated on any new methods of driving traffic you get!

  • terryoo4

    Hi guys, just starting out you mention the free WordPress site I have the option Blog, Business or Professional which one do I use to create my site? thanks

  • Jimmy Nindah

    before anything i just to say thank you very much Frank, i really love the way you took out your time to explain. please i wish to ask which bank can i used in Africa to add to my payment information??? please help

  • Serkan S

    Hey franklin,
    I was asking myself if it's posible to use more Affiliate page's on one single website?
    My second quistion is, is it allowed to copy the website which i want to affiliate and to use it on my own website?

  • Hui Yieng Ng

    Anyone from Singapore? I hv a question when I fill up the direct deposit information My bank is POSB. But POSB and DBS are same .So I should write POSB OR DBS on bank name ? Thank you

  • Katherine Petersorf

    One of my degrees is in marketing, and I love listening to marketing videos. You are absolutely brilliant. Some of your tips are pure gold even for someone who works in marketing to copy.

  • Brett Slansky

    Have watched lots of videos on YT about this topic and must say I love Franklin videos the most. There are many that just make it so complicated, but here I see that the "old-school" tacktics still work the best. Thanks for sharing this Franklin. BTW do you still offer Tumbls backlinking service?

  • Bruce Dog

    when you say put your ClickBank ID into the link, is that the nickname, you get on ClickBank Account or is it your email address, or do I have a Clickbank id somewhere?

  • Moj Shou

    Terrible company. Paid for service through paypal to them, service wasnt up to scratch so requested refund through paypal. clickbank sent me an e-mail saying a refund had been given, it hadnt. Contacted them and they told me to contact my bank to check the refund, told the CSA that it was a paypal transaction not a bank transaction and they repeated to check my bank as thats where my refund was, that would be amazing as they didnt know my bank details! Absolute shambles of a company had to escalate to paypal and they didnt even respond to them. BEWARE

  • Jenner Scott

    I was in debt until i was introduce to Chris who helped me fund my bank account with the sum of $43,000 which was legit and confirmed..if you are interested you can contact him at +1(469) 415-5670..his work is free.

  • Ottosuccessnow

    That's a lot of success . A lot of inspiration 🙏😻 I learned a lot from you and I also share knowledge with the world. Thumbs up


    The one thing I never see is someone coming BACK to comments to tell what success they had with it…anything changed or BANNED…etc. it’s ALWAYS thanks Ill try this and you’re so this and that, but NEVER seems to be hey thanks I did this and I’m @ about 67 dollars a day soon to be $100…you know…THAT kind of thing…NOTHING.

  • Δ

    So theres no spam. I just pretend to belong to forums and drop links wrapped in fake posts and ask bogus questions about my own site. Yet I am to believe all the comments here.

  • Gloria Ntsento

    You deserve a standing ovation Frank! I have learnt so much from this video , I've been watching a lot of videos tryna learn more about affiliate marketing to no avail.

    Thank you

  • Marvel P

    2 Chronicles 20:15

    And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle [is] not yours, but God's.(KJV)

  • Henry Enudi

    i have 2 problems…1 cant open a paypal account and click bank doesnot show my country [nigeria]…so am stuck at the moment..

  • Creaciones Digitales

    Why you should create a wordpress site instead of using the original´s product landing page? You're adding a nonsense step. If people would click on your link in a forum, then go to your wp site and then click on the product banner and land in the original´s product landing page anyway…

  • janine cole-velvin

    hi im in UK and i need to know if you have to register yourself as self-employed and have an Accountant before you start Clickbank. If not do i have to declare earnings into my Paypal account and pay Tax and National insurance? PLEASE HELP.x

  • HipHopHardware

    Hi Franklin…i had a question. I just created a fitness website for this method, and i wanted to know do i need an "About Me" page? My website looks good, and i'm giving value by doing research on different topics, but is an "about me page" necessary?

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