Contextual Backlink Misconceptions – The Right Way to Build Backlinks
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Contextual Backlink Misconceptions – The Right Way to Build Backlinks

Contextual Backlinks :
Contextual Backlinks Understanding the Most Important Type of Backlink and a Common Misconception
(each page will advance automatically after a few seconds) What is a Contextual Backlink:
What is a Contextual Backlink A link to your site where the anchor text of your backlink
is supported by the surrounding text Example: if your anchor text is weight loss , then
the entire post is about weight loss Types of Contextual Backlinks:
Types of Contextual Backlinks Within a post A comment to a post In a sidebar or footer
(e.g., blog roll) Contextual Backlink within a Post:
Contextual Backlink within a Post Backlinks in a post when published are better than those
added later All webmasters agree the back links are a good way to increase your search
engine position . It may also help your page rank although these things don’t always go
hand in hand. The three types of back links you can consider include contextual back links,
comment back links and sidebar (or footer) back links. We highly recommend against reliance
on sidebar or footer back links, such as a back link from a blog roll, as these are the
weakest form. Contextual back links that are placed at the same time the post is published
will provide you the most benefit. Contextual Backlink Misconception:
Contextual Backlink Misconception Misconception is that your links should only be placed in
a blog consistent with the topic of your anchor text But this is NOT accurate as many high
PR authority sites do not focus on one topic: Huffington Post Any News site Summary:
Summary Be sure that your backlink anchor text is consistent with the post or page Your
backlink anchor text does not need to be consistent with the entire site or blog To get quality
backlinks quickly, visit Thank you for watching

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