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cozy times(?) // seo vlogs

okay, forgive the messy room in the background, but ya girl just finished her fafsa and css!!!!! friend: it’s not changing color
wait wait, turn it off, oh woooow “let there be light,” said seo, and there was light! but it’s daylight light now! white light! heck yeah! hi, everyone! oh my god, i love my new light bulb it looks like i’m filming in daylight, which is what it’s supposed to do because it’s a daylight bulb! yes, yes, i’m LIVING, i’m THRIVING in this light! thank you, costco, for providing me with these light bulbs this is not sponsored it’s just that costco finally had daylight light bulbs on sale and you know, you know, i got that asap i turned it on because i just wanted… i got a couple of packages so i was just gonna open them on camera and have a little haul, i guess? so um, this first one is from jetpens and okay, hold on, hold on for a hot hot second while i open this off camera because at this point, i’m too embarrassed sooooooo okay. so, first off we have the pentel energel permanent gel ink refills in size 0.5 so i bought these from jetpens because first, they’re… first off, they’re 0.5 and two, they’re not in the needle tip they’re actually in the conical tip and i, for one, personally don’t like needle tip pens and i really wanted to try out the conical tip pens, but unfortunately, both of the refills that i bought were incredibly skippy and i left a review on jetpens and they kindly reached out to me and told me about different ways to fix the problem, but none of it worked. like, i tried using hot water, tried using steam, and like, nothing works so they were super kind enough to test out refills of their own and make sure that they were all working before sending them to me next, we have stickers from pearlpaperco so, if you guys don’t know judy from focusign
(it’s like “focusing” but with the “ign” at the end) so, judy recently opened up a sticker shop, and her stickers are just so cute!! so she sent me a package of them for me to try out and she’s kindly providing me and you guys with a code for 10% off~ so you guys can use the code SEO10 for 10% off her shop note: this is an affiliate code so, there’s that but you can still use it to save some money and yeah, they’re so — i can’t wait to use them! and finally, we have city girl’s newest album, “celestial angel” !!! so if you guys don’t know, a lot of the music that i use in my videos is by city girl and city girl is just super kind enough to let me use some in my videos so, i bought the newest album, and so, inside, there’s like a little heart that says “thank you, seo” on it. here’s the album and inside, you have the cd and then there’s like prints and stickers that come along with it so yeah i’m super excited because my friend and i carpool together to school and in the mornings, we always listen to city girl so excited to listen to the new album! it’s okay, it’s okay. i will find out what i’m supposed to do and what i’m supposed to do right at some point i won’t stay not knowing what to do in the state for longer. words. yes. hard. but i will understand! i will speak this into existence. i will understand, i will finish my homework, and i will understand all the concepts by the end of this night okay, so you guys might not know this but on instagram, everyone asked me, “oh how do you hold your camera up?” so once upon a time before i, like, had a real tripod, i used a stack of textbooks and duct tape and just duct taped my camera and duct taped my phone to this stack of text book so that i could get an overhead shot. and was that a good decision? no.
was that safe? no. was it cost-effective?? yes! and now that i have a 10 year old tripod that i dug out of like the back of my parents’ closet and that they’ve had before like i was even born or something like that or when i was incredibly young it’s rickety, it’s rattle-y it doesn’t hold up cameras very well. so, is it safe? no.
is it cost-effective? yes. i’m playing the danger game again. look at that, ladies and gentlemen, look at that about 1.5 centimeters away from the end of the table wow and uh let’s check this one. it’s like, I can’t even measure that very well, but 0.5 centimeters away i’m truly living life on the edge right now it’s just my camera doesn’t have the parallel bar that most people, like, probably use, like professionally, i guess or something like that, but you know what? it saves money. i’m gonna keep it that way i’m walking to a red cross event because it was kind of close and i was like, “why not walk?” and i realized that i spent way too long. i think to put on eyeliner and not enough time walking so now, i’m just walking trying to get there on time hopefully, i will


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