Creepy Crawlers 7: One Creepy Brother
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Creepy Crawlers 7: One Creepy Brother

Today on Creepy Crawlers… The Itsy-Bitsy Spider ain’t so itsy-bitsy! Whoa! I like goop as much as the next crawler, but this is muy malo! What a tangled web we weave! Hey, Mo! Rope trick! Come on, let’s see where this leads. Cool slide! Can we go again? Was it something I did? I’m just a normal kid! I’m not sure what they are… But they’re totally bizarre!
My name’s Chris, let me tell you about the moonlight night when creepy crawler goo man-zo’s came in a flash of light. All this glowing goop came pouring out and then they appeared, and they’ve each got different powers though they’re all kind of weird.
You can say I made some new friends even though I’m not sure how…
But mean old Googengrime has my magic-maker now. He’s making evil Crime Grimes and
I’ve got to stop him somehow! Now the whole world’s in danger! Could it get any stranger? (Creepy crawlers!)
…and slimy Crime Grimes! Creepy crawlers! Is a big waste of a perfectly good Saturday morning welcome Chris gets all the fun stuff. I like mowing the lawn lucky still man We’re out of the new begin. Yes hardly seems fair Oh [would] greifing dude. It’s good for you to put hair on your chest And brad cullings on your head hey your line Oh, hi, Sim Forget to say hello to me Samantha I’m sorry for [you]. Do I know you have we met oh? hardy-Har-Har Hey, what’s that? I’m stealing rain clouds Say Chris’s new Ultra 5,000 Super Squirt Cannon works great [Wanna] go bladed I’m going down to the arcade to play video games well, I? I have a lot of chores around the house. Maybe another time oh, I see Okay, his priorities are so well, please yeah, and most of them are in outer space Hey, I’ll go skating with you just as soon as I finish tightening this yahoo Spiders, man, I hate spiders cow Okay, course. I’m okay. Nothing hurts me not even this long ouch Sorry, it’s just a little spider. It won’t hurt you They’re back Cool. You sure you don’t want to come with me Sorry Sandy. I would if I could Okay, catch you later. Bye Something to help you with her and willed my precious shrinking file and double drat I’m having no one with my new goob Don’t know what I’m doing wrong hmm. Maybe a little of [this] Boyle helped me find a brand new Spider Crime Crime who I am oh brilliant Spooky I Have a rather unpleasant Assignment for you. Oh yes. Thank you master Hey, my new Crime crime What am I being grounded for I want to see my grandma Ding? Bring me every spider You can clamp your stainless steel shackles on I’m going to three a spider Patrol and let this city into submission. I’m going to destroy that infernal boy Chris and his commandos Hi, Todd. Oh Man, don’t ever sneak up on me like that again Sorry oh Man, I don’t believe Sammy’s talking to my think of a brother you don’t believe that your brother’s a dink. How that Sammy’s talking to him So uh Chris tells me you like Magic Yeah, I do. What observe as I untie a knot without taking my hands off the road hold on Abracadabra Alakazam pepto hold on that was Magical maybe you need some more practice And maybe a couple of other tricks would be good too, Nia five He sure does know the ropes. Yeah He’s bound to do well around here, but what if todd ever really learns to do Magic, then what’ll I do if? It’s Magic Sammy wants then it’s Magic. He’s Gonna get Ah hello, anybody, huh? Master Master a customer is upstairs in the shop I think I’ve seen you somewhere before a customer you say let’s have a lord Skokie the fates are being fine. It’s that wretched Chris’s broma Haha, the luck hurry bring him to me I’m going to make him leader of Miners final patrol Huh, wonderful card trick would impress Sammy Wow Walk into my arm. Look into my eyes with one and you got to This is way cool What’s going on, Sammy? disgusting Where did all these spiders come from it’s gotta be googling R on Sim wait there will be right out? Whoa guys wake up my eyes my eyes It’s like I got cobwebs of my eyes that’s because you have a spider spinning a web on you Oh, yeah, a spider. No way Walt it’s only spider webs yeah, man with the wood my hair More importantly I think this Coogan grimes doing the whole block has been wet And it’s time to call in a spider It’s done. Oh And they say Vaudeville’s dead Phil stay here, you’ll be safer in the cruiser, but I can help stay here please spider spider on the wall, who’s the creepy is the Well, I goop as much as the next crawler, but this is muy, Malo kiss kiss shopping without a clock Man now we’re Gonna be in whose goop of America this is working better than I ever imagined and [now] for the piece de resistance Come here my boy Bring me the girl Oh Dami Whoever it is a terrible thing to forget at a time like this Oh what a tangled web, we weave yeah wearing off this goofy stuff somebody anybody oh Sorry circle, and I’m not just anybody nobody We have to find Todd sammy back Did you notice anything weird lee different about your bro, bro? Mystical be the creepy ones ear not him why just because he was riding on top of the huge hideous spider I See what you mean, we better remove this way You are spiders nests looking we have to prepare for our guests out of here Dylon Young Captain I was young captive Imagine if I slipped into to the lair Can I think of this sooner? Wow It’s think I used Ashley [like] spiders This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for a fun Saturday afternoon Singing in the rain just saying and in that brain. Hey, don’t give up your day job Come on. Let’s do it Maybe Todd Rocks [Tammy] home you guys sneak inside, and I’ll meet you sir. Yes, sir. You got it Where’s the girl? Escaped didn’t she oh well it matters not It won’t be long before Chris and his group Mandos will be web by my spider Patrol Then I’ll be rid of that meddling minor for Emma Guys almost done recharging yep, nearly bull captain Chris Sammy, hi You’re okay? Wow yeah, I’m fine. It’s Todd who’s not okay? Somehow Googan Grimes turned him into the zombie leader of all those creepy spiders out there. I was afraid [of] that We’re gonna have to go [in] there and get him 12 I for one feel like a gazillion dollars even though you still look like a squiggly heap of group Let’s go guys. We got one brother and a whole thing to say This is really weird What that Coogan grimes Magic shop is the only place that hasn’t been web know that I feel like a pizza with anchovies And I don’t like anchovies Yuck big Nasty Spider’s Web Got a big charge out of that, huh? Welcome to Google Grimes Iraq need a cove Where every guest is caught up in a web of intrigue? In train what have you done with my brother? No, wait, don’t it’s a ball. It’s a drink, but the words right out my mouth Nice of you [to] drop in my foolish home Cool. Why we go again. Maybe some other time Okay, ladies good I can deal with later We have to find don and get out of here. Oh that won’t be a problem He’s already found you my boy Joe arness some of our spy Nuri hospitality Fighter Patrol coupe them all Great just what I thought we had this thing under control. Yo It takes [too] little time go What’s the deal dude? I thought you know like spiders Go to goop first Hey, if we combine that bug juice and flows shrinking violets. Maybe we can shrink all these spiders down to nothing How do we spray the Jews? this Good shootin Sammy. Yeah, that brat is ruining me again Spooky unleashed the other Crime crimes Grab Todd guys and let’s get out of here before guten grande can pull any other tricks As long as Googan grimes around my creepy collection seems to just keep on growing You got nothing to do how would you [like] to be turned into a beanie with a propeller? We better bug out whoa What happened dude gee you mean you don’t remember? Uh-uh My mind’s a total blank. He’s back to normal all right. I guess you were sleepwalking really Sleepwalking, huh gnarly O war me right out man Mmm mmm. Hey? I’m Gonna catch [me] some shut-eye guys Sure, that was a close one. Hey. We made a pretty good team out there today. Don’t you think yeah, whoa gee? I guess 0008 it sweet Mm-Hmm You’ll notice that at no time during this trick Well my hands leave my wrists he hope he finishes soon History homework to do I thought you hate history. I do it’s more fun than this Abra, Cadabra help me uh Grabbin Alakazam a grave white rabbit oh Yeah spiders get off of me you creep annoyed. Ooh nasty eight-legged Monster gone Choo-Choo gone


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