CS-Cart Online Store Software. Features: SEO
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CS-Cart Online Store Software. Features: SEO

Hellow and welcome to a new CS-Cart video tutorial. CS-Cart helps you reach potential customers
through popular search engines. Higher search engine ranking means more traffic,
more targeted visitors, and more sales. CS-Cart will help you to get to the top
with such instruments as the Built-in sitemap generation tool, SEO names configuration, 301 redirects, Rich snippets, and Page meta information editing. Let’s have a closer look at them. First of all, the SEO add-on allows you to have
human-like URLs for products and categories. For example, the category page will have this URL
instead of this. To tweak the SEO settings go to Add-ons,
Manage add-ons, find SEO, and click the “Gear” button. Here you can set up the SEO URL format according to your needs. For example, the product SEO URL format
specifies the product’s page name. For more information on the format of SEO names, please, refer to the following article in our Knowledge base Also, each product and category have the SEO tab
in which you can specify the SEO name. Moving on, you can change the SEO name of
each static dispatch such as checkout or cart on the Website, SEO rules page. To do so, find the necessary dispatch,
type a new SEO name, and click “Save”. Going further, CS-Cart allows you to automatically
generate canonical URLs for categories and products, which allows you to exclude from indexing
duplicate content pages. More information about the canonical URLs can be found here. When you search for something on Google
you can see a few lines of text under every search result. These are snippets. They help users to understand what the pages about
and why it is relevant to their query. In CS-Cart Rich snippets for product pages
are generated automatically. You can see the snippet on the SEO tab
of a product detail page, into Google rich snippets preview section. Finally, you can redirect customers from old
and no more actual pages to the new ones using the 301 redirect. When you install the SEO add-on, the 301 redirect’s tab appears in the Website section. Each time you change the SEO name of a product, category, or page, the redirect changes automatically. You can also create redirects manually. For more information on how to add a redirect manually, please, refer to the following page of our Knowledge Base. Well, that’s it for today. We will be happy to answer your questions
in the comment section below, on Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks for watching.


  • Osama Alzahrani

    When I change any link to Arabic it doesn't reflect on the link. Only the English changes are reflecting. What should I do?

  • Prabhat Upadhyay

    Hi, when I'm trying to enable the addon its saying – "WarningSEO-friendly URLs are disabled. Check your web server and URL manipulation engine settings."
    Kindly tell me how to enable it. thanks

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