Curso de SEO | SEO On Page | 06 – Contenido Fresco
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Curso de SEO | SEO On Page | 06 – Contenido Fresco

Other points that have to do with SEO positioning is the freshness of your website ie containing the elements that are more innovative in the subject they deal with and at least the most essential topics. This is very important because you say regarding topics is clear that there issues within the sector that addresses your page will always be highly sought regardless of the passage of time, topical subjects Tops those always looking so those have to be on your page or yes because it’s a big claim and although the searches are many ay about that and even much but the competition there will always you wore a piece of cake you so that has to be yes or yes but fresh themes, new issues, current issues are very important and are published very shortly after the news has arisen or that the issue has arisen, in order because if you spend time and they will forward many as you explain that, huh google is very important for the data on how many people who visit returns to visit your page if you get someone to come but never returns more is because your page is bad but if you get to come and keep coming back and repeat that is very good, and that as it gets upgradeable if your page content always has the same content people once entered once and saw what he had. no longer fall twice because the page and the content viewed not change if your get used to your audience to let them know that the page is constantly changing. People return to Hadar often to see what is new that came out and that is public and that’s repeated public gives you many points in the SEO because it means that your page is alive and not dead and you are constantly taking care of the content and as to it very soon when a topic is novel that emerged is published because, because the more take more time existence is outstrips the other pages that also have the same issue so there you gain more weight, earn more authority for SEO but that, so you have to worry about that content is fresh and Tops are yes or yes. For once seen this the next item you will see that deducts points is the surface that is the content.


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