Curso de SEO | SEO On Page | 07 – Contenido Superficial
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Curso de SEO | SEO On Page | 07 – Contenido Superficial

The next item you see on page positioning your page and this element subtracts points is the surface of your website. The content has to be substantial des must have value and have weight, so if you have a blog such as you can not expect a Topic you try with 50 words, so if the content is very small, is well above things, very little, very superficially that will do bad and as I explain why. Earlier we talked about the keywords in previous videos, we have said that these keywords keywords, search terms by which you want to position your page. Must be whether or if the text that is obvious but too much keyword density in the text is penalized so you can not expect in a paragraph, for example if you have a page you’re doing tourism and promotion to a beach, you can not pretend that in a paragraph where you say this is the best beach in the world, the sand is fine and the water is very clean, crystal because the beach is the best in the world. And you repeat well and is only a paragraph and already with that you can not pretend that position your page because because if there were 50 words and 50 words 20 were keywords, because that means practically, not 40% of the words you used 40% were keywords and that’s a very high density know what the recommended density keywords within your text between 2% and 3% ie 3 to put keywords in your page you have to write 100 words extra content so that tells google if your page is very shallow or not, if you have a high density of keywords because you have thought so’ll highest position, only putting and putting and putting only terms of keywords, keywords and keywords, if you thought that you were going to put so high you have achieved the opposite, because that indicates that the issue is addressed in a way very shallow without explaining properly and good if you develop something consistently, with quality’ll have to habar so many things that keywords will be diluted between this and that means that the subject is well explained thoroughly and that gives much value to google, So do not think that many times your keywords put in the basket the position yourself more, unlike these dismissively positioning page. Another thing that positioning remains what it has to do with the content is SPAM. In the following video I talk about it.


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