DejanSEO Google Penalty for Toxic Links – Spam analysis in Link Detox Smart
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DejanSEO Google Penalty for Toxic Links – Spam analysis in Link Detox Smart

dejan then great to meet again I will record this so you can follow what I’m
doing I told you I’ll show you so this is your account that of course I have
special privileges to work in – for the demo and to help you like our customer
support as well and yeah you have a very high risk judged on this with your
current disavow file and it’s out of it because I clicked around a little bit
before I actually shot this we need to recalculate later when we’re done but
now we got all the data in there we got search console connected which is great
and I think it’s important to understand that everything above thousand here
means you have a penalty which you actually have you have a manual action
on this so what I see when I work through these issues is a high priority
of of issues to fix spam from the globe it’s the common most common scraper spam
footprint and you can always click on revenue here you will see some really
bad links in here and I’ll disavowed need to be disavowed on on a regular
basis these show and this evolved because that was the first button that I
clicked before before I realized that I actually want to record this for you so
I did this I click on the domain level and then these are gone after reload
these these issues this issue will disappear now the second one is a lot
more interesting very high risk links with unavailable status if you have
toxic links and they point to your site at they did point to your site but are
now on the source domain not connected or have crawl problems then Google keeps
that toxic signal in there it doesn’t take it
away it cannot verify that it goes away so
when we look at this we see a lot of crap and these crap links that we see
here we only see because we are link researchers and every other link
database these links are being called deleted which they kind of are because
if you click on them you don’t see a result but that doesn’t mean they are
gone especially not for Google so Google keeps toxic links in the system like all
the links you hear this as link shadow effects or link echoes and stuff like
that in general you cannot simply assume just because website is down for a short
time may be that these links are causing you that these links are gone but these
links are causing you the most problems and this is a known negative SEO pattern
I would without looking any further right now disavow them all because you
can always and disavow so we’re just disavowing 3100 domains that you did
not see before that nobody saw before and of course Google will say yeah yeah
these are not a problem blah blah blah but let me tell you that these
unverified or unavailable links are the secret to the success of link detox how
we get rid of many lectures really really fast
it sure is simply that they are in the system as I heard from Google internal
people and it doesn’t go away so fast links with very high risk found are
those that have a lot of taxes is they in it I have a very high linked it looks
risk in general but as you can see all these domains if we look at the domain
level or look like scrape or spam and some of them looked ok and serious and I
would simply go through these and thousands of domains and check some and
you see there are some with a higher risk for example a consultancy here
has a higher trust and they are a typically false negative are false stock
CD that we see quite a lot and I’m looking into this and this is a typical
case where you say yeah yeah this is legit this is a blog post where I got
featured they redirected their stuff at some point so this link is actually gone
but it might come back but this is a good opportunity to actually you know
say this is a link that I want to look at later or this is just okay so with
the rating here you can train the system also for the whole domain I would
suggest in this case before we go through this on a more detailed level
look at the other issues that we have so many keywords on weak domains links from
private blog networks maybe good links that were disavowed already let me
reviewed it free of them well the globe is certainly not good come on ah SEO
monitor no s e monitor how you decide I put a question mark here and it will
show up later I live this disavowed as it is because you probably had a reason
for that and and and and I’m sure links yeah this is where the one link that I
just put a question mark in its their high-risk links to broken pages well you
do have broken pages and you have links to them and before you start fixing your
website I suggest that you go this of all this crap because if you fix your
website maybe you just did that in the last couple days or weeks then you’re
suddenly well fixed links but fixed links that you actually do not want to
fix so I’m gonna do this just import here and I’m gonna do a double check
under disavow about me Slashdot aha thousand that’s
edgy that’s edgy might be some spam comment here let’s say we’re gonna make
the aggressive ones I just take the really high ones so actually I’m gonna do a greater than
1500 keep in mind we can always undo this so here’s more stuff well what’s
the block this one in a paragraph classifying this is other let’s have a look what’s going on huh well that actually looks like
mentioned that is legit mention in the link from a great domain from a page
that has power trust but there has been a lot of spam you know block spam on
block hops but this is the trippity case where you give it a thumbs up
after the recalculation this won’t be fine because we just did a review and so
this link is okay and let’s look at some other high
profile domains that we have found absent business okay so we improve our
filter we say that everything that has trust source domain trust that is
greater than for this less than a user profile on an edu hey and you got a sub
domain that you actually five four three now see this is an interesting case
where a link can also not be verified but the source page seems to fault
after a redirect the target page as well so what should GUI do this is a
that appeared five years ago so it’s probably been around for a long time and
just because the target now is an error doesn’t mean it gets deleted immediately
there are different opinions on this but our experience shows that if you go and
disable stuff like that it actually helps a lot so this is what
I’m doing now I’m gonna disavow this on the domain level and we could always
under serve our later on but first I want to make sure that we get rid of bad
mental action so looking further there’s a lot of stuff strong nofollow links
well you can review them later because you might want to you know convert them
into good links high-risk links with unavailable status we got some more hey
this just came in see the source HTTP code uh-huh and at this so on yeah so it’s
the same stuff that we just did it they just came in see this is how the web
works you’re not done with a disavow and this is how the new system was built
that you keep on going keep on going and of course you know you don’t you do this
it won’t go once and then you get notifications like here when there is
new stuff to do find out retrain probably Falls high-risk links let me
read you what we see here aha see we got a little bit a little set
of links that we need to give use this cruel tool from the hyung vision yeah so
here’s HubSpot again SMX unique recap and takeaways the slides okay this is a
German post okay this is good he consultancy again did not just I know
that’s probably a different link you see it these are just a couple ones where I
see that oh I’m bound link this at least this is not a money link o´clock par 5 comprehensive study at pay just 800 backlinks don’t disavow
no oh and this is my friend Martin from Germany you so here we go we give all of them a top
rating that means in your account for your domain these links are now not
marked as risk anymore so if you see how the bulk actions for rating just work so
and what we do next is you please note that this is not recalculated life and
so we go through this and redirect chains on the source page and our edit
links potentially low risk Falls low risk
let’s look at those Bharata what is that so you know where they have a filter
here for all of these and if I just want to look at the anchor text of those this
is what I see and you could say okay these are all my brand names and that’s
all fine by the risk they are all average okay green yellow that’s not
super super nasty so I would not worry right now because these are links were
less than 500 however if you have some false positives in here then we want to
know so checking the domains a lot of people just look at they say they look
at the domain and they see immediately with spam I cannot confirm that I’m able
to do that but if you can and you say fix my BP I’ve no idea if you can if you
say this is spam here for example you give it a thumbs down and you disavow
and then it’s all good but yeah I’m not convinced that this is how you
can do it especially not if you go through 2003 sites these URLs here are
funny though link list shawne’s links with the binary I’m
guessing this is a binary number for his birth year or something like that
no it’s too long it’s full of birth year month and day something like that go to
class pusher stance that’s a long link looks like it legit block like first
unblock all right rise of the robots their jobs refuse to connect okay let’s
look around some more or this host power trust power trust on a host level we can
see that there is 55% of those links that are maybe false positives have no
domain trust at all and that’s not good so we just edit our filter the domains
that we get listed here on our 2006 hundred fifty six so it’s still sub
serious number of domains I think originally you had 200 now 700 so I’m
gonna do this about all of them you know what Matt Cutts said use them
mahiti and not a scalpel for your disavows and this is exactly what I’m
doing here and we’re applying the actual calculating could have some funny
animations here but it’s too fast spend time thinking about it of course you
know link detox was always you know not just spelled out but it had these funky
rules so when you say money keywords on a another main we have a cubic lattice
vacation but we also have these still around SAS one now these are the rules
that everyone carpet such 31 is anchor text placement looks suspicious so these
are the let’s say the simple rules so let’s put a filter here where I say I
want everything with power trust on the page level source page power trust less
or equal than for the last before zero to three and not the keyword
classification and also not this room but I would say just as suspicious 31
which you know is anchor text placement looks suspicious applying this this is a
very simple filter so we did not yet create a an issue for that but you see
from all your pages it’s a third and the anchor text here nasty and actually one
of them looks especially nasty what’s going on with SEO look at this
and I know you got SEO everywhere the anchor text is filtered by contains but
I’m gonna make this an exact match equals SEO and this my friend looks
really really I can’t sydney australia i’m categorized nasty let’s see if there
are some good ones there is a lot of links that are actually not failing now
link on a sauce Ural is missing right now in a retro there’s a lot of lengths
that maybe we’re there but way to me that does not mean that these links were
recrawled so also if you had a toxic link and Google had crawled that toxic
links what do you think they do with you else like one hot part is les Jazz Cafe
Ontario that’s some you know typical scrape of spam and it even links to a
slash index that you had and you redirected it twice and now see this is
another one that is unverified that is giving a network error this is a link
that the artist called in the unit and so in theory you wouldn’t even see them
but because we keep the history of all of that stuff to allow for the servos we’re gonna disavow these 1,700 1,800 here we go and yeah I think we got a
pretty decent set of disavows already let’s say I want to have another one I’m
sure you’re not a filter what you could do so you don’t have to write let rely
on all the issues that we have when we have a link type you know those link
directories sorry not the link type those were all the different the side
platform link directory I want to have a risk let’s say higher
risk one’s high and maybe above-average let’s see what we get back oh there’s a
couple disabled ones here already so we’re excluding those this civil is
empty right so we only have 42 left best of the web show and all of these are
high risk ones and goo guides yeah scary
remember them from 20 years ago all of them go this Sivan root domain here we
go okay please note I did not yet look at
all of the links but you got a decent set of disavows already and that is what
I would to a final check with now if we have a rule detox rules my most toxic
ones and the disavow is not yet done but those and they are hopefully good there
are still three thousand seven hundred that triggered ease and are not
disavowed some of them are called good so reading is empty too so I want to see
those do that huh writing is not one of good oh yeah PageRank analyzes gorge you
oh here’s some good cause of the surgery that one I would give her a thumbs up
see there’s still some stuff in here like majestic for example some scrape I
think this is indexed you know indexed result pages I would go through the
referring domains here and then spend some time before you do further nasty
disavows I think lingering our cadets you don’t want Russian links right
escapist magazine so these I all give thumbs up so in this filter I would save
review later talks one two three you know because then you can always come
back to this or you know you can just share this URL with anyone that has
access to your account and then you’re exactly where you where left behind a
way you left it so with this I’m gonna click on recalculate detox risk it’s
gonna be really low and then I’m going to export your new disavow file which I
think will be a lot the

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