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Digital Marketing QA Hump Day Hangouts Episode 251

Alright, with that said, let’s go ahead and
jump into the Hangout. So those of you that are just now joining for Hump Day Hangouts,
we were the previous hour on a RYS Academy Anniversary Update webinar. It was four years
ago, tomorrow, actually, but four years ago this month that Marco really turned the SEO
industry on its head with using Google to rank in Google and and it’s been working ever
since and we just showed multiple examples of that. So if you missed that part of the
webinar, you can always go back and and check that out on the replay. It’ll be on the YouTube
channel. Okay. But for that said, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Guys. This is Episode
251. Whoa. And you guys want to jump in and say hi to everybody real quick? Yeah, definitely.
I’ll kick it off. This is weird because I never get asked that so well, I’m doing great.
Thanks for asking. Unknown Speaker 0:56
Now, welcome everybody. Yeah, this is kind of cool. Like Bradley said in case you Unknown Speaker 1:00
came on and wonder what we’re talking about. Definitely go back, check out the webinar,
lots of good stuff. And then 48 hours, we got some special offers going for some really
kick ass stuff. So I’ll leave it at that and pass the baton down to Marco. Unknown Speaker 1:14
So man, it doesn’t get any better than to have something on the web, which is fluid
and ever changing. That that not only still works, but in most aspects work works even
better than it when it was first released. So it’s incredible. I’m feeling really good
for years, right? A product, whatever you call training service, think about it. How
many have come and gone during those four years and you and if you don’t know which
ones have come and gone, just looking in your. You want to call it wherever you keep your
ditch digital garbage for all the garbage that you’ve bought in the last four years,
and you’ll know what’s still working and what is it? Yeah, go check your JV Zoo receipts Unknown Speaker 2:02
So Hernan How are you, man? Unknown Speaker 2:05
I’m doing great actually. Yeah, that’s great. So I’m doing great actually. And you know
having what Marcus has over there on his desktop. I have this right here so. So yeah, I’m really
excited. Yeah, that’s correct. So I’m really excited about that. And I’m really excited
about powerful live coming up. And I’m really excited about what Marcus just share. So that’s
it. Very cool. And last but not least, Chris. Chris kind of snuck in here just a moment
ago. How you been good. Yeah, just come back home from Unknown Speaker 2:37
recycle recycled tour was out all day, or 100 kilometers but excited to be here and
agreed to finish to the office. Lovely Hump Day Hangout. Beautiful. Unknown Speaker 2:49
So Adam, you want to jump back in with any announcements? Before we get into questions. Unknown Speaker 2:58
unmute first, tell everybody that the music Unknown Speaker 3:00
button is very important. You gotta learn how to use that in order to do webinars, but
I’m still learning after four or five years doing this. Now, I wanted to say, if you’re
watching us for the first time, thanks for joining us, you’re in the right place. We’re
going to jump in, start answering your questions. For those of you guys returning. Thanks. Thanks
again for posting your questions. And we appreciate you guys showing up here. If you’re ever wondering
where to go, just always go to Semantic slash HD questions. And that’s where you can
always go to ask questions. can’t join us live you can always check out the replay on
the YouTube channel but we certainly enjoy it when you guys show up here. And last but
not least last few things I want to say was if you’re wondering where to get started with
Semantic Mastery, this is the right place to get started. Get your answers here. The
next step is definitely grab the battle plan. It’s a battle plan dot Semantic Mastery calm,
not going to dive into the details here but it’s for repeatable results, which is what
we want people to get and this isn’t just a tagline and a fancy catchphrase. You know,
we were literally Unknown Speaker 4:00
Talking about this the other day, and that’s what we want to give people, you know, and
this industry is tough. Like we were just talking and joking about JVZ receipts and
stuff that comes and goes and saying, you know, what people need and what we needed
was, you know, a process that gives us repeatable results. And that is what the battle plan
is. Yeah. Yeah. It just, just quickly, I just want to comment on that, because we get a
lot of people that come to us with questions and you know, about, like, how to get results,
or they’ll they’ll do part of the work. In other words, they’ll get the battle plan,
and they’ll do one component of it. And then they’ll say, Well, I’m not getting results.
And when we when we drill down into it, you know, what it is that they did we find out
that they didn’t put all those pieces together and we put out the battle plan for a reason
because that is literally the step by step process that we use to get results over and
over and over again. And that’s one of the things that in consultation with a lot of
our like mastermind members and you know, people that we talked to, as well as the surveys
that we take, we hear over and over and over again is that a lot of people don’t have confidence
because they don’t have a Unknown Speaker 5:00
repeatable they can’t, they’re always afraid they can’t repeat results. They they don’t
have any consistency and their ability to get results. And that’s where the battle plan
comes in. Because if you follow it and don’t take shortcuts, I know mid steps are four
components of it, you do you put the things together properly, then you’re going to get
results. And once you know that, you can get results over and over and over again, it builds
builds your confidence to where you can, you can ask that client for that high level retainer
fee. Because you know that you can get the results without a doubt, instead of, you know,
kind of pussyfooting around and trying to get $500 a month when you know, you could
be getting 1500 a month because you know for sure that you’re worth it and you can get
the results. And so I think that’s really important that you know, the battle plan is
something that Unknown Speaker 5:45
we’re going to be possibly doing some more with in the next few few months. We’ve been
talking about that my partners and I in just the last couple days about how to make it
more of a central part of new members that come into Semantic Mastery and in any Unknown Speaker 6:00
shape or form, and how to actually apply those things in a very orderly and regimented fashion
to where you start to get results over and over and over again. Unknown Speaker 6:09
Does anybody want to comment on that? Definitely, no, totally agree. And just wanted to add
on that, too, that, you know, after you’ve done that, and once you’ve already got your
processes going, that, you know, we want you to join the mastermind for many reasons. One,
we we it’s our mastermind, we love it. It’s something we started for ourselves and have
grown. But that comes in once you’ve got the results once you know you can go out there
and you want help from other people who are doing the same. You know, there’s business
owners in there. There’s affiliate marketers, right, there’s people who are growing their
own agencies, and that is the next logical step for you to really take things up and
start to run with it and where we can offer you know, a lot more personalized advice as
far as what to do, but once you get those, you know, repeatable results, then you move
on and come join the mastermind and in the meantime, at whatever level you’re at, we
do highly encourage you to get stuff done for you. Right start getting that mindset
of you know, who can do this for me not how do I get it done myself. Unknown Speaker 7:00
And for those types of services, head over to MGYP dot CEO. That’s where you get your
syndication networks done RYS drives, dash press releases link building everything. So
go on over there. And last but not least, subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you’re
checking this out, please subscribe. Leave us comments, say hi ask questions, whatever
you want and then just come join us live for Hump Day Hangouts. Unknown Speaker 7:22
I’d like to add just just one thing before we move on to question. A lot of people are
looking for that goose that laid the golden egg right and they get they get offered all
of all of these services and software and all of these ideas that and then when you
take a towel to that egg it turns out to be its fool’s gold. And now you’re stuck with
the bill because you paid them a whole lot of money. And you’re right back to where you
came from only your your pocketbooks lighter and there’s this heavier, right we’re here
we’re still here and I and I can’t say enough. syndication Academy is still working and Unknown Speaker 8:00
That’s way older than RYS Academy. Maybe it’s not, it’s not working the way that that it
was originally put out, but it still works phenomenally well when you do it and you use
it the way that we teach. As Brandi said, If you don’t, if you cut corners, if you just
don’t want to do the work, then of course, it isn’t going to work the way that it was
supposed to because everything builds one on the other. And that there’s a purpose to
our madness that there is rhyme and reason to what we do. And and and if we go for that
final play, so that you can become that trusted, authoritative source in your niche. If you
don’t they doing it only partway. And what you might be even doing is confusing the box
so that the buck doesn’t know what the hell to do with you. And you just end up where
you are right now. So no cutting corners, it takes hard work. It takes dedication. I’m
still working Saturday, guys, I’m still Unknown Speaker 9:00
Still working Saturday trying to make things better for you guys, so no cutting corners.
Well God bless you for that because I quit working weekends man it’s rare now that I
work on a weekend Unknown Speaker 9:11
but I also work seven days a week 12 to 14 hours a day for many years of my career to
get to the point where I don’t have to work on weekends anymore. And like I said, it’s
rare that I work on weekends anymore Marco does it because he just has the passion for
it. So God bless you buddy. Unknown Speaker 9:28
Alright guys, I think we’re good for questions right? Unknown Speaker 9:32
So let’s dive into this Unknown Speaker 9:35
Alright, so the first one is from blazed eight Unknown Speaker 9:39
Hey guys I’m currently doing I’m Excuse me. I’m currently going through syndication Academy.
Bradley does say you are better off buying it and building it. So here’s the question
I want to put up a site for private school that my grandson’s attend. The purpose of
this site is to expand awareness of the school and to get parents to inquire about sending
their children to the school based on the products and service Unknown Speaker 10:00
Did you guys provide what would you recommend I do to really push the needle on this site?
Thanks. Well, as we just talked about, really get the battle plan if you don’t already have
it. And not, don’t do all the work yourself. The battle plan is going to lay out the components
that the pieces that you’re going to put together to get results for that new site that you
want to put up. Right. So if you’re going to put up a new site, that’s great. Then syndication
network, then once the syndication network is delivered, then order the DR stack and
include the syndication network URLs and the Dr. Stack order because they will be built
into the Dr. Stack. You want to publish some content to the blog or to the site that you’re
putting up so that it starts to populate the syndication network. Press releases are incredibly
powerful, like Marco said, or earlier when we we had the earlier segment of this webinar. Unknown Speaker 10:48
Say I we recommend four or five press releases, they don’t have to do them all right, right
back to back but you know, I try to I recommend doing at least two a month if you can, so
every other week and you know Unknown Speaker 11:00
Press Release stalking. If you don’t know what that is, we talked about that on an empty
YB webinar, you can go to our YouTube channel and search, press release stalking or PR SEO,
and you’ll be able to find that replay. You can also see it in the webinar replays at
MGYB dot CEO. I mean, guys, we’re trying to give you the content and as many places as
possible. So you know, press release stalking, then once you have all of that and you’re
you’re again blogging consistently to your site, which will syndicate to the network
is a component of that. then beyond that, you can start doing a lot of the other off
page market off page SEO stuff, which includes embeds and backlink building. And all of that
is also available in NGYB. So, long story short, get the battle plan, follow the plan,
but don’t cut corners. Don’t just do one component of it and expect to see significant results.
It’s really about following the plan all the way through and using all of the pieces as
they are intended. Anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 11:56
Yeah, once you put it all together in that, that’s Unknown Speaker 12:00
Going to see but it’s going to seem like magic. Like, like you did magic and and I get this.
What is the Wizard of of? I forget what they’re calling this guy. But it’s the wizard is somewhere
in there because he just gets his clients results. And he gets How does he get them
he follows the battle plan he gets done for you services from us. And then he goes and
refills to his client that says wizardry. Unknown Speaker 12:24
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Unknown Speaker 12:28
Alright. Unknown Speaker 12:30
Next question is from Fitz he says good, a dense thanks for this form to get real, real
results. What’s working now answers. Thank you. You’re welcome. He says in Google console.
So he’s talking about Search Console, there is a column for impressions. Does that reflect
how many impressions I’m getting or the total impressions available to that keyword? Know
that reflects how many impressions your site that you’ve submitted, the search console
is getting from within Google. So when you look at impressions, it shows search Unknown Speaker 13:00
queries that have triggered your site to show in the search results. Doesn’t matter where
they show, I think it’s only the first 10 pages if I’m, if I’m correct it only, it will
only register as an impression if Google has served your website or any page within your
website. For the search query, shown within the top 100 results, I could be wrong about
that. If they may, it may have changed. But it just means that your website has been Unknown Speaker 13:28
given an impression in the search results for the query shown in the Search Console
report in the search queries report. That makes sense. So if you actually take a look,
there’s a there’s a button a tab called position, right or average position or whatever you
click on that and it will actually show you the average position of your page or site
where it was ranked for that particular query. Now and then if you click on the pages tab,
it will show you which page was being served in the or given an impression and the story. Unknown Speaker 14:00
results for that particular query, or pages if multiple pages have appeared for that same
query. So it like I said, poke around in those Search Console results, because you can get
a lot of insight about queries that you didn’t recognize, or know were search queries that
were your site was getting impressions for and then you can start to begin to optimize
for those queries that your pages are getting impressions for, but may be ranked on, you
know, in 70 position, right? Let’s just use that as an example. Then you can start to
work on an SEO strategy to push those pages or, you know, for to get those to get your
site to rank better for those search queries. And so that’s that’s a really good question.
But the impressions on the number of times that your site appears in the search results
for those queries. What’s interesting is when you apply some of what we’re talking about
here, like a Dr. Stack, for example, especially a Dr. Stack, you’ll see that that’s one of
the metrics that I use to report back to clients as to Unknown Speaker 15:00
That the improvements are being made. Now, the once a Dr. Stack has been built, and especially
once things start to index, you’ll see the impressions will start going up month over
month for keywords. And that’s because the way that we build out the DR stacks, and we
include so many of the keywords like in the metadata, the files and all that kind of stuff.
And so what happens is your site, wherever you’re pushing the relevancy to from the drive
stack, so let’s say back to a money site, will start to show for many, many more different
keyword or search queries, you’ll start to get impressions for many more of those. Now,
your average position, which is one of the key metrics on on those Search Console report,
may say, you know, 30, or 40, or something like that, that’s fine. And I bought, you
know, I’ve had to explain that to clients in the past. And they say, well, it shows
my average, I’m getting more impressions, but my average position is falling. And that’s
because your app that means that your site is being recognized for more search queries.
But that doesn’t mean that they’re all Uber optimized for those search queries. But that’s
still a key metric in that your site is now being recognized. For more Unknown Speaker 16:00
And more relevant search queries, because it means that you’re starting to build relevancy
to the overall site, the entity itself, if that makes sense. I know somebody’s got some
comments about that. Yeah, but by the way, I’m glad you mentioned that because we talk
a lot about delivering real world proven results, things that we have tested, things that we
know we don’t we don’t just talk talk out our ass man. We know what we’re talking about.
And one of the things that we know about the relevance passing through the G site through
the Dr. sec over to the website, is because of the number of queries right, which become
available in in Search Console. So we can totally see the relevance being pushed through
so that now you’re seeing all of these different impressions for things that you’re not really
optimized for. But then you can pick and choose which one you where the money is an optimized
for that and push for that. The way I just showed it in the RYS. Unknown Speaker 17:00
webinar so that you can start making money from from all of this data because you can’t
do anything without data. Right? But and it has to be the right data, once you have it,
then you can go, you can laser focus on that data and push into that, and go after that.
So So guys, don’t think that we’re just delivering the things off the top of my head think that
had been four years in the making. And it’s just constant with constantly in the lab trying
to improve it, trying to make it better. Unknown Speaker 17:31
I agree. Unknown Speaker 17:33
He says if there are more impressions to be had, how do I increase that number? And again,
that’s that’s how, you know, blogging consistently, you know, using various keywords. And that’s
one of the things like I said, You search console to help you discover queries that
are relevant that you may not have thought of, like things that even a keyword report
may not have revealed to you that would that are still relevant to your business and then
or to the you know, the project that you’re working on. So then you Unknown Speaker 18:00
You can start to develop a content strategy around those particular keywords to blog about
them. Dr stacks once again, when you find queries that start to that that are not that
you had didn’t include in your keyword list when you order to Dr. Stack for example, or
built one, then you can go back and add additional files into your drive stacks targeting those
keywords, which is what we were just talking about. So that’s how you do it. It really
is and it’s a it’s a crazy because you’ll see those those impression numbers go up and
that’s a that’s a clear indication that what you’re doing is working. Okay, next question
from fit says he’s asking for the link to Marco’s charity. So Marco, can you post that
in comments below? I already posted the link and things ahead of time to anyone who donate
it’s a great cause right education for the for children who would otherwise would not
have a chance to even attend school. Unknown Speaker 18:54
Very good. So Gordon’s up again he comes every week and ask questions. Hey guys, thanks again
for your Hump Day. Unknown Speaker 19:00
But is greatly appreciate it. You’re welcome, Gordon, thank you for always attending and
asking good questions. So he says, I know you mentioned previously that in ranking a
local business site, you no longer need to create a separate page for each keyword with
the location, you can now create just a single page with all the keywords and the location,
and Google will rank that one page for all the keywords. But I was wondering if the single
page method now ranks more effective Unknown Speaker 19:24
than the separate page method, or if the ladder still works just as well but recommend using
the single page method only because it is easier and much less time consuming. Now,
what I have found is that Google prefers the the longer form content with more of the same
as long as it’s a related topical theme, right? That it prefers the longer form content. It’s
not that you can’t still get the results with the single page method you can the problem
with a single page single keyword, after you know a single page optimized for a single
key Unknown Speaker 20:00
Word method. The problem with that is it’s easy to over optimize that page, that particular
page. And then it won’t rank well. And in fact, it can actually pull the quality score
down the ranking score of your entire site. So can it can end up affecting the entire
domain. Because it’s over optimized. It’s like an over optimization penalty, essentially,
not like a manual penalty that you’re going to get notified in Search Console for, but
it will be like an algorithmic penalty. And that can happen very easily when you’re targeting
when you’re trying to optimize a page for one single keyword. That’s part of the reason
why I prefer using a single page that has as long as it’s still in the same keyword
theme. In other words, you know, it would almost be like supporting keywords, you know,
you can still divide your content up into headings or sections with separate headings,
where that’s how you can kind of like compartmentalize the page itself to make it more logical and
everything else. However, you’re not going to be over optimized for any one particular Unknown Speaker 21:00
keyword that way, if that makes sense. So you still can do the single page method. But
you have to be careful because you can over optimize a page much easier now than you could
you know, four years ago, four years ago. In fact, it was probably five or six years
ago. Now that was the preferred method was to optimize each page for a single keyword.
And even in a silo structure, you would have multiple pages or posts depending on how you
had your site, your, the structure of your silo built on your site, but either pages
or posts would be optimized for individual pages and they would link to each other like
either through a daisy chain or mono silo, or whatever the case may be. They were still
individual page, you would figure out what all your supported keywords and we’re in a
silo and you would optimize a new page or post for each one of those supporting keywords.
And again, I don’t recommend doing that anymore. You still can do it, but you got to be careful
because you can easily over optimize a page that way which can cause it you know, it can
cause an algorithmic penalty to the particular page but that can also Unknown Speaker 22:00
So in turn affect the entire domain. So I’d be I would be cautious and doing that I prefer
using the single page method. I feel like, you know, Google has for it for years now
has preferred that method. Because, you know, it’s more like an authority or I don’t know
if you want to call it Cornerstone content, but it becomes more of an authoritative page
that way. And there’s a bunch of it reinforces the overall theme of that entire silo or topic,
if you will, on that one page, if that makes sense. You know, it’s funny, because I, I
answered almost the exact same question and in RYS Academy reloaded this morning, where
Yeah, Google absolutely recommends the long form content on the same page. Because you’re
it’s actually the same theme and they do belong on the same page, except that the page can
get so long that the person will have to scroll through right. It becomes a long scroll. Unknown Speaker 23:00
So to avoid that, there are methods that you can use that like, like, skip navigation links,
so that the person can jump to the relevant portion of the page, whatever it is that they’re
looking for. Not only that, if you get like a Unknown Speaker 23:14
specific keyword that you’re targeting with with that long form content that gets stuck,
then that becomes a target for a blog post and says you’re using skip navigation, you
can skip from the blog post to the relevant part of that long form. Yeah. But by doing
that, you not only push that key Nederland good not only pushing at that keyword, but
at the entire content, because that that blog post will support that section and the rest
of that long form page. Unknown Speaker 23:47
Exactly. And you can use Table of Contents plugins to help you develop out that longer
form content and create those jump links or skip navigation links, that kind of stuff.
So Marco is absolutely right. Unknown Speaker 24:00
Someone’s next question says, By the way, this may be a dumb question, but I’ll go ahead
and ask it anyway. He says what if any things can you do to optimize a GMB listing after
you have claimed a verified it that you can’t do before you claim and verify it? That’s
a good question. Unknown Speaker 24:16
Is there anything? Yeah, you can’t upload? Well, I don’t know. Can you I it’s been a
while since I’ve been in one since that wasn’t already verified. Are there certain things
Marco, that you know, of off the top of your head that are you’re unable to do until it’s
been verified? Unknown Speaker 24:31
I think you can get it to 80%. Before verifying we used to go and do the rest of it, after
it was verified, but you’re okay at at if what’s happening now is is that the if the
penalty or the suspension is algorithmic, if you go and you make too many changes after
it’s been verified, it’s going to get suspended. Because Google actually wants to get you on
the phone now or on video. Unknown Speaker 25:00
They want you to show your business, they want you to prove that you have a business
and that the easiest way for them is to algorithmically suspend it and force you to call. You call
them instead of them calling you. And I like it. I like the way that they figured it out.
So so what we’re recommending is to live as much as you can, before you send for that
pin. So don’t ever go back. I mean, you shouldn’t have to go back in and mess with it. You can
upload your images, you can upload your your logo, you can upload your background image,
you can do the description, you do a whole lot of things. I know that they won’t allow
you to get that short URL until after it’s been verified. I’m almost mumbles 100% sure
that that’s one of the things that you cannot do. You mean like the page name they call
it now? Yeah, the short the shortening, the shortening, but you know, I don’t see that
as being just one Unknown Speaker 26:00
Hundred percent and necessity I don’t see why you need to have that. Unknown Speaker 26:06
Okay, so next question is hope this is the right place to place to ask it is it’s Hump
Day Hangouts. That’s what this is for. So Unknown Speaker 26:13
keep them coming. Just getting started and have a question about YouTube video URLs for
syndication, back linking and use and drive stacks for each YouTube video, do you recommend
using all versions, long and short URLs plus the long and short playlist URL version of
each video and playlist? Also, if you’re constantly adding new videos to playlists and rearranging
the order, does that break those previously previously used long and short video URLs?
If changes screw them up, what Then where should they be used and not be used so as
not to create a playlist video URL problem down the road? Thanks. Alright, so the first
part of that is long and short URLs plus long and short playlist URLs, versions of each
video, the playlist, all right, to keep things simple. The long version of Unknown Speaker 27:00
YouTube. So like the watch question mark equals URL on YouTube. So the full domain
slash watch question mark equals, and then the video ID, you know, that kind of stuff,
those are the better URLs to use for SEO purposes. Anyways, there are multiple versions of a
YouTube Unknown Speaker 27:21
URL. And there was at some time where we would do all kinds of crazy stuff we get, in fact,
one of our members of our mastermind movie, he had a Google Sheet that you could just
drop the YouTube URL and and it would spit out, like, you know, and all those different
rows, all the different versions of the YouTube URL. And it does make sense to if you’re doing
like a lot of mass mass link building to use different versions of the URL. But if you’re
just doing some traditional SEO stuff, really the best URL, use just the regular long URL
of the video, the video watch URL, not the short share URL, because that’s a 302 redirect.
You can put that into a redirect checker and you’ll see that all that does Unknown Speaker 28:00
Is redirect to the long version, the watch URL, essentially the watch page URL. So just
use those now as far as the playlist. I’m not sure if when you change the position of
a video within a playlist, if the playlist URL for that particular video changes, I believe
it does, but I’m not 100% sure. But it doesn’t really matter. Because think of a playlist
is just a container, right? So all you really need to do is use the playlist URL. And then
all of the other SEO work that you do will be to the individual URLs for each video within
the playlist so that even if you rearrange the positions of the videos within the playlist,
it won’t matter because you’re not using the playlist URL for that video. You’re just if
you’re going to be link building, for example to the playlist, you just use the playlist
URL, which is just a container anyways, no matter where those other videos are within
that container. It’s not going to affect the playlist URL, the individual videos within Unknown Speaker 29:00
playlist if you’re trying to use the playlist share URL for that video that may change.
And you could easily determine that by just going into a demo playlist or whatever playlist
you have right? copy in three or four, the links the playlist URL links for each video,
right? So just copy three or four of them and go rearrange them and then copy the new
URLs or the once it’s been rearranged, copy the URL for that same video and put it in
a notepad file. And look, has it changed any? If it has, then then yes, it could change
it. I don’t know that it would break Unknown Speaker 29:32
the previous URLs or if it would just auto redirect or what I don’t know. But honestly,
typically, it sounds like that’s way over complicating things in my opinion. Typically,
all I do for video SEO stuff, is I use the watch page URL, the longer URL for each video.
Then I’ll create a playlist then it’s about the inter linking within the videos within
the playlist and then do additional SEO to the playlist URL itself, or playlist embeds
which is all Unknown Speaker 30:00
So very, very powerful. But in either case, that’s still just a single container, essentially,
that you’re optimizing. So does anybody else want to comment on that with anything different?
No, that’s fine. I posted the URL not to use that. Somewhere down the bottom. It’s the
BP version of the URL. You don’t want to use that as the share URL. Yeah. Yep. And those
are the 302 redirects. Right. So Dan says, so yeah, just just to clarify, I would not
overcomplicate this. There’s a lot of SEO tricks that work, you know, temporarily that
you can get some beneficial results from but really, to keep things simple and long, long
lasting. I mean, it’s been like from from the onset of YouTube, that the strategy or
the method that I just mentioned, works, it still works today. So by the way, I still
have that spreadsheet from movie. Yep. Unknown Speaker 30:55
That’s awesome. Unknown Speaker 30:57
There was another tool that Damon Unknown Speaker 31:00
Nelson had called vid Penguin, vid penguin. And it was a tool that essentially that’s
all it did was it would create a bunch of it would to create all the variations of a
YouTube URL. And then it would create, put them into an RSS feed, and then beat them
burn a feed burner feed from the RSS feed that was just an RSS feed of all the YouTube
URLs for that particular video. And that was called vid penguin. I don’t know if he still
supports that or anything else. You could always just go search online for it and see
and if so, that’s a tool that does something similar to what we were just talking about.
But again, I mean, I in my opinion, a lot of that stuff isn’t really necessary that
you can you can get results doing what we talked about just doing traditional SEO stuff
on the videos, and then sending engagement signals, guys, it’s so powerful. And we talked
about that many, many times. But just you can buy actual views from Google directly
like and it’s completely within Terms of Service. In fact, they encourage it and if you buy
relevant views, you’re going to see Unknown Speaker 32:00
incredible results. If you’re applying both SEO and engagement signals, you’ll see really
good results. Unknown Speaker 32:07
Okay, Dan says, is Google still on a rampage? Or is it okay to change information in the
GMB dashboard? I still am staying the hell out of them as much as possible. Dan, Unknown Speaker 32:16
anybody else have anything different to say? No, I’m staying out of them, except that we
had our mastermind, our mini mastermind meeting, yesterday afternoon or yesterday evening.
And then one of our members of the mini mastermind, he’s having a VA go in there as a manager
and make changes and they’re getting away with it. So there’s no rhyme or reason to
what Google is doing, is it if you do too much, all at once, or within a certain time
period, you’re likely to get hit, but it’s not definitive. My question to you is, how
much is that change worth to you? Is it worth taking the risk of getting suspended? If it
isn’t, don’t bother, but if it’s worth the risk, and go in there and change Unknown Speaker 33:01
Yeah, and I had a, I’ve talked about this over the past several weeks, I had a pest
control client that has been a client of mine since 2014, maybe 13. I think 2013 actually,
so like six years. And I went in he he sent me an email one day saying that there was
a there was a stink bug showing on the profile, like in the in the knowledge panel images.
So that was coming up as one of the primary images and he didn’t like that. And he said,
Can you can you change this? And I said, Well, since you guys don’t really do anything specific
with stink bugs, I’ll just delete that photo from your Google Photos, your GMB photos.
And so I did that and then I deleted that photo and then I went in and for whatever
reason, I had never published his GMB website it had been created. It had all the content
on it, but for whatever reason, I just add overlooked it or whatever. And I never publishes
DMV website, so I click the Publish button. It’s not that I even created Unknown Speaker 34:00
That day, like I said, it had been created for well over a year, it just had never been
published. And I click the Publish button. And right after I click the Publish button,
it suspended his listing said, and so, you know, I appealed it, and I, you know, sent
submitted a statement request. And there they kept sending the same message saying that
there was a backlog, because of the, the high number of Google, Google My Business suspensions,
there was a backlog and that it was going to be two to three weeks before they would
get to it. Well, it took almost four weeks, and they sent me a denial request or denial
stating that they were not going to reinstate it because it didn’t meet their terms of service,
their terms of their quality guidelines or something, which is total bullshit because
it was a legit business that had been in operations got a lot of good reviews. I mean, it’s been
six years never did anything spammy. So again, like Marcus said, there was really no rhyme
or reason to it. All we did was delete one Google photo, Google My Business photo, Jim. Unknown Speaker 35:00
photo, and then click the Publish button on the GMB website and it automatically suspended
and I did that as a manager of the gym be not the owner. So then, uh, you know, I told
the client, my client, we were on a conference call about another issue or, you know, something
else that he wanted to talk about. And I told him that I was like, Look, you know, you as
the business owner, maybe you can get them to read and state your GMB if you submit the
request, as opposed to me doing it as a manager. And so sure enough, I walked him through the
process, and he submitted the reinstatement request and it within about two weeks, it
actually got reinstated. It was just reinstated less about 10 days ago now. And so now it’s
live and it’s back and all the reviews are back and everything else but like Marco said,
what’s it worth to you? Honestly, I try to stay the hell out of them if possible. And
it was funny because right after I got reinstated, I got an email because I’m a manager from
Google stating that it was you know, had was back live on Google. Unknown Speaker 36:00
And, you know, about 24 hours later or so I got an email from the owner and he was like,
Hey, did you see this? And it was something about the GMB like, a details that he wanted
change. And I reply back to him, I was like, Ah, I’m not doing it. Like, you know, I’m
not going to go back in and make any changes for now. I’m staying the hell out of it for
now. We’ll just have to live with that. And he was like, agreed. So just keep that in
mind. You know, I would stay out of it if at all possible. You know, I don’t think there’s
any way to determine exactly what it is it’s going to cause the suspension right now. Unknown Speaker 36:31
Any other comments on that guys? Unknown Speaker 36:35
No, no, sir. Unknown Speaker 36:42
Okay, so 42 minutes ago. Let’s see. Unknown Speaker 36:47
I’m trying to think see where we should start now. Probably below my last post. Yeah, keep
going a little bit. Unknown Speaker 36:56
Here we go. Austin. I think Austin Unknown Speaker 37:00
I order is stack specials. Can I wait to start the orders until the syndication networks
are done? Yeah, as long as it’s within 30 days, correct me if I’m wrong Marco. Unknown Speaker 37:10
Yeah, you have to submit within 30 days, which gives us enough time to to produce the syndication
network. Don’t wait longer than that, because you’ll you’ll get refunded. Unknown Speaker 37:21
You have to start the process over again. So there you go. Unknown Speaker 37:26
And not only that, if if we refund the money, we’re not going to honor the coupon. By the
way. That’s just how we’re doing you have to buy at what the current price is at that
time. Unknown Speaker 37:38
So there you go. So what are the syndication network and as soon as it’s delivered, place
your order for the or, you know, submit the details for the Dr. Stack order, and you should
be good to go. It’s not going to take 30 days to get your syndication network. So, okay. Unknown Speaker 37:54
Mama, what’s up Mohammed? Hey, buddy, he says, Hey guys, I have actually ranked websites
doing nothing but done for you service. Unknown Speaker 38:00
From NGYBYMGYB in the battle plan get results, it means that I don’t spend much time for
client. That’s awesome. But what would I answer when someone asks how much time I actually
spend on a client? A lot of clients have an hourly mindset. Or if I don’t spend 100 hours
per month on them, then don’t deserve the pay of 100 hours, but I’m still creating value.
Why does it have to be tied to time it shouldn’t be Muhammad. Here’s the thing. And I saw this
from one of my, my first CrossFit coach, actually, his name’s Parker, he he quit coaching CrossFit.
Now he’s a an arborist, he cuts trees like he, he works for, you know, a company that
cuts trees for power lines and stuff like that. And anyways, he’s really good at it.
He loves it. Unknown Speaker 38:43
point is that he posted a meme on Facebook that speaks exactly to what you’re asking
about here. He said something like if I’ve spent 10 years developing a skill, and I can
come in and do something in one hour. It doesn’t. You’re not paying me for that one hour. Your Unknown Speaker 39:00
paying me for the 10 years of skill development. In other words, and that’s exactly how you
have to treat it Mahamat. It shouldn’t be based upon time. Like, for example, I just
pitched a client, a prospect, excuse me, who is now a client, he agreed, which I’m trying
not to take on any additional marketing clients right now, I’d rather build my real estate
business to be honest with you, but I had a remodeling contractor contact me and I pitched
him for AdWords google google ads campaign, because I don’t really want to do SEO for
him. So I just I sold him on Google ads, and I’m going to, I offered to manage a campaign
for him. And my management fee is is a bit hefty for and but I told him flat out in my
proposal, that I spend about an hour a week managing the campaign. So it’s about four
hours a month. But you know, I mean, and so what I’m charging, you know, if I were to
get any shit from it, which I did, but if I was to get any questions about I’d be like,
Look, I because I know what the hell I’m doing. You know, there’s no, I’m not asking for an
hourly wage. If you want to pay somebody an hourly wage. Unknown Speaker 40:00
Hire an employee to do your marketing for you. Right? you’re hiring me as a specialist
that knows how to manage AdWords campaigns for Local Lead Generation very, very well
very efficiently. So you’re going to pay me this much, because I’m going to get you results,
period. That’s the story. There is no discussion. I don’t have to explain any further and neither
should you, mom. And I know you’re getting better at that, because you’ve asked these
types of questions in the past. But you’re absolutely right. It should not be tied to
time. And, and that’s what you have to you have to be able to. I mean, I don’t think
you should even have to explain that to somebody. But that that analogy that I just use where
you said, if you’re spending 10 years developing a skill so that you can do something in one
hour that might take somebody else 10 hours, you’re not getting paid for your hour, you’re
getting paid for 10 years of skill development and honing that that skill. So it makes sense.
I know other people got comments on that. Yeah, if I may, what I think is it he’s not
framing the conversation properly, because this is a recurring theme, with Muhammad where
they’re questioning his work the amount of time Unknown Speaker 41:00
Why am I paying you and all of these things we had Jason in the in the mastermind group
tell us you know about but the guy questioning him. And he might have a breakdown of what
what Jason was doing during the month to justify to the bookkeeper. And it’s always the same
thing. It’s about you, framing your services in a way that the customer understands that
it’s all it’s the value that you provide. It’s understanding your value, being able
to convey the value that you’re providing to the client, and being able to put it in
terms that you’re being paid to perform. It’s a pay per performance, or Unknown Speaker 41:43
you’re getting paid for what you do, not for the amount of time that you spend doing. So
what you have to do is and I’ve recommended this before, you’re going to have to go stand
in front of that mirror, work on your script, first of all, and then stand in front of that
mirror so that you’re able to deliver Unknown Speaker 42:00
deliver this pitch in a way that someone can understand, practice with family, practice
with friends. Practice, practice, practice, because that’s the only way that you’re going
to hone this to the point where you’re going to deliver the message to the client in the
right way. You’re paying me to get results, right paper result or paper performance, however
you want to call it, it’s the same thing. You get paid for the value that you provide,
not for the could you spend 100 hours and not not not to produce a single result and
still demand your payment because you work 200 hours, you know, maybe this client needs
that. Well, if I worked 100 hours, and I didn’t get results, would you still pay me? Unknown Speaker 42:41
Because I worked 100 hours, he’s going to tell you fuck no, I’m not going to pay you
for not getting result London pay me because I get results no matter what, how much time
I spend on it. Unknown Speaker 42:52
Very good. Unknown Speaker 42:54
Okay, so let’s see. The next question is Hey guys, I create real estate video tours and
I have a YouTube Unknown Speaker 43:00
channel that I posted all the videos to my website is in development Do I need to syndication
networks, one for the website and one for the YouTube channel, like one of my website
blog, like one for my website, blog content and one for the videos. I want to have the
videos on my website as well Do I need to manually add videos to my website and embed
them in blog posts? And how do I unify these two things? No, you only need one branded
network. In fact, I recommend that here’s the here’s where I would recommend a second
network or the at which point I would recommend having a separate network for the YouTube
channel. If right now you’re doing just the video stuff and your websites and development,
that’s fine. So a branded network is fine because you can you know you have a branded
channel. That’s great. When you create your blog or when it’s when it’s ready and you
start to post blog, Blog Post published blog post it’s going if you connect that to the
same network, which you don’t want to do is just take your YouTube videos and create blog
posts that are just the YouTube videos like another Unknown Speaker 44:00
Words the same title as the YouTube video as the blog post title, right? And then just
the embed code, essentially. And then maybe the video description or whatever else, because
then it’s on the syndication network, it’s going to look like the exact same post, it’s
going to look like duplicate posts on the network properties. So does that make sense?
And really, it’s just the blog properties mainly, did you have to worry about blogger,
WordPress, Tumblr, and any additional, you know, blog properties that you may add, most
of which are you can’t really syndicate to anyways. But my point is that it can create
duplicate posts, what looks like duplicate posts, even though they’re coming from different
sources, and it can end up terminating for spam. You get the account shut down, essentially.
And I know because it’s happened to me in the past. So what I recommend is that you
if you can still publish the same videos from your YouTube channel to your network, as well
as to your blog, but for your blog posts that you’re going to do include the videos in flush
those out on the Unknown Speaker 45:00
Bit more contained more text based content or various forms of content. We talked about
curating content. Unknown Speaker 45:07
I saw a question somewhere about curated content that I feel like Scott missed somewhere. Anyways, Unknown Speaker 45:14
you can curate blog content, for example, that’s what we recommend. My point is on the
blog, if you’re going to use that video in a post, just flush the post out a bit more,
have the title slightly different, more like a blog post titles, you know, most of the
time YouTube titles are just focused around a particular keyword, right. But for blog
post titles, I recommend more of a, you know, a more of a content rich or more about, you
know, more like a more like a blog post title, right? I mean, it just makes sense. So so
that way when they republish to your syndication network properties, especially the blog properties,
they’re going to look, they’re going to be unique, right? It’s okay to have the same
video posted twice, but just in different contexts, in other words, so that’s what I
recommend. The only time that I would if you were going to just Unknown Speaker 46:00
Try to take shortcuts or make it easy and just post republish the videos to your blog,
where it’s pretty much the same title. It’s just the video is the blog post itself that
content body of the post and it may be like the description important or something like
that then I would recommend tying your syndication network your branded syndication network to
your blog. And in creating persona based networks that would tie as tier one networks for your
syndicate, your YouTube channel. And the reason I say that is because you want to start building
the authority of your domain. YouTube already has inherited authority, so you can get away
with it. There’s no footprint issues and there hasn’t been ever with using syndication networks
persona based syndication networks to republish video content, in other words, syndicate video
youtube videos, but for your money site, you want to use that branded syndication network
to complete the entity solidify the entity and also start to build that relevancy and
authority. So that’s why I recommend if you’re going to use two separate networks, that the Unknown Speaker 47:00
Random network be attached to your blog and persona based networks get attached to a YouTube
channel. But again, I still recommend using one branded network for both just changing
the content up to make the flesh the blog posts out a little bit more than they’re going
to look like you unique posts on the on the network. Anyways, that makes sense. Unknown Speaker 47:18
Right. That’s a good question, though. Hey, Bradley, real quick. There was a quick question
from Don about curating. And he was just asking, does blog curating still work on website blogs?
So I did miss a question somewhere. Um, yeah, it was just right above where you started.
I didn’t even catch it. Okay, I remember reading that earlier. So I’m, Unknown Speaker 47:37
so the question was, I’m sorry. Does blog curating blog content still work? Yep. Yes,
absolutely. It still works. It’s still our recommended method. And the reason why and
I’ve said this, you know, many times we’ve got a training program called content kingpin,
which talks tells you exactly how to do it, teach you how to do it, but it also teaches
you not to do it and instead hire a virtual assistant to do it. Unknown Speaker 48:00
You can even, it’s even got the training in there for virtual assistants. So if you, if
you, you know, take our advice and you hire a virtual assistant to do it for you, you
can put them through the training and they’ll they’ll be able to learn how to do it. But
here’s the thing unless you’re a subject matter expert, excuse me a subject matter expert
about whatever you’re blogging about, then it’s hard to write anything original. That’s
any good, right? And same thing goes for writers, guys, if you’re hiring writers like going
to a content farm and buying content about any particular topic, do you think those writers
there are really subject matter experts about whatever topic it is you’re buying an article
for it? No, it’s likely that all they’re doing is they’re scraping an article from the web.
They’re putting it through a spinner and they might go manually read through the spun version
of it and do some grammatical corrections and things like that. But they’re not writing
original articles, because they’re not subject matter experts. And you can tell because when
you get the content back, you can tell it’s not written by Unknown Speaker 49:00
Subject Matter Expert, if anything, it’s been scraped from somewhere on the web and rewritten
slightly. And that’s that’s what you’re paying for. So you’re much better off curating content
from subject matter experts go find content that’s really good, relevant content that’s
written by subject matter experts and borrow pieces of their content, give proper attribution,
cite the source link link out to them. With nofollow links, that’s how I always do it.
And that way, now all you have to do is you don’t have to be a subject matter expert.
All you got to do is inject some commentary in between the curated pieces of content that
you include in the post, which curated content can be text based, it can be visual, so it
can be images or photos. It can be audio based, like mp3 is you can embed like mp3 players
can be video, infographics, you know all of these different things you can curate guys
to reinforce the overall theme of whatever the post is about, and you can use subject
matter content for reinforcing that topic. Unknown Speaker 50:00
You’re in it, all you got to do is inject commentary and you can train a VA to do that.
Because really all you need to do is learn how to locate good content, organize it and
then curate it. And once you can do that you can start banging out content so much faster.
Again, I don’t even I haven’t been I haven’t blogged in years because I haven’t had to,
because I’ve trained VH to do that a lot of ways to do that. And we you know, content
marketing is a very big part of SEO for and for all of my clients. You know, they pay
me on a monthly basis for content marketing, and I pay my VA to do it all all I’ve ever
had to do is manage it really. So again, it’s called content kingpin. By the way if you
join mastermind you get that included in your mastermind membership. Unknown Speaker 50:41
Anybody have a comment on that before I move on? Unknown Speaker 50:45
Okay, that’s perfect. Unknown Speaker 50:48
Okay, the next one says when you set up syndication network for your money, site blog, do you
use physical silo virtual solid for posts and blog on money site, it doesn’t matter.
You know, I recommend using virtual silos now which just means that Unknown Speaker 51:00
Get rid of the category slash permanent structure, excuse me category slash post name, perma
link structure and you just go with post name. That’s it. There’s no difference guys, it’s
just the difference between virtual and physical silo is the physical silo, you actually see
it in the URL, the virtual silo, you don’t, but it’s all the exact same as far as how
you stack your content within the category hierarchy, the category structure, and also
your internal linking. So, you know, virtual side is what I recommend, because it keeps
the URL shorter. Right. And, you know, shorter URLs are better in my opinion. Now, I didn’t
used to think so I used to always stick with physical silos. And for a while there was
a there was a reason I did that but now and through much testing, it makes no difference
whatsoever and I prefer the shorter URLs now. Unknown Speaker 51:44
All right. Unknown Speaker 51:46
And what about percent of exact match internal linking in posts? I mean, asking because post
going to blog to Dotto and point back to your to back using exact match keywords. Yeah,
and we’ve talked about that and that’s covered in syndication. Unknown Speaker 52:00
Academy and you could probably find multiple examples on our YouTube channel where we talked
about that also. Also, if you go to Unknown Speaker 52:08
what is it support dot Semantic Mastery calm and go into our knowledge base you’ll find
posts in there specifically about that if you’re going to be doing a lot of blog syndication
or blogging, this going to be syndicated out to a network, just very your anchor text within
you know internal linking you don’t have to always have remember, remember, if all you’ve
got is a branded syndication network with it, remember, think about it, it’s just three
blogs within the network that are branded. So it’s not the same as if you were out there
hammering link building from link building gigs with the same anchor text, right? So
just keep that in mind. It’s not something you really have to worry about that much.
Just vary it up if you’re going to be doing a lot of blogging varied up. Okay. Good question
though. Unknown Speaker 52:55
Alright, guys, we got about five minutes left. So we’re going to roll through these last
one. These last Unknown Speaker 53:00
Couple says, Would you guys dances? Would you guys rank? I saw this one earlier. So
Dan, I’m sorry, if we skipped over it. I thought that was part of the academy webinar. He says,
Would you guys rank any keyword for a customer? I have an international, I have an international
bank that a customer wants me to rank on page, one for name of the bank to get public notice
how they are not to be trusted? I would I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole. I’m
going to let the other guys comment on this too. But curious what your thoughts are on
this. Unknown Speaker 53:29
To me, that’s like negative SEO. I wouldn’t do it. I just I wouldn’t do it. What do you
guys think? Unknown Speaker 53:35
Yeah, it’s the legality to so buyer beware. It’s negative on unless the customer has a
legitimate gripe about the bank. I mean, you’d have to find out more information. I would,
and then it yeah, it would be really simple to get them in one of the websites that know
where you have scam alerts and all that. Go. Those are powerful. Unknown Speaker 54:00
They’re really hard to get rid of. And then you push power to that. So you keep that.
Maybe you could actually do a whole campaign for with one of those websites, and that’ll
pull up all of the other results with it that you’re trying to push up. But be careful.
Yeah. Because what goes around comes around. Unknown Speaker 54:19
Yeah, I mean, yeah, that that’s that’s the thing. Unknown Speaker 54:24
If it were, if it were me and somebody pissed me off, and I had a valid reason to do that.
Yes. If a somebody else came to me with a gripe and said, Would you do this for me,
I would pass Just so you know, because unless I was personally involved in whatever the
shit storm was, that caused them to be angry. I wouldn’t neck do any sort of SEO campaign
against somebody else, unless I was personally involved in that. And I just say that because
honestly, I would pass on that in a heartbeat. I would, I would tell them I’m sorry. I’m
not your guy. You know, if you want. I’ll help you with you. Unknown Speaker 55:00
Seo but I’m not going to put you know, push things up that are disparaging somebody else
or some other business unless I had a personal vendetta against them like in other words,
unless I was personally involved in whatever it was just and that’s just my opinion, I
just I’ve got to me that’s too much like negative SEO and it’s not something I want to be associated
with just so you guys know, that’s my opinion. You know, if you if you’re okay with it, by
all means, do it. I’m not telling you, you’re bad person for doing it, by the way, just
saying I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. That’s just my opinion. So Unknown Speaker 55:34
okay, if anybody no other comments, I’m going to keep moving. He says, curious and see I
already have live events on page one and I am working to rank website also, which is
just a one page I was thinking the RYS Google Drive setup smallest package may make this
very easy. Yeah, well, because you can rank for a brand name. Really easy with a DR stack
or a G site for that especially. There’s no doubt that works. Unknown Speaker 56:00
incredibly well, in fact, my newest business, my realty business, my Google Site outranks
my landing page right now. Unknown Speaker 56:09
Right now and And so again, it’s it’s for the brand name search and that so it’s very
easy to get really good results with a drive stack for a brand name search. Okay. It is
a one page WordPress website. Also Google’s not showing the description supposedly because
of the robots. txt file, although all that is on that is your basic Oh, so your basic
robots. txt? So I don’t know. Marco, can you comment on that? I’m not sure what he’s I
don’t know him enough about that. Unknown Speaker 56:40
Yeah, I’m not sure about the way he has it set up how it would stop the box from Chrome.
Just take out the allow. Because if you’re only disallowing the WordPress admin, why
would you need it? Why would you need to allow it into the admin Unknown Speaker 56:58
hrs Unknown Speaker 57:00
It’s going through the WordPress admin. Unknown Speaker 57:06
Yeah, I don’t see how that would stop Google from displaying the description. Unknown Speaker 57:14
You know, try to try taking everything out. Try taking out the disallow WordPress admin
go back into a search console and go through whatever steps they tell you to clear once
it’s gone through, put it back. Sometimes we just saw the issue on one of the websites
that we today. Unknown Speaker 57:35
Yeah. Unknown Speaker 57:37
I did miss another question. So guys, is it because we got two minutes left and I’ve got
to go he says as far as GMB penalties and then punishing changes are people getting
hit for posting posts in the gym bees IE your GMB Pro method? No, I haven’t seen that happen
at all. And I’ve got beat some VA is that actually do the PGMB posting publishing of
posts from within the GMB dashboard as managers Unknown Speaker 58:00
work site managers. Unknown Speaker 58:02
And then there’s most of them all run through the API because they’re connected through
our citation builder pro app. So they do it within an application that then publishes
via API. And in either case, I haven’t had a single Jambi hit from posting Marco I view. Unknown Speaker 58:19
I, we had to happen for a video for one video one time, one video one time. Yeah. Other
than that, no, all of our posts, whether it’s through a citation builder pro through the
briefcase, or as managers, they’ll go through just fine. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 58:40
Alright guys, well, thanks, everybody for being here. Once again, let me just pull this
up on site. Real quick, guys. We talked about this earlier, if you did miss the beginning
of this where we we spent the first hour talking about our YS Academy because it’s our anniversary
month this month, four years ago today, we launched the original version. It’s still
going strong today. It’s been updated multiple times. Unknown Speaker 59:00
Is the Facebook group has a lot of additional content and training there. Plus, it’s an
active community. If you want to join our YS Academy for 1500 dollars off, which is
a rare time that we ever discount this because it is so powerful. There you go. That’s the
link to purchase it, use this coupon code special RYX reloaded, or if you want to opt
for the to pay method use special RYS reloaded to is the coupon code for that, if you want
to join it, otherwise, do what we continually tell you to do, which is by done for you Dr.
stacks, save yourself the time of having to learn and do it yourself. And that’s at MGYB
dot CEO, go to our store, select RYS and then you can get 35% off any RYS Drive stacks for
the next 48 hours with the coupon code stacks 35 off to place those orders, guys. Any last
words before we wrap it up? Yeah, you won’t see 1500 off again for about another year.
So if you want the training, just jump on it because I’m I’m not Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Taking that much off the training again. Another anniversary another I don’t know the five
year anniversary right? And 35% off drive stack you don’t see that very often either.
So, take take advantage while it’s hot, man. If not, then wait and pay full price. It’s
up to you. Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Alright everybody, thanks for being here. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye everyone.
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