DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)
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DIY Atomizer – Squid Industries Peacemaker XL RTA 28mm – Recenze (CZ)

Hello guys, Mike Godwin´s here,
today is Tuesday, setup, that you wanted. Peacemaker 28mm Dual-coil from Squid Industries, and Asmodus Amighty. Now, we´ll talk about the Peacemaker. We had one here before, single-coil 25mm. Here is 28mm, huge, crazy capacity. It is massacre.
The package. The 8ml capacity is really crazy, plus, I can have more with this glass. I have some tools here, O-rings etc. Postless deck. I don´t really like postless decks, they are not my favourite. But the flavour is good, we´ll add some Watts. 45W I don´t really need this, it´s too much for me. The flavour is really good. The building is pretty easy, atomizer ok, black is fine, hot, sexy, Ok, we´ll dissamble this atomizer, take a close look at it, it is really simple atomizer, then we´ll build it and go back to the studio and talk about it. Before that, please, give me subscribe, like, share this video, I´ll be really happy for it, ring the bell, so you wouldn´t miss any video of mine. And every additional info is below of this video. Squid Industries Peacemaker Dual-coil. Diameter 28mm, huge capacity, and if it wouldn´t be enough, I can use this glass,
which adds some ml. I really don´t like these glass. So I put it away.
What is next.. the airflow is the same as the single-coil version. So the ring, stopper, I need to find the stopper, here it is. At the edge of the air. Stopper. I put it on… And I can adjust the airflow. It won´t fall down. Great. What´s next. Postless Dual-coil deck. There is interesting airholes.
If I would want, I could put in there one huge single-coil. But it´s desingned for dual-coil. Large cannals for cotton, don´t put it trough, just seat it in the channel.
Next. Tank, again, there is a mounting chimney, and like that, I just tighten it on the deck. With the glass, it´s the same. But this is weird, I don´t like it. It looks like China, no thanks. This is sympatic Peacemaker, it looks like revolver. And I´m done here. Topcap, I just fill it and close it. It hasn´t got the juiceflow, so be careful with filling. Just fill it quickly and close it up.
Othervise I would flow down, this is the only problem here. Construction is nice, the centerpin isn´t screwable, so I wouldn´t use it on hybrid mechs. The postless deck, I don´t like them, let´s build it. I have prepared SS coils, 0,5mm thickness, it will be good for dual-coil. And I have Cotton Gods here, it is really good cotton, I think. it is absorptive, the flavour is pretty good from it, and it does not burn too much, if there would be a dry hit, it will notice me, it means, that it won´t burn down right now. Good cotton for me. We´ll put it on Asmodus Amighty, so it will be really nice design,
I like this setup. It is robust, thick, large, and sexy, I hope. Let´s build it. I have a new tool here, it is pretty cheap,
so I´m curious, what it will handle. Anyway, it´s okay for now, and working with it is fine. How will I build it?
Firstly, I must find out the depth. I can see, that I have 7-8mm legs. It´s okay I guess. This legs will be okay I think.
(They won´t :D) I have some variability here, and I can adjust the height of the coil. By the way, I twisted it on 3mm thorn. If I would wanted to find out, which thorn will be okay, let´s take a look. 3,5 for example, 2 massive coils wouldn´t be ok, but a simple wire would. We´ll put in there 3mm. It´s great.
And it´s good, after I put it on, to adjust it for myself. The coils goes here and here. So I prepare the legs, bend them, so it would fit perfectly. I could have make them bit shorter, no, one fits better, than the other. It looks lige bug now. But it will fit perfectly. Take a look. I´m in. Nice, first thing, I´m gonna do, is tighten the screws. After that, I will adjust it. I see, that the posts push the wire away a bit, so I have to hold it. Now I adjust it. I will adjust it more later. It´s good for now. I need to put it above the air, so I would have great airflowing. It´s most important at every atomizer. When I can work with the air, I have a great vape. Ok, it´s tighten,
now I adjust it, super, now the other coil,
we´ll try to do it similarly. I have to try to fit both of the coils similarly. So I would have same airflowing, identical, if it´s possible. And when I will fire it, I have to be sure, that I don´t have no short circuit. Ok, build is done, something like this, I have to be precise with it. I see, that I don´t have hotspots, it´s firing identically from a middle. I have no complains here. Now the cotton. 3mm coils, so I will take I´m doing it instinctively.
There´s no problem about taking of the cotton. If I do this, I think, it will be ok for 3mm. It should be. Let´s roll it a bit, put it trough, and If I would wanted to play with it, I will show you, what would I do. One piece is ready. Ok, it is prepared, I should cut it here. Why? It´s pretty clear why. So the cotton would absorb good, but visually, I have this crazy build. It´s about playing, the whole vaping is. Except Ohm´s law. Ok, I want it only for the bottom of the channels, not more. Maybe I could cut it a little bit but we´ll find out. Same at this side. De facto it´s done. The cotton shouldn´t be at the bottom. And that´s it. Dual-coil like. Let´s drop it with liquid. More watts. 40W Nice, with the little firing it absorb really nicely. And the ressistance is 0,19Ohm, we are at the edge of safe zone of battery. Ok, plus and minuses. Subjective minus is dual-coil for me. Another minus? I don´t like postless decks. But these are my opinions, and it won´t affect the rating.
I don´t like some things. It´s not minuses for everyone it´s just subjective opinion. It doesn´t have minuses.
It is big with large capacity, dual-coil, which gives me good flavour, lot of steam, it doesn´t dry hit or flow down etc. And it´s really tastful.
But for me, there is lot of steam. If you would ask me, if it´s for tricks, large capacity, good atomizer – why not? What is the ranking?
The same, as the single-coil. It is really comfortable, simple. 810 driptip is at place here, so 10/10. If it´s Must Vape?
For the money, it´s vaper´s Must Vape, who likes dual-coils, yes. For single-coil guys, that he would try some large coil, that´s experimenting. But who likes dual-coils, this is fantastic atomizer for good money. But the opinion and choice is up to you. Think about it – do I want it or not? Good capacity, I would avoid the other glass. Useless.
Good capacity, fun, nice deck with good airflow, easy to build and easy for adjusting the coils, and these are the major pros, the cotton is ok too,
I set it exactly, as I want it. I have no problem here. The atomizer is well made, plus it has simple construction. Which is great plus. The opinion is yours, if you want it or nor, if you need it or not, it´s your choice. If you will buy it is up to you, no one elses. It is your choice, your joy, if you like it, it will work really well, and that´s all for today. It is nice atomizer, that gives a lot of steam and flavour. It would be bad, if the dualcoil had bad flavour, but there are these types of atomizers too. Guys, thanks for wathing this, if you have any question, ask me in the comment section or come in to the FB group Elektronická cigareta – vaping CZ/SK And that´s it for today.
I wish you nice morning, noon or evening, depends, on which time you watch this video. Enjoy life, coddle yourself, do not smoke, and be cool.
See you!


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    Ahoj ve videu máš 25 mm místo 28 mm , všiml jsem si až na konci videa. Jinak by mě zajímalo jaký prasodrat tam na motat na singl coil xD

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