• Natalia Tekuchova

    Awesome short videos to "burning" questions! I love the new format. A much shorter and more certain than Google Hangouts way to learn something from Google 🙂


    if you can do some thing like practical!
    one questin i have changed domain in blogger blog so some post links are broken so i have to maually submit those links to search console?

  • Twyla-Vision

    One thing I find interesting about these manual actions is, at least in my case, I find that getting a "demotion" on my website is rather vague. What exactly is happening in this process? If Google demotes me, and my traffic goes down the tubes, is this because Google has suspended the links it thinks are giving me artificial authority for my site, meaning my site is operating as it would without the benefit of these links, and then on top of that asking me to guess which ones I think are causing this artificial authority? Or, is Google (or some individual working for them) simply taking me out of SERPs altogether where that someone feels like it (since the action is manual, there must be a person I'd assume?), because they are assuming I've done something wrong, or at least negligent? Overall, it is a confusing process, although as the webmaster, I will have to concede that if I am not paying attention to the links to my site in Search Console, it's my fault if I get a bunch of spammy links and let them sit there until Google effectively notices and penalizes me. However, I will also add that most people I know who have websites don't even know what Search Console is and would never know what to do about this in a million years.

  • Rizki Heryandi

    does google webmaster give info to us if our site got some penalties or deindexing ? how to get the information ?

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