Does Buying Extra Domain Names Help SEO?
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Does Buying Extra Domain Names Help SEO?

Hello, this is John from Lockedown Design.
Today I want to answer a viewer question. “If I buy a bunch of domains, and point
them at my existing site, is that going to help my SEO?” The short answer to this,
in most cases, it’s not going to help your SEO to buy a bunch of variations on
your domain name, and point them at your existing domain. Let’s just say for the
sake of example that your company manufactures hydraulic lifts and sells
them, and your example domain would be “”. Perhaps you want
to buy all the variations on that, like, .org, .info, etc.
If you point all those domains at your existing domain, is that going to help
your SEO? The answer in most cases is going to be “No”. What that is going to do
is just keep people from buying a variation on your brand name, and using
it for their own website. If you’re buying variations on your branded domain
name, that’s just going to ensure that competitors don’t buy it.
So, continuing our hypothetical discussion for,
let’s say that you want to buy a whole bunch of variations on that. Let’s pretend that all these
domain names are available:,, and again you’re going to point them at
your existing domain. Thereby making it to where if somebody types those in, it’s
going to redirect to The only time that would
really help your SEO at all is if there’s existing back links built to
those domains, and somebody’s let those domains expire. Otherwise, you’re just
buying a bunch of domain names to keep somebody else from buying them. That’s
really literally all you’re doing. Now, if there are back links built to that
existing domain, and you’re redirecting them to your site, you’d want to be
careful doing that as well. Because what’s going to happen is Google’s
going to pick up that old domain name and try to recrawl it. If the
pages on that old site don’t match the pages on your new site, then Google is
going to…if you go in Google Search Console, it’s going to show you that
there’s a bunch of 404 pages, that they couldn’t find. You’re going to get a bunch
of crawl errors. There’s only a few reasons that you would want to buy
surplus domains and point them at your existing domain. One would be to secure
your brand name, and make sure that nobody else is buying a variation on
your brand name. Two, maybe you have a bunch of competitors in this space, and
you want to keep anybody from getting those domains, because it’s a really nice
domain. There’s no back links pointing toward that existing domain, you just
want to make sure that nobody else gets it. Again, you’re not going to get any SEO
benefit from it. You’re just keeping it out of somebody else’s hands. The third
reason that you would buy a bunch of surplus domains is if…let’s say that
those domains *were* sites, and you want to point them toward your existing domain. But Google
is going to look for that old site, and expect to see that old site. And when it [the new domains]
point toward your site, it’s very likely that you’re going to get a bunch of
crawl errors. Because Google remembers the old pages from that legacy existing domain.
It’s going to look for them [Google] on your site, if you’re redirecting the domains like that.
So if you plan on buying old domains, you might want to be strategic in how you
think about that. So, buying a bunch of surplus domains in 99.9% of cases is not
going to help your SEO. It’s just going to keep those domains out of somebody
else’s hands. So if you have follow-up questions, or if you have another SEO
question that you’d like to see answered, go ahead and leave it in the comments
below. And don’t forget to subscribe. This is John Locke for Lockedown Design
saying peace out. We do SEO for manufacturing and
industrial companies.


  • Prosperity Cloud

    Thanks for That insight John –
    Although I've been dabbling somewhat heavily in the domain game off n on for the last decade or so, I've really REALLY been winging it the entire time, as I still to this day have yet to personally meet even a single soul who has an interest in Domaining … let alone someone who is actually experienced/skilled in the field … And much to my disappointment, whenever I've ventured out on the worldwide web, seeking out mentors & gurus of domaining… I somehow still have yet to find a Single Mentor/Guru/Domainer who is even remotely interested in the several many hundreds of exciting new gTLD'z,…. Let alone find One who is passionately advocating the use of, buying & selling of, and whatever else pertaining to the new gTLD'z … and Although I understand that these gTLD'z are still SOMEWHAT new, and I get it – I've heard all the valid points made about DoTCoMz & why they are "The only way to go" or whatevzZ … but I guess I just always have felt fairly confident that over time – once they aren't quite so fresh on the scene, & everyone's more familiarized with them etc – they will come to be exceptionally valuable, and quite possibly even go so far as to surpass the value of A DoTCoM of it's Likeness, as the new gTLD'z can likely come to be far more properly indexed in search engines, due to their "Niche-Specific" Nature among other things … really too much to list … & being that my comment is already much longer than I would have liked … I'll leave it at this & end here with my actual question:
    Are you an active user/buyer/seller of the new gTLD'z … ? … or do you stick to your DoTCoMz for the most part … ? … and if not, can you recommend/link me to anyone who is a strong advocate/user of the new gTLD'z Please … ? … I just really need to find someone/something Anyone/Anything … or I'm seriously Calling it quits with this expensive hobby of mine … lol …
    Thanx for your time – Seriously Thank you –
    I look forward to checking out more of your content in the not-too-distant future ~
    CheeRz >
    Mr. JeSse BLAkTi ~ Www.BLAkTi.coM < < <

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