DomCop Quick Tour – What Is DomCop? What are its Features and Plans?
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DomCop Quick Tour – What Is DomCop? What are its Features and Plans?

Hi guys. It’s Vanessa and welcome to our
video. Today I’m going to talk to you about what DomCop does, the different
sections that we have and the different types of plans that we have to offer DomCop is an expired domain search tool. We do not sell domains directly on our website. Instead we list domains that can
be purchased from your favorite registrar and domain auction sites. DomCop’s true
value lies in the metrics that we provide and the amount of domains that
we have in our database. We provide metrics from the following websites – Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, Estibot, Domain Scope, Similar Web SEMrush, Alexa, Wayback Archive and WhoIs. We support more than 70 domain extensions and have
created drop list for almost every one of them apart from expiring domains we
also have domains from 12 different domain auction sources. On top of all
that we’ve already mentioned DomCop has three additional features – the first
feature is called the Archive feature Here we list domains that have expired
over the last two years and have great metrics. The second feature is called the
crawler – You can use our crawlers to scrape any website of your choice to
look for available domains. The third feature is called My Domains and here
you can upload a list of domains that you have and we will provide you with all
the metrics that we support. DomCop is a monthly subscription software so you
have to pay every month in order to get access to our tool but for whatever
reason if you do want to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time.
Now let’s talk about the different plans that we have to offer at DomCop.
There are three of them – the first one is called the Newbie plan and then we have
the Power plan and the Guru plan. The Newbie plan gives you access to the
expiring section. Here we have a list of domains that are in the pending delete
status or are in auctions and are expiring soon. The Power plan gives you
access to everything in the Newbie plan but hold up – you get access to two
additional sections – the archive section and the expired section. Once domains
have expired they are all automatically put into the expired section and are
ready to be purchased for domains that have expired for more than 30 days they
are placed in the archive section guys We have around seven million domains in our archives section that are ready to
be purchased. the Guru plan on the other hand gives you access to everything in
the newbie plan and the power plan but wait – you get your own personal expired
domain crawler do note that we offer three different guru plans and they do
not differ in features but the amount of crawlers that you get with each is
indeed different – so look at it this way the higher you are in the guru plan the
more amount of crawlers you have and the more amount of websites you get to crawl
in a day for more information about expired domain crawlers do check out a
video we have linked in the description below. So now we’re going to give you a
few tips that you can use to choose the best plan for you – Tip number one – if
you’re someone who’s new to buying expired domains and you feel like you’re
only gonna buy a handful of domains in the next month or so, we highly recommend
you guys to start out with our Newbie plan. You can find domains in the
expiring section and place back orders for this domains from back ordering
services such as SnapNames and NameJet These services cost around sixty to
seventy dollars per backorder on top of the registration price so you look at
shelling out eighty dollars for pretty good domains but best domains however
guys do end up on auction sites like GoDaddy auctions
here you can look at shelling out two hundred three hundred dollars for
domains with excellent backlink profiles Tip number two – if you’re looking at
purchasing a larger amount of domains but you’re only willing to pay the
registration price which is usually around ten dollars then the Power plan
is the right plan for you – note however the best domain get picked up
by auctions and back ordering services so the domains that are left do not have
the best backlink profiles – but wait at ten dollars a pop you’ll be able to
create a massive pbn at a very competitive price. Tip number three – the
Guru plan is the right plan for you if you’re someone who’s looking to buy a
domains in bulk and at the registration price. Some of our customers purchase
thousands of domains a month using our personal expired domain caller. The
crawler allows you to scrape the internet for domains that have expired a
while back and retain great links from authoritative websites for in your
specific niche. For more information about expired domain crawlers do check
out a video we have in the description below at this point.
If you’re still unsure about which is the right plan for you, we highly
recommend you guys to start out with our Newbie plan because you can easily
upgrade and downgrade from a plan at any given time. So that’s all I have for you
today. If you have any questions do drop us a line at [email protected] and
for now happy domain hunting guys. Bye!


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    is there a video that explains what Domcop does outside of domains? in regards to backlink checks, spam checks, traffic flow?
    like: if you want to check for spam go here, if you wanna see a list of backlinks go here.. etc

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