Drive MORE TRAFFIC to Youtube with INSTAGRAM! 🀳
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Drive MORE TRAFFIC to Youtube with INSTAGRAM! 🀳

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel,
the number one place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Now in today’s
video, I’m going to answer a very common question that I get. I mean I do get a lot of questions,
but this one is actually really, really popular and that is when you’re starting out your
youtube channel and you have zero subscribers, you have nothing to your youtube channel.
How did you actually grow your Youtube Channel? How did you actually get your initial views,
get your initial subscribers and all of that? Well, I’m here to tell you that for a really
long time it was actually my Instagram that was growing my youtube channel. It wasn’t
through search, it wasn’t through anything like that within youtube. It was actually
my Instagram, the primary platform that I had before. Now, obviously a year later, my
youtube channel is now fueling a lot of the growth within my Instagram and it truly switched
roles. However, I am here to tell you that in the
beginning you are going to heavily rely on your Instagram account in order to grow your
youtube channel. Because I’m assuming for many of you, you probably already have an
existing following on Instagram. That’s why if you want to learn my secrets, my strategies,
my tips on how exactly I drove traffic to my youtube videos using Instagram, then keep
on watching. All right, so the first tip that I have for you is an OG tip. This is something
that I’ve been doing ever since the beginning of my channel all the way until today, and
that is creating a 15 to 32nd teaser clip of your youtube videos to repost onto Instagram
stories. Now obviously it doesn’t have to be just Instagram stories. You can put on
Facebook, you can put an IG TV, you could put it in your Instagram post. But for me specifically, I like to leverage
Instagram stories. Now you might be wondering why 15 to 30 seconds. The reason why is because
for Instagram stories, the Max amount of seconds per story is 15 seconds. So if you’re doing
a 15 second teaser clip, it’s only gonna take up one story. If you do a 30 minute teaser
clip, then it’s going to take up two stories. Now, I don’t want to overwhelm my audience
and have multiple stories in order to show a teaser, so that’s why I personally recommend
15 to 30 seconds. Now, back then when I was doing my own editing for my videos, what I
would do is I would finish up editing my entire youtube video. Then I would quickly create
another video that’s 15 to 30 seconds long featuring all the highlights of that video
that I’ll be posting that day. And the reason why I like to do this is because
most times if you’re just sharing your thumbnail or you’re just sharing the link to your youtube
videos, people don’t really know if that video is right for them. That’s why by creating
that Cheeser, people can actually have a preview of what that video is all about and if it’s
something that they’re really interested in or maybe something you said that truly intrigues
them or they didn’t realize what was actually in the content of your video, then they’re
probably going to watch your videos. I find this to be a really, really useful thing and
that’s why I continue to do it till this day. Now, please do not overcomplicate the process.
For me, it was simply creating a teaser just like this, nothing fancy, and then I would
share it on my Instagram stories. I would also share it on my Facebook page and that’s
what I would do. Now that I have a video editor, it’s a lot
more elevated. There’s more animations going on, but you definitely don’t need this, especially
because nowadays on Instagram story, there are so many fun stickers and things that you
can add on to really animate this teaser, so please don’t feel like you need it to be
fancy. As long as you create a teaser, it’s already really great. It’s already going to
really help you in terms of getting more eyeballs onto your videos. Now the second tip that
I have for you is something that I’ve actually been doing only super recently and I actually
found that it’s been super helpful and that is leveraging the countdown feature on Instagram
stories. Generally what I like to do is I like to tease my video by adding my thumbnail
onto my Instagram stories and then putting the countdown of when that video is actually
going to be published and what I’ve found is many people turn on that countdown and
then once they’ve turned on that countdown, Instagram will actually send them a notification
of when that countdown has ended and then they’re going to know that the video is ready. This is a really fun and creative way in order
to keep people on their toes and have them super excited for your youtube videos. Not
only this, Instagram loves it when you use their features, so why not utilize this awesome
feature that Instagram has given you. Now the next tip that I have for you is using
the copy and paste feature. Now hold up. I know some of you guys are probably wondering
what the heck is the copy and paste feature. Well, this is actually something that I’ve
shared already in this video right here where I walked through some hidden features that
exist within Instagram. So make sure you check out this video because it’s really good. But
anyways, if you don’t know what the copy and paste feature is, basically if you have your
thumbnails or any photo saved into your photo gallery, what you can actually do is you can
copy it and then on your Instagram story you can then paste it. And what I like to do, as you can see here
is I like to pace the thumbnail while I’m doing a video. And it’s usually me pointing
to the thumbnail, encouraging people to actually pay attention to it. And then I advise people
to either swipe up, if you have 10 k followers and if you don’t have 10 k followers, my next
step will actually cover this. Or tell them to click the link in my bio in order to access
that youtube video. So this is a really creative way that you can actually make your Instagram
stories a little bit more interactive when it comes to promoting your youtube videos.
Now speaking of promoting your videos, linking things, my next tip is to make sure you are
linking your videos on Instagram. Now on Instagram there are multiple ways in which you can actually
link your videos. For example, a really easy one is the link
within your bio. You can either directly paste a short link that directs people to your youtube
videos immediately. You can add another link where it’s more of like a link tree style
and you can have it there or you can do what I’ve done, which is basically create my own
link tree in which I how’s my youtube links there along with my website, my resources,
all of that, and you can customize that the way that you want to because it’s technically
your website. Now there’s obviously other ways to link your videos aside from just your
bio section and that is within your Instagram stories. Now, obviously we all know if you
have 10 k followers, you can use the swipe up feature. However, the reality is is I know
a lot of you guys don’t have 10,000 followers, so make sure you check out this video right
here where I really walk through in depth on how you can hack your way through and having
the swipe up feature even if you don’t have 10,000 followers. So make sure you check out this video because
I literally walk you step by step with some clear instructions on how you can do this.
Now, just because you’ve linked your videos, especially if you’ve linked it within your
linkedin bio, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be able to drive traffic
to it, right? That’s why my next tip is for you to use the P s strategy. Now, you might
be wondering what the heck is the p s strategy? Well, there’s really not much to it. It’s
not necessarily rocket science, but it is something that can be really powerful in making
sure you’re driving traffic to those links and you’re being top of mind when you have
your videos launching or when you have them published. Let me explain. So when you are
posting your videos on Youtube on that publishing date, so for me it would be Wednesdays and
Sundays. What I would do is I would actually make sure
that I’m posting an actual post on Instagram on those days as well. On the days where you’re
really wanting to showcase your video, you want to make sure that you’re really active
on Instagram so that you can get that engagement, especially within the first 24 hours. Like
I mentioned in multiple videos on my channel. I do say that for Youtube, the engagement
that you get within the first day of your video being published is super important.
So that’s why if you’re posting your videos on Monday, on Wednesday, on Thursday on whatever,
you also want to make sure that those are your peak days where you’re also having the
most Instagram activity and that includes posting on your feed. Now, for me, back then
when I was starting out my channel and really trying everything on anything to grow my platform,
what I would do is on the days that I was posting on Youtube, I would also be posting
to Instagram. Now what I’m doing, this post, I’m generally
creating a caption that’s really engaging and by the way, if you need help with captions,
make sure you check out this video right here that somewhat relates to the video that I’m
posting on Youtube and then at the very end I’ll say p s a new video is now up on this
topic, or I just have a new video. Make sure you click the link in my bio in order to watch
it if you’re interested. So I’m not necessarily bombarding people with heavy promotion about
my youtube video. I’m still creating a caption. That’s a value and it’s not really until the
end where I’m like, ps, new video and by doing so, people aren’t necessarily annoyed and
by reading the caption first, they’re also prying to be interested in my video. So if
you are someone who is really wanting to get more traffic, get more eyeballs on your video,
get more people to click on your link, make sure that you’re testing out the PS strategy
and see if it works for you. Also, as a bonus tip, not only do you want
to be posting on your feed, but you also want to be super engaged in your Instagram story
and you’ll even notice with me every single time that I’m promoting a video on my youtube
channel, more likely or not. I’m also a lot more active than usual on Instagram stories.
Now, obviously for me, I’m on Instagram stories pretty much every single day, but on the days
I’m actually promoting a video, I’m on it even more and there’s a reason for that. It’s
not just because I love Instagram stories, which I do. It’s also because I want to be
top of mind. If I’m already promoting my video, sharing my thumbnail, I know that over time
my story is going to get bumped down. However, if I’m constantly engaging in the Instagram
stories, then it’s going to bump my stories way up and then I’m going to be top of mind
for people even if they don’t open their Instagram until a lot later. That’s why I’m always super active on my Instagram
stories on the days that I post because I want to maximize the initial posts where I’m
promoting the thumbnails or I’m telling people to swipe up or I’m sharing the teasers. I
want people to see that and so that’s why I’m really, really active on Instagram stories
specifically on Wednesdays and Sundays. Now at this point in the video, I’ve pretty much
spilled a lot of beans on how you can drive more traffic to your youtube videos. However,
if your youtube videos aren’t really the greatest quality or the scripting doesn’t make sense,
or even if you as a Youtuber, you struggle a lot with actually speaking on camera, then
I want you to hit the notification bell because in the next video we’re gonna talk all about
that. I’m actually going to bring you behind the scenes on how I film my youtube videos
and how I can be super fast and efficient in filming. So if you’re interested in learning about
all of that coming behind the scenes with me, then make sure you hit that notification
bell so that you can continuously learn on how you can improve on Youtube. In the meantime,
while you wait for that video, make sure you check out these two awesome videos as well.
I talk a lot about social media, Youtube, Instagram, entrepreneurship, coaching, online
marketing, so many different topics. So make sure you’re also checking out these two videos
as well. And also if you like this video, make sure you also give it a thumbs up. It
really helps the channel a lot when you do this. So I’d highly, highly appreciate it.
As always, guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.


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