eBay SEO Tips | Build Optimized eBay Titles that Sell
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eBay SEO Tips | Build Optimized eBay Titles that Sell

not getting as many eBay sales as you
like maybe your listing is getting lots of views but nobody is buying there’s
one crucial thing you may be getting wrong your product title I’m Ella from
zik analytics and I’m here to tell you how using the right seo optimised keywords in your
product title will help you sell more than your competitors even when you’re
selling the same exact item drop shipping is a lot like running a real
shop you buy products from a supplier sell them to your customers and the
difference is your profit you can think of a product title as being like the
location of a shop let me explain imagine for a moment you want to open a
luxury jewellery store exciting right first you have to decide where to open
it would you rather have your new shop in an area that will bring you 200
visitors per day or one that will bring you 50 you’re probably thinking the one
with the 200 visitors obviously more visits equals more sales right but
actually it’s a trick question not all customers are created equally what if
your shop is in a busy area with lots of people coming in but most of them can’t
afford to buy your luxury jewelry of the 200 people that visit maybe only 10 of
them become buyers now imagine your shop any quieter but wealthier part of town
the people that visit want luxury necklaces earrings and protein exactly
what you’re selling maybe it only attracts 50 visitors a day but of those
50 40 buy something from you so fewer visitors but more sales and more profit
many sellers on eBay focus on getting their listing the most views which isn’t
the best thing to do you want customers with their hands on their wallet ready
to buy from you not just window shoppers your product
title is like your bat-signal but instead of summoning Batman you’re
attracting customers looking for your product to spend their cash on let’s
look at it from the point of view of the customer imagine you want to buy an
iPhone you’ve done your research you decided which one you want and you’ve
saved up the money which of these are you likely to type into the eBay search
bar iPhone or iPhone 7 black 16 gigabytes brand-new warranty of course
the second one the first one will give you pages and pages of listing
containing the term iPhone and most will not be what you’re looking for remember
you’re here to buy not browse the second is exactly the product you want
therefore you’d be much more likely to buy from the first listings on the first
page of these results so what’s the difference between the two searches time
to get a little technical SEO or search engine optimization is all about using
the right keywords to get your product in front of the right people there are
two types of keywords generic this is normally one word such as iPhone it’s
vague has lots of competition and people who are searching are probably just
browsing and not yet ready to buy longtail take our example iPhone 7 black
16 gigabytes this is a longtail keyword it’s specific and has much less
competition remember people who type in longtail keywords are more likely to be
active buyers this should get you thinking about how you can optimize your
product title and put you ahead of your competitors to help you further we’ve
got another video showing you the exact process of finding the best keywords for
your eBay listing it includes how to find the most important keywords for any
item and them to create the best-selling title
how to use Amazon to find hot keywords and how to combine the knowledge with
the market research from Zeke analytics to create the best optimized title the
link is down below and if you like this video please like and subscribe to see
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