Efficient Management and Search of GPS Routes
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Efficient Management and Search of GPS Routes

Nowadays, mobile devices have GPS and many
people record routes when hiking or doing other sports such as running and cycling. Route collections have grown so much that
computers have trouble showing them to the user. That’s why different applications show only
a single route at a time. We found a way to show the entire collection
by only keeping the points necessary to preserve the shape of the routes When zooming out, we need less points. When zooming in, we need more points, but
then we can cut out the ones outside the screen area. In this way, we can show many routes at a
time and even very large collections are now possible. To search through large collections, different
applications use calendars or lists… But what if we don’t remember the date of
the route? Our solution is to let the user draw the route
on the map. Then, the computer takes this shape and compares
it with all the routes in the database using a fast, grid-based, similarity measure. The best match is then shown to the user. We have seen how to handle route collections,
but are they really useful? Well, by finding the intersections and then
grouping the in-between segments we get a road network similar to the ones used by car
navigation systems. The difference is that depending on how the
routes were recorded, more personalized navigation systems can be generated. Our findings can help to improve taxi fleet management, path finding and orienteering,
public transportation, ride sharing and
parcel delivery to name a few. So, keep on tracking!

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