[ENG] 지민(Jimin)x제이홉(J-Hope), 서태지에게 직접 배운 댄스! 온 교실이 들썩들썩~♬ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 94회
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[ENG] 지민(Jimin)x제이홉(J-Hope), 서태지에게 직접 배운 댄스! 온 교실이 들썩들썩~♬ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 94회

[J-hope and Jimin’s dance stage] Hello? Oh, what’s up? It’s is kind of exciting make me think of old times the dancers are no joke [J-hope’s attack]being able to replicate such an classic dance moves so well just from watching it is… went from being nervous to full of confidence [Jimin’s turn] He is coming out This…Now This is Hyun Suk hyung (YG CEO) The two slowly meet at center stage [Getting ready for the main dance break] It feels like we’re seeing Seo Taeji and the Boys back in time. These two wanting to go back to that time Perfect reenactment of Seo Taiji and Boys Serisouly… seriously, you guys were just like YG and Juno hyungs Awesome! For us they were our idols but because of Taiji-hyung, we’re able to stand and perform in the same concert with him Suga: We learned from Taiji-hyung himself Really? Taiji-hyung showed me the moves in details He kept speaking to us very formally the whole time he gave us very detailed explanation [envy] How did you feel? Since our debut, he always had impact in our careers The concert is 25th anniversary When the music started, so many people started crying.. RM: Jimin is only 23 years old, but it was a 25th anniversary concert Seo Taiji sunbaenim asked us to call him father when he sees us So we called him father Sunbaenim’s age difference wth Jungkook’s father is only one year apart Which year was your father born in? 1971 71 Kang Ho Dong is older than your father He like your father’s big brother


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