(ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Ji Hye’s Unexpected Cute Act | Life Bar | Mix Clip

It feels like you’ve done some bad things Let’s go get a drink Is that an order? The way you’re talking is… Not so good to hear… Because people act
flustered in front of you You don’t think of other situations, do you Let’s go for a drink (Heart thumps at one sentence!) [Dong Yup] The look in his eyes
(Eyes shaking) [Dong Yup] His looks so confused! – [Yu Ra] Eyes shaking!
– [Dong Yup] Jo Jung Suk (Top class actors’ top class acting) – That situation makes a guy’s heart pound
– [Hee Chul] Because it was unexpected Even for a girl… like a girlcrush – So beautiful on TV
– Thank you I meant Jo Jung Suk – Right? I knew that
– [Dong Yup] Jung Suk is really beautiful He’s famous for being beautiful Jung Suk’s acting seems so real [Hee Chul] So realistic His eyes… The looks in his eyes
changes in a snap Shall we act out the character
Jo Jung Suk played? (Jung Suk number 1: Kim Jun Hyun) [Soyul] You have to
focus on the eye-shaking part He’s one of the best actors
out of comedians [Hee Chul] He’s the best [Soyul] He’s being possessed (I am Jo Jung Suk!!)
I’ll try a similar line (Fun reserved) You don’t think of other situations
because people are flustered around you Let’s go get a drink (Lips show joy) Why do you like it so much! [Yu Ra] He’s liking it so much I didn’t know she’d act so realistically… – Did my face turn red?
– [Yu Ra] Yes (Embarrassed) I want my heart to race too! [Jun Hyun] You should try You’re going to fail,
she just comes right in I’ll try
(Jung Suk number 2: Kim Hee Chul) We’re the audience – Just because you’re a good employee…
– Huh? Just because you’re a good employee…
(In Hee Chul’s acting…) (We see him!)
[Jun Hyun] Hey, hold on Your acting! (TV maniac
who learned acting with) Because I liketoo much Snap out of it already! (2nd attempt) Do you not have the ability to
assess the situation? (Pretty good acting) Let’s go get a drink, old man Then… Can I let my heart race? [Soyul] Your acting is so old-schooled! [Jun Hyun] What is that [Yu Ra] What
(That’s so old!) You have to make
the first line more aggressive (Jung Suk number 3: Shin Dong Yup) [Soyul] They’re all greedy They want to hear her say
“Let’s go get a drink” to them (Transforms into Jo Jung Suk) Because everybody’s treating you so well You’re not capable of
assessing the situation, are you? Seo Ji Hye!
(I am very serious!) What Do you want to go get a drink Yes…! [Hee Chul] Your ears! [Yu Ra] Your ears turn so red! What Do you want to go get a drink? Yes…! (Turned red in 2 seconds) [Hee Chul] I thought
your ears were kimchi dumplings! I’m going crazy! I want to see the color
of my ears, but I can’t [Hee Chul] Your ears are so… So red! I was embarrassed That scene is a real heart-attacker There’s a scene Where I had to talk
while looking at constellations There are constellations
such as the Polaris In the scene, there was the Cassiogapee (Cassiogapee??) In the scene, there was the Cassiogapee No, no, it’s Cassiopeia You got it all wrong (Cassiopeia: Constellation)
(Devil’s bush(Gasiogalpi): Plant) [Jun Hyun] Did you see?
She was so serious There was the Cassiogapee I had to tell her she was wrong,
but I got confused too [Soyul] Come here I’m crying… You were talking so seriously That’s what Heung-Kook does
(The tongue slipping legend) Oh, really? But it was so cute So cute [Soyul] You got it
wrong again while explaining it (It’s okay if you’re
the girl version of Heung-Kook) – That was embarrassing
– [Hee Chul] You can go ahead and drink Pretend you’re acting Pretend I’m acting Who should I do it to? (Me♥) I’m so embarrassed (What… are you doing…??) (Studying the act of being cute) I don’t act cute but because
I do a lot of skits, I’ll give you a tip Um… fist You have to pout like this (※ Stick your lips out as much as possible) (Lip stretch) Hee Chul~ Buy me chocolate (This is how you do it… right?) (Heart attack) If I drink all of this
you have to go out with me [Hee Chul] It’s cuter
because she usually doesn’t do this (D.H in relationships)
Is the D.H the one we know? The D.H people call me by? Ji Hye, try and say it, one, two, three Isn’t is relationship d**khead? (She’s a wild woman) I went to the membership training
when I was a college student A freshman who was older than me
came up to me Oh, a freshman who was older than you? A guy freshman who was older than me “Ji Hye, I heard that you’re good
at drinking, let’s grab a drink together” He brought a bottle of soju He placed two paper cups in front of him He was challenging me He started pouring soju into my cup But he poured it all the way I know what it is – That’s impolite
– He said “Bottoms up!” I loved drinking back then
and I already had a few – So I got started up
– Because you were young – You were competitive too?
– Yes, so… I drank up
And I had to pour some in his cup I said “Bottoms up for you too”,
and.. what do you call it Die-die? What do you call it, die-die? (What do you call it then…?) Is it right? – Is it not?
– [Yu Ra] It is die-die You can just say ‘drink together’ Oh, ‘drink together’!
That’s better (As the sake cups are being prepared) Oh, it’s pretty! [Yu Ra] It’s cute Is there a bigger cup? – It’s so tiny…
– A bigger cup? (Then…) Give her 5 glass cups (Embarrassed) The Dokuri is filled halfway with sake,
so we have to drink it lukewarm (Totally satisfied) (You’re going to try it here…?) I have to shake it, hold on – My fingers are…
– [Dong Yup] Do it with your thumb – You!
– You bastard! What do you think you’re doing?! (Something big just happened…) – My fingers are…
– [Dong Yup] Do it with your thumb (Ahhh) – You!
– You bastard! What do you think you’re doing?! (Failed) You could’ve just drunk it,
like a normal person But you just had to do this (The rerun that no one asked for
has failed just like that)

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