(ENG/SPA) [#XKisses] Seo Joon ♥ Min Young Kiss Scenes | #What’sWrongwithSecretaryKim | #Diggle
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(ENG/SPA) [#XKisses] Seo Joon ♥ Min Young Kiss Scenes | #What’sWrongwithSecretaryKim | #Diggle

When I was younger and lost in darkness, I’ve found the person who was by my side
(Confession+Kiss=Success!) I’m not going to let her go this time There’s something I need to tell you What you saw is all a misunderstanding Why are you saying this to me…
all of a sudden? Mr. Deputy Chairman, I like you (2018 Memorable moment – Wardrobe kiss) Mi So! Mi So, we’re here, open the door~ Hey, wait… You were at home? Ta-da! Hey, this is so tasty… You were already eating? -Why are there two portions?
– Oh, you see… Did you bring that deputy
chairman home again? From what you’ve said, he’s a selfish
guy who knows no one but himself Let’s talk about it over drinks Bring it here Cheers~ – Just one more can~
– Next time! Go! Mr. Deputy Chairman What kind of briefing did
you give them about me? I’m sorry Enough What if we start fighting again And you’re so pretty that I can’t get any angrier at you Can I be honest about how I feel right now? (Ribbon unraveling kiss) Tonight… I don’t want to send you home like this Tonight, I…
(Passionate first night) am not going home If we go back to my place in this state, I won’t be able to hold back I have no plans to stop I love you I love you, too I have to go on a business trip A business trip? (Regretful kiss ahead of business trip) If I could, I would pack you in my suitcase If I could, I’d follow along with you but
I have stuff that I have to do for you I’ll scold you if you
don’t contact me often How are you going to scold me? Like this? (Best proposal of all time♡) Will you marry me? I love you I love you, too Are you that nervous?
(Kiss parade ending) I think it’s you who’s feeling nervous? Our Mi So, if you’re that nervous, I’ll come hold your hand Calm… Feeling better? [Kiss scenes for you]


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