(ENG SUB) Seo Ji Hye Exposes Kim Ok Bin, Clubbing | Life Bar | Mix Clip
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(ENG SUB) Seo Ji Hye Exposes Kim Ok Bin, Clubbing | Life Bar | Mix Clip

[Jun Hyun] You got recommended
to come on this show? Yes, that’s correct [Ok Bin] We’ve been best friends
since ‘Whispering Corridors’ We debuted together so… We’ve been close for a while now After she made an appearance on this show, we had dinner together and she told me that it was so much fun! (Ready to get snobby)
She told me to make an appearance as well – I’m thankful for Ji Hye
– [Jun Hyun] A lot Why did you think it was relaxing and fun? How can I be so charming? (Please stop…) (We can never get used to this)
[Hee Chul] What do I do? I’m so charming! Anyway, thank you
for coming, ‘Sister-in-law’ – What!?
– You think you should act nice around me? Ok Bin’s smile isn’t so clear right now “I don’t want to be called
‘sister-in-law’…” “I want Ji Hye
to be called ‘sister-in-law’–” – Wait, hold on!
– Because Ok Bin wants to be with him Who should I choose? (Absurd)
They’re both very attractive And they’re both top stars, so… I’ll see how they do
till the end of today! – I’ll wait and see!
– You can swear, we’ll edit it out You have such big dreams! I have information about Miss Ok Bin Did Ji Hye tell you? Yes, my sister-in… I’m sorry Miss Ji Hye gave us some juicy information!
Let’s get right into it! ‘Kim Ok Bin, Meeting Guys at Clubs,
Pretending to be a Normal Person!’ (The truth is damaged due to exaggeration)
What are you saying! – What does that even mean?!
– It means you’re dating around It took place at Ji Hye’s birthday party Ok Bin was dancing when
a man approached her He said, “Are you Kim Ok Bin?”
and she answered by saying “Kim Ok Bin? Who is that?”
And they danced and hung out And right afterwards,
she went over to Ji Hye and said, “Goodness, he recognized me~” “Right? Right? He recognized me” “Did you see that he recognized me?” “You saw, right?” and that’s what she said I’m pretty sure this wasn’t how she said it When you were young? No, I think it was about 5 years ago – It hasn’t been that long!
– [Hyun sook] It hasn’t been long I mean, I was enjoying her birthday party and I play hard when I do [Dong Yup] Oh, you should So, I was dancing and having fun He comes up to me and says,
“Aren’t you Kim Ok Bin?” And I said, “No, I’m just a look-alike” [Hee Chul] Celebrities do that often “No, I’m a look-alike” So, you bragged about it? You said
“People recognize me when I’m over there” You bragged about it like that? “I was dancing over there…” (Googly eyes)
“All the men recognized me, did you see?” “I gave them out my phone number”
You didn’t go like that instead? Your pupils are so visual from here [Yu Ra] Your eyes are too big They’re 4D! 4D!! (Rude Kim ‘Temper’ Bin) We’ve been friends for about 10 years [Hee Chul] Really? When I was.. 21? We became friends
after we hung out at a rock festival – [Hyun Sook] Early 20s!
– Oh, rock festival? [Ok Bin] In our early 20s, There used to be a band called, ‘Schizo’ – [Hee Chul] I know them!
– I dated one of them Don’t talk about it
I’ve dated one of them (Ex-boyfriend?)
[Hyun Sook] What are you talking about – Hold on…!
– [Hyun Sook] I wasn’t going to tell them (Quite flustered)
Why did you bring it up? I was just going to talk about
my friend from that band! Shut up! What are you talking about?! – [Hyun Sook] This is frustrating
– [Jun Hyun] Don’t say anything They’re going to
talk about it more if you do – [Hee Chul] They should’ve prepared this
– It’s not like he’s the only member There are others too, you know I was going to talk about the guitarist Cheers to your courage But, she’s cute, this is cute It’s like me getting mad for bringing up
Lee So Ra, the singer (Cheers to your easygoing-ness) You’re easygoing today (Anticipating the exposure)
[Hyun Sook] He introduced… Not that guy, but this guy Not the guy that Ok Bin is talking about There’s this guy, Joo Sung Min,
who’s the leader of the band, Schizo He plays the guitar So, he wanted to go to the rock festival
and we decided to go together He told me there’s this girl named Ok Bin
who would be perfect as my friend And he told me that he would
introduce me to her so we can hang out Sure enough, because we look fierce, people may have stereotypes about us – We may seem ignorant
– A shrewd Seoulite Anybody could tell that we’re from Seoul But we’re from Gwangyang – Bulgogi!
– Anyone would think that we’re from Seoul You can only think of bulgogi, can’t you? Of course Gwangyang bulgogi, Jeonju bibimbap,
Chuncheon stir-fried chicken What choice do I have! [Dong Yup] Gwangyang represents bulgogi! [Jun Hyun] I didn’t intend it I can’t sleep at night
if I’m not like this! Try and understand He kept murmuring stuff right next to me [Dong Yup] It’s Gwangyang Exactly! So What’s your nickname?
Liquor-Bin? Food-Bin? Food-Bin? I’ve heard of Liquor-Bin – [Jun Hyun] Are you Food-Bin?
– You eat a lot too? I eat so much… But you don’t gain weight at all? I work out, I work out… If she loses control while eating,
people have to stop her How can you not gain weight?
Usually, when people eat that much… I set up the period of time
where I can just dig in – [Dong Yup] She probably cuts back a lot
– That’s right – You set a period of time?
– Do you hibernate or something? [Hyun Sook] When she’s working Right before I get into a movie shoot,
I limit the amount I can eat [Yu Ra] That must be tiring When you’re not filming,
you gain some weight? Yes, quite a lot So, that part of me, people usually don’t know When I’m not working, I would eat
and drink a lot so I would be chubbier (But when season starts) (Transformation!) A month or two before I start filming I have my diet plans on my calendar How do you lose weight? Wok out! I work out and go on a diet And I go on a super low-calorie diet
for about two months But you know that you can gain weight from eating too much vegetables, right? – [Jun Hyun] Of course! Look at elephants
– Yes, and herbivorous dinosaurs [Hyun Sook] You can gain weight
from eating vegetables [Ok Bin] She said,
“Losing weight is so hard for me” “Eating 100 cucumbers
can make you gain weight, too!” [Hyun Sook] She was eating too much! She says “I’m on a diet these days!” She was eating laver You know the big one This big! This big sized laver! She was eating about 3 to 4 packs and said
“I’m on a laver diet!” I went over to her place but all she did
was stuff her face with laver (#Laver doesn’t gain weight
#I gain weight) They say that you have to have
2 trucks of cabbage to get sleep by eating [Yu Ra] Oh, really? So, that means you get sleepy
every time you have cabbage? – You always have more than 2 trucks
– I tend to doze off Why do humans gain weight? I’m sorry, but Are you going to keep replace your glass
when the camera is watching like that? (Replacing the glass…?)
[Jun Hyun] How did she replace it? She took a shot… (Just when Dong Yup was moving) (Her hands move around in a hurry) (Replacing her empty glass
with a full one, in an instant!) (Busted) You’re going to get in big trouble
if you get caught! Usually people replace them
to not drink anymore [Hee Chul] Exactly!
Usually people throw the alcohol away But I did it so I could drink more! Are you joking around from the start? (So into this!)
I like her! I told you she’s a weirdo [Dong Yup] Oh~ So she could have more! I did it so I could drink it! I, I finished mine! – Usually people go like, “Drink up!”
– [Hee Chul] So they don’t have to drink! Yeah, so they don’t have to And they throw it away It was so noticeable,
the way she switched it She replaced it this way – [Jun Hyun] There is a camera here
– But there is a camera here! (I’m watching you)
Hey! You have your own camera But I thought that… (I saw the light from the camera)
I thought… – The light coming from here
– You don’t know because you only film movies I thought it was a stove [Jun Hyun] You thought
this was a stove? A stove? This thing made out of wood? Because there was a
blue-colored-light coming from here! – [Hee Chul] But it’s flickering!
– Yes, because it was flickering! (Maybe, if you take a glimpse at it…)
I thought it had a heating system You’re dumber than I thought She’s really dumb! So, if you watch
what she did with this camera, Two enormous glasses
are moving back and forth Extremely enormous! Anybody will be able to tell
what you’re doing! (We always suggest safe drinking^^)
[Jun Hyun] Anybody will be able to tell


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