[ENG sub] Show Me The Money777 [1회] ‘미쳤다!’ 경악! 15세 천재 래퍼의 등장 ′디아크′ @래퍼평가전 180907 EP.1
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[ENG sub] Show Me The Money777 [1회] ‘미쳤다!’ 경악! 15세 천재 래퍼의 등장 ′디아크′ @래퍼평가전 180907 EP.1

15 years old! The youngest contestant on this show! – 디아크 (The ark)- ME? He even has a rap name~! He’s a baby Break a leg We’re not actually friends but… Hey I’m 15 year old rapper The ark Confident All the other rappers are interested – The other rappers look intimidating – Yeah – Are you scared? – Not really Can you freestyle? Yeah when I’m having fun, but I’m not that good – You freestyle? – Yeah I’m quite good – Quite good? – Yeah – You seem confident Hey can you listen to one of my songs? I may be young, but I’m as good as the older rappers I’m not scared of anyone – So what are you afraid of? – My teacher…? Hey I’m rapper The ark His pronunciation is unique Did you grow up overseas? Yeah I used to live in China How long? Over 10 years So you can speak 2 languages? – 3 actually, I speak English too – Really? I speak 0(?) languages… But he knows how to speak 3… So you use all 3 languages when you rap? Yeah that’s what I’m about to show you today Wow how does he write lyrics in Chinese? I’m excited We weren’t even finished talking… ha ha That was awesome Cute The ones who looked down on Hip Hop I missed the timing to make them shut their mouth No one can abandon abandon abandon me Georim Georim Georim short distance train Always working for money I live like an invalid My life is like a Chang Chen My hurricane set rather than others Every step I take Holdin’ dollars and staying humble That’s what I do I’m not a kid anymore Everything I do I’m never satisfied I always stay humble Humble humble humble Frequent Frequent Frequent Remember what I say That’s Chinese! Wanna fight me 1 on 1? Your teeth will rot, Peace The ark ALL PASS! Everyone loved his performance This is insane! That was incredible! He’s insane! You were the best out of everyone we saw Yeah Not only can you rap But you understand the whole Hip Hop spirit Even though you’re young He’s so good! Thank you


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