• Jorge Sepulveda

    Perdón que comente en español, pero yo estoy viendo que estan subiendo contenido que no tiene una utilidad para el usuario o editor, porque no realizan nuevos videos aunque sea de la misma tematica que Matt Cutts que en verdad aportaba valor al editor, videos de 3 o 4 minutos hablando sobre que se debe tener en cuenta para mejorar nuestros blogs. Estos hangouts son largos, y aburridos.

  • culture04dc

    Who is this guy in the black and white that keeps interrupting and trying to be an alpha when he is clearly a beta. Can you please ban that guy from all future talks. He interrupted everyone, he made little to no good points and he just liked to hear himself talk. We are here to learn not be bullied by some guy.

  • Digital Marketing for beginners Dubai

    Hi, I applied many times for Google Adsense, and unfortunately, my application declined with the reason of scrabed content.
    Actually, I tried everything possible and I wrote every single post in my blog with my hands with zero copy paste from any source
    So, how I can get some details on the problem to make the necessary changes? thanks

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