Etsy SEO 2019: Marmalead Tutorial (NEW FEATURES)
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Etsy SEO 2019: Marmalead Tutorial (NEW FEATURES)

what’s up Etsy sellers? Welcome back to
my channel. My name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing and do new videos all the time on Etsy success today we’re gonna
be reviewing some of the brand new features added to marma lead as you guys
know I love marma lead I wouldn’t go without it I think if you
don’t have marmalade you’re running completely in the dark when it comes to
your Etsy SEO so if you’ve never tried marmalade I highly recommend it there’s
a link in the description below to try it out I get a tiny tiny little
Commission since I’m an affiliate and it helped support this channel and I’d
appreciate it if you go through my link when you consider purchasing the
subscription so thank you very much I’ve been praising marmalade since day one
however before I was an affiliate so let’s jump right into it so marmalade as
we all know it’ll tell you how many times it’s going to be searched and how
much it is on average engaged with based on past data and then it tells you how
much competition there is okay great so the new features are list building you
can build an entire list of new keywords so you enter your name of your list here
and I’m gonna build a list of keywords with you guys
here today and the list is actually going to be a list that every single one
of you can use and in combination with your own keywords of course so I’m just
gonna be giving you even if you don’t have marmalade I’m gonna hook you up
with a big list of keywords that pretty much everyone could use and if they’re
gonna be gift related keywords so literally everyone can use them as long
as you mix them with your own keywords or you can go with the tag and title
only with these keywords it’s up to you but it’s just gonna be based around
gifting gifting your loved one your female loved one whether it be a wife a
girlfriend a mother whatever it’s gonna be around that so let’s say gifts for
her we’re just gonna call it that okay so you add a keyword here and this is
how we’re gonna do it first though we’re gonna search over here to find some good
ones and then I’m going to put it in come
Harrison for you guys so we can rack up a few good ones all at once and then I’m
gonna add it to the list and this way you guys can watch exactly how you can
build a powerful list of keywords and also not forget them or have to write
them down because previously it within search in comparison you know you’d have
to write down the key words if you’re doing some keyword research so right
here I started with girlfriend gift as we can see here I’m gonna go down to the
bottom where the cloud is as you guys know if you’ve seen some of my past
marmalade videos I like to use the cloud for keywords and we’re gonna make it
down here to the bottom okay so girlfriend gift is a great tag and we’re
gonna we’re gonna just go right up right off the bat and add it because that’s
gonna be part of our right thing okay so you can see here it has its ratings
right here right here okay cool so I’m gonna keep doing the research and we’re
gonna build a big old list of great tags so we’ve seen here at the bottom we seen
gift for her and we’ve seen a few others we’re gonna take those put them in
comparison if they’re good add them to our list and here we have gift for
girlfriend girlfriend gifts gift for her boyfriend gift Valentine’s gift
personalized gift for him we’re gonna stick with female so we’re gonna do a
gift for her stuff like that we’re gonna say gift for her we’re gonna add that
we’re gonna check gift for her and we’re gonna check let’s say gift for mom we’re
gonna go gift for Mom or girlfriend gift no gift for her and gift for Mom and
we’re gonna check it in comparison here that way we don’t have to wait for the
the single search function to bring up one keyword at a time you know we can
enter these as we see them in the cloud and that way it’s we’re working a little
bit quicker gift from mom okay gift for her as good gift for mom
is good so the beautiful thing about this new feature that helps you build
lists quickly is right here it add to list gift for her as good so we’re gonna
add it to our list and we’re gonna add it to our gifts for her list go figure
gifts for mom is good we’re gonna add it to that list as well gift for her boom
and now it’ll be right over here in my lists right here and then we got three
really good keywords now so we’re gonna keep going so we can get some good
keywords for everybody to use and let’s see here so I’m just gonna bet you know
when you’re in comparison as well you want to try a few things and a few
variations of these so like maybe somebody types in mom gift you know or
mother’s gift obviously Mother’s Day gift is going to
be good and with Mother’s Day coming up it’s gonna be good but we want to check
the variations because not every single person types in like the exact phrase
that you would ideally have them type in you know some people even myself you
know we’ve all done those like lazy searches where you know you don’t use
proper English and you just throw it in there so that’s why I’m checking mom
gift and mothers gift and it turns out they’re good so I’m gonna add those to
my list these are all variations you can use you know okay so we got five good
keywords now now I’m gonna I’m gonna go back over here and I’m gonna type in
let’s go with gift gift for wife and see what kind of variations we can get for
this we’re gonna go for girlfriend mom and wife and we’re gonna get all the
variations for those words and another beautiful
thing about this is the new feature has a history here so you can literally just
go back to your history in like let’s say you have three categories in your
shop you know and you three categories of things that you sell you know you
have like handmade soaps you have handmade essential oils and then like
some kind of like dryer balls or something you know so you’re gonna have
three sets of keywords you know three different types of things you’re selling
and and labeling them as so if you’re searching for new keywords and stuff
like that then they can get lost in your mind if you don’t write them down as
well so that’s why the list is perfect and then on top of that that’s why the
history here is so perfect it has history of what you’ve searched for a
week so as you can see I’ve been trying a lot of different keywords so let’s go
back to search here so giftware wife is okay but it’s engaged with a lot
probably because the word wife is in there so we’re just gonna go to the
bottom and start picking keywords to add to our comparison section and people
type in very specific numbers I need a I need a gift specifically for my 18th
anniversary and specifically for the 19th anniversary as well I guess those
18 and 19 the big years okay so gift for wife comes back with
anniversary gift I don’t think we’ll stray that far into
into those words because we’re remember we’re going for wife girlfriend and mom
so I think I’m gonna go with gift for wife so we’ll go with I would say we’re gonna go for I mean
it’s hard not to go with anniversary gift in that but like I said we want to
stick to those three words so I’m gonna have to go with as you can see okay gift
for girlfriend that’s already in our list but it’s a different variation I
believe but we can check our list and not forget about it
give girlfriend gift okay so if we switch it up we could use gift for
girlfriend if you really wanted to but you is not really necessary let’s go
back to the cloud real quick okay we’re gonna jump over to the mothers we’re
gonna start searching for mothers stop see cuz when you hit a wall you can just
jump over to some other keywords in the cloud
I could easily so for example I could easily go like I could use gift for wife
which we’re gonna do well no maybe not we don’t have to because it was bad in
search so what we’re gonna do is skip this one for now and move into the
mothers the mothers section because we want this list that we make to be all
green so we don’t want any oranges and then you can pick from this list and
just have always these really good keywords to use so let’s go for the the
mothers the Mother’s Day section and the mother’s the mother geared keywords so
we’re gonna do Mother’s Day gift and let’s just try it Mother’s Day gift for
mother Mother’s gift and if you had you don’t have to like you don’t have to
pick around in the cloud if you know what the variations are going to be for
by the time you know you can just you know say right in here Mother’s Day gift
Mother’s Day gift for mother etc so right here we have Mother’s Day gift
we’re gonna add that to our list Mother’s Day okay gift for mother
skip it mothers gift you can use it we’ll put it on our list okay
cool so we got all the Mother’s Day stuff Mother’s Day jewelry if you’re
selling jewelry Mother’s Day jewelry okay
stuff like that um okay so our list is kind of turning into a Mother’s Day list
that’s okay that’s what happens sometimes when you start researching a
certain keyword you can find out that oh I’ve been spending a lot of time for
example like I started with gifts for her if I was spending a lot of time with
gifts for her gift for wife etc but I didn’t use the cloud method and I didn’t
build a list like this I would have had no idea that Mother’s gifts and Mother’s
Day gifts etc I wouldn’t have found this whole other other you know little pocket
of keywords we could use Mother’s Day jewelry of course it’s big okay we’re
gonna we’re gonna check out Mother’s Day gift in the cloud and see see where that
takes us once again you guys if you guys want to try out Marmalade the link is in
the description below I get a tiny tiny little Commission and it helps support
the channel helps me to make more videos for you guys and marmalade is a great
tool okay so a Mother’s Day gift okay gift for mom grandma gift oh man we
see we can get into a whole other whole another pile of keywords with the
grandma stuff so okay wife gift first sister we got
sisters mothers grandmas we got all kinds of women to get gifts for you guys
okay we better see what grandma wants grandma gift I guess I mean she she
counts his mom so so I guess she falls under the Mother’s Day searches but this
one is specifically for for grandma what could that be grandma gift gift for grandma oh man
grandma gift that’s a big tag see what you guys are missing out on so we’re
gonna add this to our list because for Mother’s Day and gifts for her and stuff
obviously grandma gift will be good gift for grandma and all let’s just dive in
straight dive into the grandma gifts this is a reminder to buy your grandma
gift if she’s around if she’s not bless her soul okay so Mother’s Day gift gift gift for
Grandma grandmother okay you can spell it out long way his grandmother gift
wifed wife gift for sister CI it looks like an Etsy seller searched for that
one wife gift first for sister wait is it his is it their wife or is it their
sister okay maybe not I don’t we we won’t wonder about that
one mom gift for Grandma Nana gift you can’t forget about Nana anyway okay
we’re gonna we’re getting too far into the fun realm and we’re looking for
keywords so let’s check out our list so far you guys because like let’s say we
were building some new like making some new
listings in a new category let’s say I wanted to make three to five new
listings with with Mother’s Day themed tags or gift for her themed tags and now
I have a huge list to do that with and I can only add to this list so you can add
to this list and when when you’re in search looking for new ones you add it
to whatever list and then it’s a beautiful thing because you always have
this here and you don’t have to write them down or anything which is awesome
you can color code it and stuff too it’s a beautiful thing you guys so yeah and
then if I if I for example wanted to make a whole nother list for four guys
gift for him gift for husband you would know how to do that and you would know
exactly where to add it etc so this is my favorite method you guys you do
search you know you’ve the the biggest the biggest and best keyword in search
you go down to the bottom here you go into the cloud at the bottom here and then you go to comparison and you take
all the ones the cool ones you find in here you put them in comparison and then
once you find good ones in comparison you add them to your list and then by
this method you’ll have a few different lists of good keywords don’t add all
your keywords into one list make sure your categorize them so you have these
different you know Arsenal’s of keywords that are all good and all green and if
you’re using marmalade then you know if they’re being searched or not but if
you’re not using marmalade the lists you’re building or only within your
listings and you have no idea whether they’re good or bad so this is why I
recommend using marmalade they’re always adding new features and they it really
makes it hard to to use bad keywords you know so anyway you guys I hope you
enjoyed my video today if you have not gotten marmalade yet please do so via my
affiliate link in the description below and until next time please subscribe
comment and like this video and have a beautiful day


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