Etsy SEO 2019. Repeating tags, titles and keywords
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Etsy SEO 2019. Repeating tags, titles and keywords

there is a myth about Etsy SEO that i
want to clear up for today not just from the results of my own tests on this
subject but also from the words of the people from Etsy responsible for the
ultimate guide to Etsy SEO so what is this myth it is that repeating words
across your tags or across your title it’s not just unhelpful but then it
could actually be detrimental to your shops ranking power that those duplicate
words could actually be completely ignored by the Etsy algorithm for
example if you had a tank of baby hat and a tank of pink hat then the Etsy
algorithm would totally ignore the word hat that you couldn’t duplicate the word
hat this has led to people seriously stressing out when creating a listing to
go over and above beyond crazy train to find synonyms to not repeat different
words that is super important to find synonyms to find different ways to say
things in your research phase in your train to frame the keywords you want to
rank for phase you want to think of as many different ways to say the thing of
the item that you want and then you research that and find out which terms
are gonna be the most important for your shop but I’m here to tell you today that
you don’t have to panic if you find two terms that are awesome that contain the
same word it is not the end of the world so one thing that added to this panic
was in the ultimate guide to EtsySEO they mentioned that now categories and
attributes are being counted kinda the same as tags they work towards your tags
so if you have a term in your attributes you don’t also have to have the exact
same term in your tags this kind of boosted people’s thoughts that is this
duplication was a bad thing but what are the actual truths here what is he really
saying Etsy have lately been constantly stressing the importance of short titles
in fact in their latest Etsye success podcast if you don’t listen to that
already I’ll link you in the comments down below but in the podcast they all
had the team from the ultimate guide to SEO these are the people working in the
search engine and these people again brought up keeping titles short and they
also stressed again the importance of having that exact match between your
keywords in your tags and in your titles but what they specifically said was that
you don’t have to have every single tag in your title you have to frame to that
most important keyword phrase find your target keyword phrase and that’s the
important one that you want to have in your tags and your titles your other
tags are other things so you don’t need to have all 13 tags in your title in
fact you don’t want to have all 13 tags in your title so basically they’ve
reinforced what I’ve been saying on this channel for a long time lock your target
find your target keyword phrase and that’s the most important thing to have
in your title and in your tags the other things are just there to back it up and
also what I found from my testing is that the more words that aren’t that
keyword phrase that you have in your title the more you kind of dilute to
your ranking power so if you try and rank for 14 different phrases then each
phrase has a 14th less importance put on it rather than if your title was pretty
much just that cut target keyword phrase and that target keyword phrase that
makes the most sense is the most descriptive is the most clear to buyers
as well easy ones short titles that are clear and descriptive in the language
that the buyer is going to be searching for and when they see that they’re gonna
go yep that’s the thing I was searching for so basically repeating words in the
title wouldn’t get the individual words ignored but it’s a waste of space it’s
diluting the ranking power so basically it’s not a penalty for repetition of
words it’s just a penalty for too many irrelevant words but what about in tags
and attributes now we know from our search analytics beta that easy search
algorithm can take separate words from different tags
so if you’ve got two different tags with different keywords on it it can take one
word from this tag and one word from this tag and put it together to make a
new keyword phrase all by itself so for example a tagger of pink hat and a tag
of baby accessories could also rank for a tag of baby hats but this isn’t an
exact match so it could rank but it’s not giving the best data if you had a
tag that was baby hat that is an exact match for the keyword if that’s what
people are searching for so basically you could have just single word tags of
pink hat baby accessory and the algorithm would mush them all together
to make tags out of that but you would rank the least for them than if you had
each of the keyword terms of pink hat pink baby hat baby accessories all the
things you can think of around those terms then you’re gonna hit exact match
for so many of them and you’re explaining to Etsy so clearly what it
is and having the word hat and having the word pink a few times is not hurting
you in the ultimate guide to Etsy SEO and in the podcast they stress this
they mention they do mention that the repetition is not actually hurting you
so look at this for example they’re saying if you have faux fur as an
attribute you don’t have to add it as a standalone tag but you could add it in
what they’re calling a multi word descriptive tag so faux fur accent rug
is still okay to use when you have the tag or the attribute faux fur so they’re
telling us it’s not a bad thing to have faux fur twice just so long as it’s in a
descriptive in more of a tag so if you wanted to rank if you found that a
keyword of faux fur was important for your listing and a keyword for a faux
fur accent rug was also important and they were both pretty hard to rank for
use both the tag if faux fur was super easy to rank for
which I really doubt it is but if it was super easy to rank for then you could
just have the term if you just have the tag faux fur accent rug and eat seaweed
Beltre scoop up the faux fur a word out of that and if anyone we’re searching
for it better spit out your your item but as this is going to be a hard thing
to rank for have both tags there’s no penalty there’s only benefit so
basically the confusion is coming from Etsy have mentioned if you have just
a single word tag that could be a complete waste you could add other words
there so for example something like my shop name BenMcFuzzylugs I should be
the only person ranking for that and I’ll explain in later videos why it
could be important that I want to rank for that with the tag I know a lot of
people don’t agree with that but something like that is a super easy
thing to rank for so just having the single words BenMcFuzzylugs if
there’s space for extra words in there maybe I could put BenMcFuzzylugs and
dogs and then any other tags that dogs could work for but I haven’t put dogs
into it so if I put needle felted beardy meaning the beardy dog than the dogs
from the BenMcFuzzylugs would be taken and make up a new tag for Etsy
that wouldn’t be quite as optimized but as that one tags too long to put the
whole words in any way I would be competing against everyone with the same
type of tag anyway so if it’s super low competitive things you can combine two
words together if your tags are too long you can clip the words off the end and
stick them in another tag with another word it’s ease SEO that the search
engine is going to pick the words out and muddle them or long but it is
completely a myth that you can’t have pink hat and baby hat as two separate
tags because you’re repeating the word hat because both pink hat and baby hat
are important terms and this gives you an exact match I hope
that helped see you next time


  • Patti Broussard #arrayartist

    Pam, would you say this is the same for tags on YouTube? Such excellent information. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Ilan Pasler

    Thank you so much Pam. Hopefully I will soon find the courage to jump into it. I have everything ready to open a shop but I'm scared to death… Waiting for someone that will make a tutorial about that…๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • D Robinson

    Great video as always. But, one thing I don't understand is that competitors repeat keywords in titles and keywords and they are all up at the top of the listings (#1-#20) for the major keywords in my niche. They also have long titles. Not one of them has a short title.

  • john halk

    Omg i changed all my listings and i think i did this mistake with big success. Lol. If you had made an example listing would be perfect .I got the point but missed some details due to my poor English. By the way thanks for the videos. You are the best Etsy sellers vlog ever.

  • HMJbyChristinaEngle

    Hi, Pam! I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad to have come across your channel. I've been needing a lot of help with getting my Etsy shop to have more traffic. And I love your videos so much that I have recommended your YouTube channel to friends via FB and on my blog . Your videos are so excellent and so very helpful, I just had to let others know about you. Thank you for the wonderful plethora of information you have provided and continue to provide to help those small Etsy businesses like my own to be successful!

  • Cassie Andrews

    Hi Pam! Are 5 listed items enough to launch shop and than increase 5 up to 30 everyday? Are you not accepting admissions to your group anymore?

  • Barbara Creations Resin DIY

    I tried to follow the guide from November, but my views and orders dramatically go down! So in March, I returned with long titles and repeated tags/title and the situation returns normally! So I don't believe in all Etsy says , I think maybe the algorithm doesn't work well or as Etsy says

  • Abdellah khaldon

    Plz need Ur advice should I switch my PayPal personal account to business when havin an Etsy not in USA

  • rach_woo

    Thank you Pam for all the advice. Iโ€™m new to Etsy having opened my shop in January and Iโ€™m trying to take on all that youโ€™re saying… itโ€™s just so hard to not play with the tags and to wait a couple to weeks to see if my key words are working… Iโ€™m determined to do it though ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • RC VTOL-Kits

    I hear'd the opposite, repetition is good!? But why do you have the Keyword "Etsy" in this video 13 times in your youtube tags, 6 times in description and 1 time in the title??? For people who can't see your Tags: Etsy, etsy seo, etsy seo 2019, pam duthie etsy seo, how to do titles and tags on etsy, etsy tags, etsy tags 2019, etsy keywords, etsy keywords 2019, etsy titles, etsy titles 2019, etsy titles and tags, etsy titles and tags 2019,

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