Etsy SEO: Etsy Algorithm Changes
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Etsy SEO: Etsy Algorithm Changes

So Etsy SEO and algorithm changes can be
super scary.. They can cause you to lose money if you don’t know what to do you
can continue losing money and definitely freak out in this video I’m going to
review how to overcome any algorithm change as well as the changes that
happened in late 2017 and 2018 plus a fancy sellers welcome back to my channel
my name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing I do
new videos all the time on Etsy success so guys before we jump into it please do
me a favor to leave a like on this video and comment below right now what your
biggest SEO obstacle is when it comes to Etsy so let’s get started so there are
been a lot of changes in that si algorithm recently like late 2017 and
mid 2018 and there are usually always changing something it has to do with
weeding out spammy type SEO and getting the customer more specific items that
they’re actually searching for rather than showing them items that the shop
owner got super clever with SEO repeated a ton of keywords and happened to show
up on the first page so whenever they make these changes it is for the better
in the moment it really hurts it really is aggravating because you can
start losing money’s lose viewers and definitely hurt you in the wallet if
you’re paying bills with se then it’s definitely scary to see your Etsy income
go down so the changes that were made in late 2017 and are continuing to be
changed in 2018 is more specific they want more specific keywords and more
specific titles and less repetition so in it used to be in the past that you
could repeat a keyword a ton of times and rank easier in that aspect so you
could repeat like handmade soap like three four times and one title and that
will help you rank better it would give more weight to that phrase and since it
match with a specific search more times than
not it would rank right now it’s not the case they’re moving away from that and
if you are repeating a lot in your titles you may see your views drop so
what they want to see now is less repetition what is working now is less
repetition and more specific unique keywords to your listing so for example
I spell I sell crystal necklaces I’m just going
to give you a quick example of an old title and a new title so in the past I
used to structure my titles like this healing crystal necklace gemstone
crystal necklace stone crystal necklace or stone crystal pendant healing crystal
necklace you get the point I would repeat crystal necklace a ton because
that’s what I wanted to rank for and then all those other little add-on
people those add-on tags they were like just in case somebody was searching for
that other stuff but my main focus was crystal necklace and the other stuff but
I wanted to give the most weight to crystal necklace those titles aren’t
working anymore that may be working now and I’ll go over that in one second but
this is what’s working this is what is going to work now and in the future when
the change is fully kicked in and when they start to roll out even more so
instead of the previous title that I mentioned this this title would be the
fix for crystal necklace comma gemstone common natural comma healing comma makes
sense so those adjectives key words lots of different adjectives and you don’t
have to repeat them now there are multiple nouns for that specific
situation for my crystal necklaces I would do crystal necklace gemstone
pendant healing jewelry comma natural comma wooden you know so if that makes
sense compared to the last one let me know in the comments below
that’s what’s working now and that’s what’s going to continue to work since a
Etsy’s new algorithm is like matching all of the words in your title to the
customers search you don’t have to focus as much
on matching your phrases exactly the algorithm is going to mix and match from
your title and match it to the search and then you will rank based on other
factors it’s in the in the past your SEO could get you the to the top now they’re
gonna they’re gonna wait it on other stuff as well it’s always been that way
but it’s going to change this way so that is how it is changed in 2018 and
that’s how it’s going to continue to change in 2018 you may see listings on
the top page that have the old SEO practice and have a lot of repetition
this is not because it hasn’t changed it’s because that these listings are
ranking based on other factors they’re ranking based on the amount of sales
they’ve had the amount of refuse they’ve had the size of the shop etc with any
Etsy algorithm change you will see listings on the top page still that are
ranking based on those factors and not on the new algorithm and the new SEO so
you may hear one thing you may hear oh this is what’s working now this was
working on go on Etsy and see listings on the front page that do not follow
those practices then you think to yourself what the heck should I do that
still or should I change my stuff that is why they’re up there still they’re
going to slowly lose their rank if they do not change how their title and tags
are structured they’re definitely going to lose their bank eventually I’ve had a
few of these listings I’ve had a lot of these listings happen just like that in
the past I’ve had winners at the top of multiple pages for multiple search
phrases and they continue to be winners through algorithm changes then they
slowly die off because I don’t change things ready because I didn’t change it
and I wanted to ride it out as long as I could and of course when you change
something you have to rear anq in a way so that’s why you’ll still see old SEO
practices ranking top pages because their ranking on other factors so that’s
the chain right there is they want more specific
keywords and less repetition I can go over more of this in depth in future
videos please leave me a comment below right now if you found that explanation
unclear or if you have any questions based on I tend to answer more comments
in the reply reply to more comments on my YouTube videos than in my email I get
a lot of emails every day you guys so if you send me an email and I didn’t reply
I’m very sorry I get a lot of them and I typically well I definitely always only
reply to people who buy shop critiques and one-on-one coaching etc and I reply
to everybody on my youtube comments as much as I can so please ask me questions
in the comments below so how do you overcome future changes on
the algorithm for Etsy whenever you hear a new rumor or I’m just gonna classify
it as a rumor right now if you hear something new even what I’m telling you
right now you can take it as a rumor take it as oh he doesn’t know what he’s
talking about take it however you want it whenever you hear a new piece of
information regarding Etsy SEO do not change your listings based on those
rumors because then you have to rewrite and regain your spot because you changed
it all so what you do is if you really want to test a rumor or whatever you
want to call it you create new listings you create duplicates you know two or
three duplicates for each product you have is okay if it’s bent and you’re one
of a kind and you sell it make sure you to delete the duplicates if it’s a
product you can continue to recreate don’t worry about the duplicates that
that’s just more views for you so create duplicates based on the new SEO
practices that you hear about so go out there right now let’s say you sell
handmade so I always use handmade soap as an example it’s just the easiest
let’s say you make handmade soap and you you want to try this out so make a
listing that’s like handmade soap or like orange scented handmade soap comma
natural comma vegan comma whatever whatever tags
match your handmade soap put them after that put the main phrase at the front
the most important phrase at the front and then match all your good stuff
afterwards don’t worry about soap so many times you don’t have to repeat soap
just just keep adding new adjectives adjectives and nouns think in terms of
adjectives and nouns if you have another noun that’s good too just don’t repeat
it more than once so handmade soap comma natural beauty product come so like you
get the point so don’t repeat nouns don’t repeat
adjectives get a lot of adjectives going and you will see more abuse because the
algorithm is going to match up more of your adjectives with more of these
searches so that’s how you overcome the algorithm changes you test it with new
product listings you don’t change your stuff don’t change a little bit all at
once I’ve done this before it doesn’t work out when you change everything all
at once then you have to rear anq and your views drop just because you changed
everything regardless of the algorithm change so with the algorithm change and
you changing everything your sales and your sales and views are definitely
going to drop because once you change everything you if you get a new chance
you get a new chance and you have to refrain with that listing so you’ll see
your views drop and you’ll double freak out don’t double freak out I’ve double
freaked out plenty of times it’s not fun so I hope this video was super helpful
for you guys if you have any comments please ask me below and also if you want
to see an e-book in the future based on my specific SEO practices the SEO best
practices join my email list below I’ll put a link to sign up for it I am
writing an e-book right now for Etsy SEO so just sign up below and I’ll send you
an email when it’s ready to be purchased and I’ll continue to make more videos on
it as well thanks guys have a great day you


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    REMEMBER: You don't have to believe me! Old ways can still work…This is simply a new way of approaching and testing new ways. Thanks everyone for watching. Please comment your thought here, and be sure to join my email list in the description above to be notified when I release my SEO playbook for 2018 and beyond. (Future Proof). Cheers! 👍

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