Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO
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Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO

So there are a ton of mistakes being
made out there when it comes to Etsy SEO. In this video I want to go over some of
the main ones that cause the most problems what’s going on Etsy sellers
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into it again so the top SEO mistakes being made on Etsy can really hurt you
and they can actually seem harmless at first but it throws off the algorithm
and it totally confuses the search results so the first one that I always
see is two varieties of this and it’s putting free shipping or putting sale in
the title of the listing this is a huge no-no because nobody is typing in free
shipping some people may but the majority of your customers are not
looking for free shipping right off the back they’re looking for a cool product
and you want to be as descriptive as possible to get your listing in front of
them so keep that in mind when you put in free shipping into a title it just
takes up space and it throws off the algorithm it confuses the search results
so and you don’t actually have to do that either if you really have free
shipping on the listing put free shipping on it and it will show up in
the filtered search results because on the left hand side of search you can
click on free shipping it automatically filters out all of the listings that
have free shipping so no need to put free shipping in the title the same goes
for sale if you are doing a sale don’t put it in the title and lower the prices
yourself take it out of the title put a sale on it using the sale function on
at sea and that will also put your item in the search filters because you can go
to the left hand side once again and you can filter out all the listings that are
not on sale and people can find you based on free shipping or based on sales
and I talked about using those two search filters as a way of getting found
in another video so if you’re putting free shipping or sale in your title
definitely consider taking it out right now for those reasons that I just
mentioned the next SEO mistake that I see a lot of people making is it’s
putting a special name in the title like a special name of the product you made
if it’s a one-of-a-kind product and you gave it a super cool mystical type name
or whatever it may be and it’s not descriptive to that listing it’s going
to take up space in your title again and just not target your customers as well
as you could be so save the super cool names for the description and just keep
it in there take the super cool names out of there also if you put in
quotations around the super cool names that you come up with
that’s another no-no for the for the titles that’s just unnecessary and it
may have a negative effect on your search results so put your super cool
names in the description it’s just gonna take up space and throw off the
algorithm I used to do the same exact thing I used to think of the most
mystical names might it before what lynn said was woodlands that we used to be
called mystical makings and we had some pretty mystical names and they were at
the front of the title and they never got thought they never got seen and
that’s when I initially quit Etsy a few years back before giving it another try
and finally becoming successful so take it from somebody that has actually
failed by doing that exact thing save the super cool names for your
description the next one is a pretty obvious one but unless you go through in
a search a few times a month and make sure you’re not doing
this they can stack up so it’s spelling errors believe it or not you may have
some spelling errors in your tags and titles right now the easiest way to do
that is go to your listings on the right-hand side you have a few options
to filter your own listings within your dashboard you can filter them based on
tags if you didn’t know that it’s a really useful way to see how many tags
are using and how many times you’re using each tag throughout your entire
shop so go to that it’s under like more advanced options or more options
something something to that effect it’s on the right-hand side when you’re in
listings you can see all the tags that are that you’re using how many times
you’re using them and just go through there and make sure none of your tags
are misspelled if there are misspelled in some of the tags then chances are
they may be misspelled in your title as well
so go to your title and your tags and correct the spelling error if it’s a
silly one I know and it’s quite obvious but it’s overlooked sometimes a straight
up spelling error can can get you less abused so that’s another one make sure
you’re spelling your tags and titles correctly and then another one is being
too repetitive with some of your keywords in the past years on Etsy being
extremely repetitive worked really well just repeating different versions of the
same keyword in the last video that I did I mentioned sorting out your keyword
phrases in terms of adjectives and nouns so what I used to do and it worked it
used to work is repeat my noun and put a bunch of different adjectives in front
of it so that noun only needs to be used once or twice now Etsy’s algorithm scans
the whole title mixes and matches based on the customers search and brings you
up based on the other factors as well so don’t get too repetitive it used to work
and it used to work well but now not so much as he wants to once very
descriptive titles vary accurate titles and tags and they are
they’re gearing more towards that so be descriptive and don’t be too repetitive
and then this one this last one is more of an opinion but it’s a strong opinion
the the last SEO mistake that I see people doing is not having a keyword
search tool so in my opinion not having normally it’s it’s not it’s like you’re
running in the dark without a keyword search tool you may be using tags that
are completely never ever searched and you might not even know it and that’s
the sad part but with a tool like marmalade you can see exactly how many
times somebody is searching that keyword per month and see how much it’s engaged
with it’s a very powerful tool I’ll put the link for it in the description below
and you can support my channel by getting marmalade through that link
Marley is this the only tool that I use for SEO and it’s the only tool that I
give credit to for bringing me a ton of success on Etsy helping me create a
six-figure income with that being said all of these other errors and mistakes
in SEO is a great place to start and if you’re doing any of these things
definitely consider right now to take up eliminate those from your SEO strategy
is not there there I can see where the intent came from but in reality these
these things don’t work anymore so that’s it you guys as you know I do new
videos all the time on Etsy success so please consider subscribing if you
haven’t already and you can go in the link in the description to grab any of
my ebooks or Etsy services and till next time
have a nice day everyone peace out


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  • bookmaid1

    Thank you Dave, another helpful video, I will be cleaning up my SEO today. I'm wondering if you've ever tried EtsyRank? I used to use Marmalead which is great but more expensive than etsyrank, the reason I switched. Just want you to know I love your straight forward approach and short videos. No extra chatter or off topic subjects…great for the busy sellers out there. Your tips have already increased my views, favorites and sales. Thanks so much!

  • Amanda Berofsky

    I used to have free shipping in my titles. I sell stationery, but if someone searched for "necklace free shipping" they would find me. I was attracting tons of people who weren't my target market, which was a nightmare for promoted listings.

  • Kerith Stull - Christmas Tree Gifts

    Etsy Rank can filter through your listing and point out any spelling errors in any part of your listing (titles, descriptions, tags, materials, etc.). Super helpful! Keep in mind that sometimes using a spelling error is useful to be in addition to the correct spelling if it's a commonly misspelled word (like "stationery" and "stationary")

  • Alkistis Stampouli

    Nice video and tips! Thank you! I am now watching it. What about ready to ship? Can I put that or should I delete it from my titles?

  • DeAnn Johnson

    Hey Dave: In this vid you take some liberties with information that are really frustrating (at least to me).

    Please consider not stating that an insight “is”, and then later say that it “may be.” IE: stating that using the words “free shipping” will screw up the Etsy algorithm, then later saying that it – may – mess up the algorithm’s results. When you first made the comment I thought, “hmm, that makes sense,” but I wondered where you had found that information. Then after the second comment, I caught myself thinking “oh, so this is all just his opinion.”

    Not to totally discount your opinion though, but when I’m spending my time attempting to learn a thing, I find it important to know the difference. Please consider adding an “according to [ie: Marmalead]” to the one, and occasionally [ie: in my experience] to the other?

    I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out.

  • Zaid AL-salahi

    Hi, Thanks for the tips. I really like to test them on my Etsy Store. I'll really appreciate it if you review my store and give me some advice to develop it and gain more traffic.
    click here for review >>>

    Thanks and wish you the best

  • EdmunDsgn

    lol I feel like a moron after finding out I haven't even used all 13 keywords lol.. after I did this, some girl bought a sticker pack that same week, followed by another buyer who bought 2 of them the week after., like I could not believe what just happened lol

    edit: lol can't say i'm not satisfied, so now im really motivated to apply more strategies to my shop 🙂
    I also believe that redirecting links are major help on etsy.. the stats even said that most people see my stuff trough my own website.. which makes sense since I allways place my website link on the drawings that I post online..

  • BeadAishaJewelry Sales

    Great video! When you talked about the use of Tag words, currently ETSY only allows a maximum of 20 characters. If I have a tag long key word phrase that best identifies my product but it would only fit without spaces between words, should I use the keyword phrase anyway without the spaces in between or abandon the phrase all together and break them up with a combination of noun and adjectives as you have described or a combination of both? My shop if you want to take a look is

  • Paul Argueta

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  • Emma Fifield

    Hi Dave Thanks for the videos, i love them and they have been very helpful. I had a look at your etsy shop. I notice that you link back to your shop at the bottom of each product page, is that because you think customers get confused if they have never been to etsy before and don't know how to get to your shop? thanks emma

  • aladrieth

    What version of English do you recommend we spell in? I've been using Canadian English, which is closer to British than American.

  • Neha ishitha

    is it compulsory to make a business paypal account for a seller on esty  or a normal one will be allright ????

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