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What’s up Etsy sellers, I’m Dave and welcome to my channel. Today I want to talk about three types of etsy sellers I think you should never ever listen to if you want to become successful selling on Etsy So there’s lots of types of sellers that you should never listen to whether they be negative Or just bad at what they do But I’ve grouped it into three main categories That I don’t think you should ever listen to these people if you want to become successful and stay positive Selling on Etsy, you know so the number one type of person I don’t think you should ever listen to selling on Etsy is the people that say I’ve tried Etsy, but it didn’t work out see that They tried it That’s the key word try and if you know what yoda in star wars says it says there is no try there is only do or do not So don’t ever listen to an Etsy seller that has tried it and it didn’t work out for them There could be a million different reasons why it didn’t work out for them They you know, so just don’t form your opinion based off of somebody telling this to you number two is Somebody that says that Etsy is too much work or e-commerce selling online, whatever is too much work in general Everything takes work in life and if you are already selling in person Then that takes a lot of work to and you know that if you’re selling at craft fairs Farmers markets and music festivals, you know that you have to load your car up You have to go to the show you have to talk to people and and you never know what’s gonna happen So if you do Etsy correctly, I think it’s a lot less work on Etsy than it is going and selling in-person consistently all of the time because you write the description once and Then they read that if they want to read that they look at the photos and you don’t have to talk to people you don’t Have to load your car up. You can make sales in your sleep, right? so number three type of person you should never listen to That sells on Etsy or has sold on Etsy is somebody that says Etsy costs too much cost 3.75 percent of each transaction. Okay. Sure. Well, let’s put that into some perspective Unless you have a huge following on social media Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Whatever it may be or all of them and unless you’re driving your own traffic to your website Whatever your website is, then Etsy is an absolute must for you because Etsy has thousands of people coming to it every single day and You don’t have to convince them to show up to the website. You don’t have to do anything like that You have to make posts anything as long as you show up in the search results do proper Etsy SEO Then you will be there right so Think about that A lot of Etsy businesses use Etsy to incubate their business gain a following and then go to a standalone website Shopify big cartel other websites like that have smaller transaction fees, but that’s for later on down the road There’s a there’s a point in the road when you start making over X amount of dollars When it is profitable to switch to that and there’s a lot of other benefits to having a standalone website Which I’ll be doing videos on in the future. So make sure you subscribe but as for now if you don’t have a huge following or you don’t want to work on driving traffic every single day then an Etsy is a great way to start It costs 3.75 percent sure, but if you are paying $10 for a farmers market to vend there every weekend and you only you only only come home with $100 that’s 10 percent of your earnings. That’s much more than Etsy costs and With less traffic than Etsy has and with mixed traffic Everybody that shows up to search for your you know Handmade candle is looking for a handmade candle everybody that shows up to the farmers market is Looking for something different, you know, so just keep that in mind when somebody tells you that Etsy costs too much so To sum it all up The Etsy sellers you should never listen to or Etsy sellers that have not become successful with an see right? Go on YouTube go on on people’s blogs and and read what they have to say about Subscribe to this channel subscribe to other people’s channels you know and listen to this subsist the successful Etsy sellers before you listen to The sellers who failed it’s easy for our minds to go to the negative places and and tell these things to ourselves You know all Etsy costs too much, you know, it’s a lot of work and stuff like that, but you know If you want to become success, we’ve become successful You have to get over these mental barriers, right and these ones that I just laid out They’re very small mental barriers. I guarantee with the right amount of work in the right amount of knowledge You can become successful on Etsy So definitely subscribe to this channel right now because I want to make your life a lot easier right turn on post notifications Do me a favor and like the video comment below what your favorite thing about Etsy is not about not your least favorite your most favorite thing about Etsy whether it be If it was your first sale you know, how excited you were or was it your All right. Just thinking about your first sip whatever it is Just comment below your favorite thing about Etsy and I’ll see you in the next video. You guys stay positive. Peace

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