Expired Domains Guide – Why SEOs Love Buying Expired Domains
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Expired Domains Guide – Why SEOs Love Buying Expired Domains

Hi guys, in this video, I will be answering
the following three questions – Why are SEOs excited about expired domains? Hundreds of thousands of domains expire every
single day. Some of these are legitimate businesses that
have shut down. These domains have backlinks that the website
procured over many years of its existence backlinks that now go nowhere. SEOs have found that by purchasing such an
expired domain and setting up their website on it, they get the full benefit of having
those backlinks. If you hate link building, buying an expired
domain for your main site makes a lot of sense. Additionally expired domains are never caught
up in the Google sandbox – Yes – the sandbox is real and it typically lasts around 6 months
for normal websites. Since expired domains are already more than
6 months old, they are never held back in Google’s sandbox. As soon as you put up a website on the domain,
you can start ranking right away. Some SEOs purchase a bunch of expired domains
and then redirect them to their money sites using 301s. I don’t think that is a good idea. There is no reason for a normal website to
have multiple domains redirected to it. I suggest you stay away from 301s. Now that you are excited about buying expired
domains, you need to first figure out how to evaluate which of the thousands of the
domains you should buy for your business. Be very careful about this, as you could end
up buying a spammy domain or a domain that has no backlinks or worse, a domain that has
been penalized by Google. You should use metrics to figure out the good
domains from the bad ones. You probably have already heard of the top
3 backlink providers in our industry Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. These guys have the best backlink metrics. First metric – Majestic
categorizes all the domains into their list of topical categories. For example it knows which domain is in the
health category, and which domain is in finance. You want to ensure that the expired domain
you choose has backlinks from the same industry that your business is in. You therefore want to ensure that the expired
domain has the same Majestic topical category as your industry. This is very important. The second metric I like to use is the total
number of referring IPs that a domain has backlinks from. I like using Ahrefs for this metric as they
seem to be having more accurate results. It’s good to see at least 50 referring IPs. The third metrics you can use is a combination
of Majestic Trust Flow and Ahrefs Domain Rating. It’s ideal to see domains that have a value of
more than 15 for each of these two metrics. Finally, all the metrics in the world cannot
beat a manual review. Before you buy a domain you definitely want
to check it’s backlinks. This will help you figure
out if the domain has been spammed before and whether the backlinks it has are any good. You also want to check the history of the
domain at the Wayback Archive. This will show you what content the domain
had when it’s website was online. Stay away from domains that have irrelevant
or spammy content. Now that we know whether an expired domain
is worth buying, we need to figure out where to purchase these from. Typically you have three options – (i) buying
from domain auctions, (ii) placing back-orders to catch a domain when it drops and (iii)
buying from a domain broker. The best domains will always be found in domain
auctions. This is a highly competitive industry and
you can find domains in auctions that range that range from a few hundred dollars in price to many
thousands of dollars. If you are buying just one domain for your
main business website, I suggest you buy the domain directly from auctions. Godaddy auctions are the
most famous expired domain auctions at the moment The next way to purchase an expired domain
is to place a backorder with a company like SnapNames or NameJet. These companies will charge you around 70
dollars to place a backorder and you only pay after they catch the domain for you. Some people like to compete
directly with backordering companies by trying to manually catch a domain, but this never
works. Trust me. Save your time and purchase a backorder. The third way is to find a domain broker and
purchase the domain directly from them. Buying from a domain broker is costlier than
purchasing it yourself from the auction. However, the time saved is generally worth
the higher price. You do have to be careful in doing research
before you buy the domain from the broker. Make sure the domain is spam free and has
valuable backlinks. Hope this video helps you in getting started
with buying expired domains! For those who have already purchased an expired
domain, I want you to write down the metrics for the domain and the price you paid for
it in the comments below. This will help the beginners know roughly
how much a good domain costs.


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