Facebook Group SEARCH Feature – How-To Access – including on mobile devices – Tutorial
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Facebook Group SEARCH Feature – How-To Access – including on mobile devices – Tutorial

Hello, and welcome to
another Quick Tip Tuesday. Today, I’m going to cover the
search feature within groups in Facebook. In Facebook, there are a ton of
different types of groups you can join. Within these groups, you can connect with lots of people and gather some amazing information. One of the things that come up within groups is that people ask
the same question time and time again. Consider this: Before posting
your question within the group, try to search the group
for that information. Try searching for the information
you’re looking for there before actually making a brand new post. You may be surprised at how many strings
of conversations there have already been about that information you are looking for. Now, unfortunately for mobile devices, if you are in the mobile app Facebook, you will not see a search box for the groups. However, you still can search
within groups while on your mobile device. You simply need to first log into Facebook through a search engine
such as Google, Google Chrome, etc. Once you type in www.Facebook.com, it’s going to push you to the mobile site. Go ahead and log in,
and it’ll bring you up to your page. And, if you look at the top of that page, the URL is still going to have m.facebook.com. That means you’re using the mobile app. What you’re going to do is put your cursor past the “m.”
and delete those two characters. This is going to push you now
to look like you are on a regular desktop, and it’s going to give you that desktop view. Now go into one of your groups
and look over to your right. You’re going to see now the search box, so you can actually
search groups on your mobile device. There are just a few extra steps
you’re going to have to take to do so. I hope you found this video useful. If you’d like to be sure and catch all the upcoming videos
with tips and other information, please subscribe to this channel. You can also find me
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