FIFA Mobile Market – Search Tricks for the Advanced Trader
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FIFA Mobile Market – Search Tricks for the Advanced Trader

[Music] hey guys finally sleeps here today I want to go over a few search tips for the FIFA mobile market but first if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you do that way you get notified with new videos post and if you haven’t already checked out finally sleeps calm make sure you do that too there’s a lot of exclusive info over there for members only also I’d like to say thanks to our two newest members asked Sharon Peters and at Jeff’s go key thank you I mean I truly appreciate the support okay back to business a couple of days ago in the YouTube comments I saw a message from mr. Chester cheeto double-oh-seven suggesting to someone else they searched with an exclamation point to omit players from their search as a trick I wasn’t aware of I know if some others that I incorporate frequently but that wasn’t one of them taking that note and running with it here are a few advanced search tips for the market some of these will definitely help when you’re searching for pricing for a specific player or you’re trying to weed out someone that keeps crowding your results so let’s get ready and we’ll just jump right in okay first you need to remember there’s a 24 character limit on searches it’s not an issue when you’re just pushing searching for someone’s name but when you start to add in some of these multi character tricks it can become a factor second search results are most often based off the player’s actual name not the name that shows up in the game okay for example if you search for nald oh you get a lot more than just shocked as defender you’ll get Lenny in your search results because his full name is Reinaldo Lenny even though under is player description it only says Lenny alright with that out of the way let’s take a look at some of the search functions hey first off you can delete characters in the middle of the name with a wild-card search so what’s that the asterisk pronounced like it’s spelled despite the fact that all of my co-workers are hell-bent on it being Asterix the same people who pronounced it Valentine’s Day so yeah lost my train of thought in a sea of loathing anyway asterisk can be used to substitute wildcard characters one or more within a search if you do a search for 97 plus rated players with M wildcard I you’ll get results for Team of the Year Messi and Team of the Year moderate both players have an M then characters and then an I okay so if you change that search to 97 plus rated characters and search M wildcard are you only get results for moderate this is useful when you start doing multi function searches and the 24 character limit comes into play up next there’s a couple of ways to search for more than one player at a time if you’re searching for two players you can put the names in quotes or parentheses with no spaces between for example quote messy end quote quote Renaldo end quote will put up both Messi’s and Renaldo’s don’t forget the two quotes in between the names you can also put in parentheses messy closed parentheses parentheses Reynaldo close parentheses no space in between both of these methods work and they will come into play in a minute thanks to mr. Chester cheeto double-oh-seven we can now explore some tricks with the exclamation point has an emission marker if you keep getting a player popping up in your results that you need to scroll through to get to what you really want if you’re searching without a name as in let’s say you’re searching for a position with a league or looking for a national player at goalkeeper whatever a lot of times this comes in when you’re trying to confirm chemistry you’re looking for someone specific whatever the case you can omit that annoying player that keeps clogging your search by putting an exclamation mark prior to his name for example searching for 97 rated attackers pulls up a ton of centre-forward Team of the Year Messi’s before you ever get to the ronaldo’s and sonnies if you put exclamation mark Messi in and do the same search you’ll see every listing except the messies all right those are the basics multiple names wildcard characters omitting players now let’s put it all together and see what kind of magic we can generate what about those times when you’re searching for a player but there’s another player popping up in the results and he’s cheaper so there’s a ton of him getting in your way this most often occurs when you have multiple players showing up when you type in a last name that’s also part of someone’s first name so searching for null dough for example if this happens and you want to weed out one of the names start with an exclamation point before the name you want to omit in parentheses and then the name you really want for example let’s say you want to search for an Aldo but you don’t want rain now though Lenny from Atletico Nacional showing up in the search results if you search for exclamation point mark parentheses Len parentheses nald oh it does the trick now I know I know you can simply add in schalke to your search and it would do the same thing this is just an example so you understand the search functions if we dig even deeper here’s a worst case scenario you want to search for null dough but you want to omit Ronaldo Lenny and oh honey Oh is null though okay you pull them out of the search you can add in the quotes trick within the parentheses and make it exclamation mark and then Len and eug both in quotes within the parentheses then Noah okay let’s even go farther with this you can search for nald oh and Bastion Oh chip guy while omitting Lenny and as null No so we’re doing a search for two players and we’re omitting two players exclamation mark then Len and ug in parenthesis in quotes inside and then in all dough in parentheses and z IP in parentheses all right let’s just all the way all the way if you search for naldo’s and lucas while schinsky while omitting Lenny and is nald oh using all the above as well as the wild-card asterisk to keep it under 24 characters there you have it I know some of these are a bit insane and could be much easier by adding other items into the search such as nationalities of teams and leagues but knowing and understanding these shortcuts actually does come into play more than you can imagine if you know of any I’m missing make sure you comment below to share with the community and I’ll add them in the next time we post something like this again if you haven’t already subscribed do it now then check out finally sleeps comm for everything from market tips to stickers and t-shirts until next time as long as you keep watching I’ll keep making more video [Music]


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