FIFA Mobile – TOP 5 Wish List for FIFA MOBILE 20 – Improvements we’d love to see!
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FIFA Mobile – TOP 5 Wish List for FIFA MOBILE 20 – Improvements we’d love to see!


  • Miške

    I bought my defenders focusing on marking then pace, I know you made a vid abt this but is it good to look for that?(I can tell you exactly which ones I got)

  • Kyng T

    What I want is that every player play like the real ones for example I want to be able to see jordi alba run up the LW so he can square the ball in the box or pass it to a player in the box


    As the season is coming to an end, do our primary focus needs to be on increasing team overall with economical players or do we need to keep the quality as the first preference keeping in mind the " legacy team", despite not knowing its actual usage in new season. What u say @finallysleeps?

  • Anish Roy

    Agreed mate , Especially with switching sides and kit numbers. I really want the events to be like the last 2 season than this one , More F2P than P2P. But who are we kidding , its EA 😥

  • Anarcosa Mendoza

    switching sides is probably tough to do because of usability of on-screen controls
    using mirror layout when attacking on left would be very challenging (personally, i prefer virtual stick on right and when i change it back to left, playing is a nightmare). also, there is slightly less space to tap on a field on the side where buttons are placed.
    how about using same layout when attacking on both sides? should then touchmoves on buttons be the same or directioned to opposite side? fake shot moving towards center of a screen or right/left? that would be very counter-intuitive if game controls change during a match.

  • Sharan K Rao

    Switching sides after half is a good idea on paper, but it'll be difficult to change controls that we've been accustomed to for years, like joystick on the left, buttons on the right.

  • Anarcosa Mendoza

    my wishlist:
    1. option to mute reactions by default
    2. custom formations including asymmetric wings
    3. friendly match with team selected by ovr
    4. match stats
    5. fixing first touch in front of the line that almost always goes out

  • Deathwish Deathwish

    Controls sensitivity is what needs to be added. Like the area in which the moveable joystick can move. And powering up for shoot and passing sensitivity also

  • Rabindra clash on

    no bro the side always changes…….we can not ralize coz they make sense that they changed the camera position of the live telecast 😂😂….thats true

  • JohnMcClane23

    I'm honestly surprised by this list. Most of your points aren't really game changing. The time, yes, in the reality the time won't stop, but it's kinda of a minor thing. I'd be OK with a non stopping timer but it wouldn't change the gamepaly itself that much. I also don't really agree with the field switch thing being such a major issue. Yes, the game would be more realistic, and kinda harder, but playing always in the same direction you get used to that and become stronger. The corner point is right, players should be more recognizable.
    The most important thing in your list is the jersey point. I played sooo many matches where the opponent had a similar jersey as my team and it was so confusing. Every team has a white/light jersey and a colored/dark one so when this is fixed it's impossible – just like the reality – to have two teams with a similar jersey. I mean, I play with Inter which has a white jersey, I can't play against a team with yellow jerseys! Same with the classic home kit, so annoying! Hopefully the new away kit for Inter being a unique green/blue instead of the classic white will help it too. And the fact this season didn't had the fucking SBC was one of the best improvements to FM18.
    Here's my personal list:
    1 – STOP CHEATERS! I'm totally OK to honestly lose a match if the opponent is stronger, but it's fucked up to play a theoretically equal game faked by cheaters. I'm an honest player and I'd love to play an honest game.
    2 – Stop VSA "fancy timings". Linked to point 1, I always hated when (happened in FM18 too) the score is tied and when you finish you 1 and half minute the opponent gets an extra 10-15 seconds in which he ALWAYS score the missing goal(s) to tie or win the match. It never happens when you're winning or losing by 2 or more goals. So fake! Again, it's OK if we both have 1:30 minutes each and you win because you're stronger, but not if I deserve to win and you win just because you match last longer!
    3 – Stop Rank-ups! This is the absolutely worst feature of the game. It totally fakes to team OVR since you increase OVR (and have better chances in game) without really improving the players. How stupid is this! So for example you have a real 110 OVR team and play a potential fair game with another 110 but instead he is 115 because of rankings and so the chances and the game gets faked by this. Let's just make player trainable to I don't know, 120 OVR? Instead of train them to 100 and then "improving" them but basically faking the team numbers. I want my team to get better and stronger, not just increase the damn OVR number…
    4 – Fix the H2H mode. Let us play with REAL human opponents! It's absolutely impossible that a 95 OVR team can beat or tie with a 120 team, it's clearly a computer generated team where is too hard to beat. You can also see it's not a real human opponent because their style is almost identical in every match.
    5 – Fix the matchmaking! What's the point in having a 110 OVR team and get to play a VSA match against a 130 cheater? It's really an avoidable humiliation. They should search opponents by similar OVR (same or 1-2 more or less) instead of supporters…

    Other random stuff:
    – More opportunities for F2P players. As a F2P player I'd like more opportunities for good rewards in the events, like the Treasure Hunt event which was in my opinion fair enough to be satisfying.
    – The jersey thing already mentioned.
    – The corner thing already mentioned.
    – The chance already mentioned to chose which player get to shoot free kicks and other stuff like that. A more customizable game would be interesting.
    – Injuries may be a nice reality factor that would force, just like reality, to keep decent players in your bench. Although, since I know how shitty EA manage this stuff, I fear this could also be a potential worsening, making you lose your best striker "casually" before the hardest match in the campaign or event…
    – Substitutions could also be good, if halfway through a match you think you could beat your opponent easier by changing formations and players, just like the "player mentality" they added in H2H.
    A new confirmed feature they already announced will be the players having two skill moves, the "tap" one which will be the roulette and another one performed by switching up the button. I like this!

  • Bledon Binaku

    if they dont stop the clock in h2h people after just scoring one goal .They are going to kick the ball out of field only to take more time

  • marc cross

    I agree with all these. Skill moves need to improved there should be multiple skills not one. They could make the skill button like the shoot button a different skill depending which direction you move. Also knocking the ball ahead and being able too sprint properly. More head to head it's a far fairer game. And they definitely need have teams playing both ways. Basic.

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