Find My Phone Android device cell – LOCATE / RING / LOCK / ERASE

Well, crap.
You can’t find your phone. Normally you would just use someone else’s
phone or maybe the home phone, a landline, to call it to find where it is. But, those options aren’t available. Well, if you’ve heard of “Find My Phone” through
Google, you can use your gmail account that’s associated
with the phone to find it and even ring it. There are a couple different ways you can
do this. First, let’s go into the desktop and sign into your gmail account associated
with that phone in order to use these options. Okay, so the first thing you have to do is
be on a desktop and sign into your gmail account that’s associated
with your cell phone. If you’re not sure which gmail account is
associated with your cell phone device, I will show that to you in a second here. Now, keep in mind that I am showing you this
on a desktop and, in theory, you could go into another
cell phone device and use “desktop view” and follow this process. I’m not sure if that’ll work. I have not tested that. The first thing you’ll do is click on the
cog at the top, right corner of your screen on your phone. Then it will take you to the settings screen. On the settings screen, scroll down a little
bit to where it says “Applications,” and click on “Applications.” Then you’re going to see an application called
“email.” On the left of that will be a little envelope,
red circle, with an @ sign in it. Click on that, and there should be your email
that’s associated with your cell phone. You might not see an email. It might say, “Select an existing account
or add a new one.” If you see where it says, “Select existing
account,” with a downward triangle, you can click on that, touch that, and there it’ll say, “Select existing account,” and it’ll have the gmail account that is associated
with your phone. Okay, so now the first of two options is to
simply go into the search bar and type in, “Find My Phone.” When you do that, it brings you to this screen
here, and it is mapping out where my phone is. And, it also gives me an option here to ring
my phone. Now, I’m going to make one note here that
I just discovered. It will ring the phone only if the phone is
on and if the ringer is on for notifications. Okay, so it doesn’t have to do whether or
not you’re muted your phone, but the notifications volume has to be on. Okay, so when I hit “ring,” it’ll say it’ll ring for five minutes straight. Let me turn that off here. It’ll ring for five minutes straight unless you turn it off through the device
itself, which I just did. Now, your other option is to go over here
into your Google and you’re going to click on this nine square
little box here, and then click on the “Play” button. It brings you to this big screen. Don’t worry about everything going on. Just click on the cog box right here. Then click on “Android device manager.” Now, again, it brings us into a map, and it’s going to find the phone. Now, again, if the phone is not on, it will
not work. But, once the device is turned back on, it will show you where it was last located. Also, you will not be able to ring it if the
phone is off. But, in this option, it does also give you
the choice to lock the phone and erase the phone completely. You might be needing some extra security and, in this instance, you can definitely lock the device or even go so far as to erase everything on
it. I hope you found this video useful on how to find your Android device using your
gmail account that is associated with the device itself. Thanks for watching.

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