Fiverr Marketing Hack: Should You PAY to Game the System?
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Fiverr Marketing Hack: Should You PAY to Game the System?

– Hey, everyone, it’s Neil
Patel here for another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam from Viewership. – Hello, everyone. – And this week’s question is- – This one is from 518 Painters. Thank you again, everyone,
for their comments. And thank you 518 painters. His basically asking, “Should
I pay someone from fiverr “to do 200 citations
for $20 or is that risky “and will Google punish the website?” – So first off, citations
are different than links. Citations is someone
mentioning you in an article but they’re not linking to you. And supposed rumor, there’s
been a lot of stats and data on this, that if you
get a lot of mentions, it could help increase your rankings. Now, Google’s algorithm is
much more sophisticated. When that research first
came out years and years ago, I think it was released by Moz? David, was it Moz? Yeah, I think it was Moz. And there was an amazing article. But Google’s algorithms have
become much more sophisticated where if you get a ton of
citations, yes, cool, that’s great assuming they’re relevant. If you go to fiverr and
you just get random sites mentioning you, it’s not
going to do much for you. The bigger question that
you need to worry about is you shouldn’t be really
using fiverr at all for anything relating to marketing. You want to pay someone
on fiverr to adjust an audio clip, create a
song for your girlfriend or your spouse so you don’t
have to do something romantic because you’re lazy. I see a lot of people
doing that kind of stuff on fiverr, but never
use them for marketing. It’s a great way to get banned. You’re not going to get banned
by doing citations on fiverr because they’re not really leaving links, but if you pay them to
leave links or you try to get them fake Facebook
likes or fake social shares, it’s just going to hurt
you in the long run. Don’t do it. Don’t use fiverr. You have to worry not just about fiverr. A lot of these sites, Upwork, fiverr, a lot of these crowdsourcing sites that can help you get
stuff done for cheap. Look at what they’re doing. You usually get what you pay for. Upwork now has good quality people. You have to pay more for it, but they do have good talent on there, and
a lot of people forget that because they’re like, “Aw,
Upwork just has crap.” And if you pay 20 bucks or 10 bucks, yeah, you’re going to get crap,
same with fiverr, $5. You can get images modified
on fiverr for dirt cheap and they could be decent,
but generally, don’t pay people for citations, links- – Fake views, likes, anything.
– Yeah. – If you game the system,
you are going to get punished by these companies. They’re smarter than us. – I used to game the system. I used go buy links. Eventually Google caught
on years later, got banned. I used to buy fake Facebook
likes to fan pages, and then Facebook changed
their algorithm to, “Oh, if you have fans you don’t engage, “we’re going to hurt your
overall fan page score “and then no one’s going
to see your content.” – Right. – I used to buy fake
YouTube likes, and then what does YouTube do
once they notice that? – Not good. They will ban you.
– Yes. – I almost got my Sexy
Confidence YouTube channel banned within three days of starting it because I bought 20,000 views. Don’t do it. – When YouTube first came
out, I put a no script … You know what a no script is? – No. – Like this code on my
website where if you visit my site and you are logged into Gmail because Google bought YouTube at the time, they made a YouTube login at Gmail, you would automatically
subscribe to my YouTube channel. – (laughs) – And I was a top 100 YouTube
channel in less than 30 days. – Aw. – It was kind of cool. – Yeah, it’s super cool. – I had no videos uploaded. – Aw. – And then I uploaded a
video and it did really well, and then YouTube just canned the account. – It must’ve been a
different channel, right? – Yeah yeah yeah, it wasn’t this one. – Yeah, wow. Okay. – But the point I’m trying
to make is eventually you will get caught. Don’t do short term thinking. I used to do that kind
of stuff because I wanted quick money, and I realized
the best way to make money and get the rankings and do well isn’t to do short term stuff. It’s to do long term stuff. Because I would do the short
term stuff, make the money, and then it would go away and I’d be like, “Crap, now I’m off to the drawing board. “I gotta spend more money. “I don’t have the consistent income.” Think longterm. Don’t do any short-term shit. – And with artificial intelligence now, you’re not getting away with this stuff. They’re too smart now. It’s not happening. – Yes. – Thank you so much for
the comment, though. This is awesome, guys. More comments just like this
really help us out a lot. – Yes, thank you 518 Painter. – 518 Painters. – Yeah, 518 Painters. – Who’s got 684
subscribers, so he’s making some video content as well.
– Yeah, good for them. – Good job. Unless you bought it on fiverr. (laughs) – (laughs) Don’t tell me
you bought it on fiverr. – Don’t do it. – But think you for watching
another Q&A Thursday video. If you have a question that
you want answered next week, leave a comment below and let us know. Either way, I’m going to be responding to every single comment. In addition, if you
liked the video, like it, subscribe, tell other
people about it, share it. Thank you very much.


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